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With State borders opening up and talk of International travel returning in the not too distant future, Australians are increasingly dreaming about travel and planning their next trips.  And with an affluent and travel-minded reader, we have a number of upcoming issues you really can’t afford to miss.

Good Weekend 52 Weekends Away continues year after year to deliver plenty of inspiration, alongside AFR Life & Leisure, and Traveller magazine.

With an unrivalled schedule of special issues in 2021, Nine has never been better positioned to help you grow your brand over the coming months. Don't miss out on an unmissable opportunity with Australia’s best lifestyle content. Partner with us now.

Good Weekend
52 weekends away

On-Sale: Saturday 23rd October  

In the 31st year of our much-loved 52 Weekends Away franchise, Good Weekend collaborates with its Nine stablemate, Traveller, to present 52 of our favourite places to stay nationwide, from city to country, modest to opulent. ​​Given the long delays caused by international travel restrictions and the gradual opening up of state borders, this will be one of our most eagerly anticipated issues of the year, as much for armchair dreaming as for weekends-away planning purposes. For our 768,000 highly engaged readers, who are educated, cultured and love to explore the world around them, it can’t come soon enough.​

Unforgettable Stay at Sugar Beach St Lucia, Resort Review

Escorted Journey’s

On-Sale: 6 November, 2021

A second themed edition for the year on the destinations and operators that offer Australians a safe and reassuring holiday experience at home and overseas as borders begin to reopen. Travellers will look to the untold experience of escorted journey operators to provide itineraries and conditions that instil confidence, and also deliver the unforgettable travel experiences for which they hunger.

Booking Deadline: Monday 1 November
Material Deadline: Thursday 4 November

Asia Pacific

On-Sale: 4 December, 2021

Our own region, and the countries that form it, set a gold standard for the rest of the world in the year of the pandemic. Now it’s set to be the first region to welcome back Australian travellers. In this special edition we highlight the one-flight destinations we’ll be able to safely visit (soon) and, in many instances, revisit. We’ll take readers all over our vast neighbourhood including Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand and the Pacific, including Fiji.

Booking Deadline: Monday 29 November
Material Deadline: Thursday 2 December


Good Weekend
Australian Dreaming- Special Feature​

On-Sale: 11 December 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded Australians how wonderful this wide brown land is, and has got us thinking, talking and dreaming about the places nationwide that we love to visit, and the places on our national bucket lists that we’re now keen to tick off. ​In Good Weekend’s second last issue for the year, we have asked our stable of brilliant writers to each pen a piece about the place in Australia they absolutely love. Covering every state and territory, these evocative pieces will remind readers just how wonderful it is to holiday at home – what riches we have, right here in our own backyard.​

Booking deadline: Friday 12 November​
Material Deadline:
Tuesday 30 November

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Expanding Nine’s people-based marketing offering – Nine to offer Audience Match integrated with Salesforce

Last year Nine announced a market-leading partnership with Adobe called Audience Match. Nine plans to integrate this product with Salesforce, writes Nick Young, Nine’s Director of Sales – Digital and Publishing.

At last year’s Nine Upfront we announced a major step into empowering people-based marketing across our digital properties.

Nine announced a new partnership which allows marketers and brands to unlock Nine’s ecosystem of more than 11 million signed-in users on 9Now.

Today Nine can announce that in an Australian first, its Audience Match product will integrate with Salesforce. 

By early 2022 we will integrate with Salesforce, giving clients the ability to match and activate their customer data to our 14 million signed-in users and put the power of people-based marketing to work across Nine’s digital ecosystem, including the market-leading 9Now BVOD service.

It will enable advertisers using any Salesforce Cloud with Salesforce CDP and the Salesforce Nine App to match their first-party consumer audiences against our ecosystem of signed-in users, including the ability to target them on the largest screen in the house – the connected television.

The partnership builds on Nine’s market-leading onboarding capabilities activated over the last 12 months, which have involved significant deals with key players such as Adobe and also LiveRamp, and ensures that regardless of the marketing technology provider a brand uses, it can utilise Nine’s Audience Match solution to onboard audiences to Nine.

We’ll have more to say on this in the coming months, but for the moment we are excited that regardless of what platform a brand is on in 2022, we’ll be able to help them with a seamless, safe and privacy-compliant solution allowing them to activate their audiences across all of Nine’s digital properties.

Identity-based targeting opportunities that tap into the Martech already embedded in your businesses: it doesn’t get better than that. 

Nick Young is Nine’s Director of Sales – Digital and Publishing

Upcoming Publishing Features


Surround your brand with Australia's best lifestyle content

With many of us experiencing a bit more time on our hands to be inspired about ways to improve our lives, and invest time in the things we are passionate about, why not wrap your brand around upcoming lifestyle content, and integrate your next campaign within special issues of Life and Leisure, Sunday Life, and The Australian Financial Review Magazine.

Each issue will deliver its own unique way in to engage and excite readers, and hopefully influence their buying behaviours.  Find out more how you can partner with Nine's premium digital and publishing brands below.

Life & Leisure

Publishing Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th Sept  

Life & Leisure take a deep dive into where you should book over the summer holidays, as a number of new lodges and hotels come online across Australia and New Zealand. Plus, tips from the travel agents who book for the celebrities. Don't be beaten by the stay-at-home hordes!​

Booking Deadline: 31 August, 2021
Material Deadline: 31 August, 2021

Sept Travel issue

Sunday Life

Publishing 19 September 2021

Home has never been as important to us as it is right now, which is why Sunday Life is excited to bring you it's very first Home Special.

In this special, you’ll see:

  • Stunning home renovations
  • Inspiring home updates
  • Brilliant buys for every room in the house
  • Expert tips from designers and stylists
  • all you need to make your home your castle

Booking deadline: Thursday 19 August
Material Deadline:
Thursday 9 September

The Australian Financial Review

Publishing 1 October 2021

This is the issue that everyone wants to be in. Power, our flagship issue, ranks Australia’s most significant players across the political, business and cultural arenas, as well as across a host of sectors from sport and property to information technology, law and banking. It is the definitive snapshot of who really runs Australia. We also cast our analytical gaze more widely, looking at the trends sweeping the globe.

Booking Deadline: 1 September, 2021
Material Deadline: 13 September, 2021


Life & Leisure

Publishing 15 October 2021

In the vein of the world’s great travel hotlists (and to cheer up lockdown life), Life & Leisure brings you the inaugural L&L local travel hotlist: 50 reasons to keep you going into 2022 in terms of new and refreshed product to book once we’re able to move more freely – and the NZ bubble opens.

Booking Deadline: 11 October, 2021
Material Deadline: 11 October, 2021

Sunday Life

Publishing 31 October 2021

This is the most exciting time of year for Horseshoes & High heels and Sunday Life will be your definitive guide on how to make the most of the Spring Racing Carnival. Our fashion and beauty experts will provide the best styling advice to celebrate readers style.

Booking Deadline: 30 September, 2021
Material Deadline: 21 October, 2021


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Nine's dedicated branded content team within Powered creates content that allows the client to communicate to a target audience in an authentic way. The varied offerings across digital and print fall under the umbrella of native and advertorial and can include articles, immersives and video-led content.

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The tone and style more closely aligns to the selected publication and it receives higher engagement and dwell time as a result. Minimal client integration is allowed in this product.



Advertorial is brand-focused content that builds awareness – the client's product or brand message is prominent within the copy and imagery.

The client has greater control of its message, while still reflecting the tone and style of the publication.

Sun Herald - High Impact

High Impact Media

High impact media executions allow clients to grab the attention of our passionate audience across our publishing assets during key campaign timing.

Print Solutions


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Nine's dedicated branded content team within Powered creates content that allows the client to communicate to a target audience in an authentic way. The varied offerings across digital and print fall under the umbrella of native and advertorial and can include articles, immersives and video-led content.

Celebrating the Australian Financial Review at 70

The Financial Review will use its 70th year to elevate its leadership role as Australia emerges from the global pandemic to help drive the next decade of business-led prosperity and opportunity.

To celebrate the Platinum year, there are a number of new commercial initiatives that aim to inform, invest and inspire readers, including the below:

The Editors Forum: Launch of a never before seen series of exclusive editorially-led round table featuring Australia’s most senior business leaders.

Podcasts are here: The AFR is launching 3 new podcast concepts aimed at Australia's leading entrepreneurs, financially passionate and savvy audience. Each concept will kick off with an 8-part series of 20minute episodes.

Each initiative has integrated opportunities for our partners to join the conversation with sponsorships, content and advertising.




To mark The Australian Financial Review's 70-year heritage, a customised and bespoke magazine, PLATINUM 70 was published today, Friday August 20, celebrating the anniversary. This unique magazine features exclusive interviews, showcases bespoke ads, paper tricks and advertorials, associated event sponsorship and upcoming podcasts.

To celebrate the AFR Platinum year, a number of special commercial initiatives aim to inform, invest and inspire readers.


"The proposition for Platinum 70 Magazine was to use our anniversary as an occasion to create a bespoke magazine, one filled with the biggest names of interest to our subscribers. The end result is a mix of features, profiles and thought-starters that is classic Financial Review.

We started with a completely blank sheet of paper; everything from the editorial mix through to the design - right down to the fonts - was customised for this issue. And we basically drew up a list of dream profile candidates. That so many of them said 'yes' speaks to the strength of this masthead."

Matt Drummond, Editor

Find out how Nine is helping Australia make the switch

We know that our publishing readers are looking for help with choosing or switching to the right utility providers. At any given time, one in five of our audience is thinking about switching. And this is why we are launching “The Great Switch”.

Using the trusted expertise of the Money team, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age will inspire and educate Australians to review their mortgages, utility bills and insurances, and make “The Great Switch” to a better deal.

Make the switch here.


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The end of cookies: Data and advertising beyond third party cookies

The looming cookies apocalypse will see marketers seek out digital environments where users are logged in within, brand safe, premium environments.

A panel, at Nine’s Big Ideas Store, has heard that the abolition of cookie-based marketing will fundamentally change the digital landscape for many brands and marketers.

“I think there is a scenario where there is a two speed economy where you have advertisers who are signed in versus people who are anonymous,” said Ben Campbell, Nine’s Director of Advertising and Data Products referencing the value of logged in environments like 9Now or The Sydney Morning Herald.

“Advertisers will be willing to pay to those audiences they can reach and accurately identify.

“Anonymous users who can’t be tracked will attract lower prices and lower CPMs.”

For a full breakdown of the session see below:

0.00 Ben Campbell presenting on the impact of the “cookie apocalypse”
15.00 Cookies the challenges and overcoming the technical challenges – why premium publishers are in unique position.
23.00 The role of digital prospecting going forward and the death of retargeting. access their data.
26.00 Attribution in a post cookies world.
36.00 Building digital cohorts and the impact on smaller publishers.
38.00 Impact on the regulatory landscape.
45.00 Impact of IOS’ tracking changes.
51.00 First party relationship – publisher and advertiser need to have direct relationship.
55.00 Changing consumer mindset towards privacy and tracking.
61.00 Digital’s two speed economy – audiences who are signed in will be more valued.