With 2021 seeing the effects of a global pandemic and COVID continuing to create uncertainty among families...

Bendigo Bank set an objective to own the family banking territory and become a springboard to empower families when making financial decisions.

In 2022, the cost of living and rising interest rates added to the impact on families already dealing with the pandemic, underscoring Bendigo Bank’s objective to remain top of mind.


Bendigo Bank partnered with Nine to ensure their brand message was pushed in the right channels to the right people. And 9Honey became the perfect hero platform for this message.

Powered by Nine’s creative solutions team uncovered an opportunity for Bendigo Bank to capture the attention of the family audience by grasping a key insight in 2021.  Despite the desolation of COVID-19, Australians had rediscovered something extraordinary – the power of connection. Families were reporting an increase in their deep conversations as they navigated an uncertain new world.

2022 rolled on, uncovering further opportunities to position Bendigo Bank as a thought leader when it comes to the future-thinking of Australian families - a synergy that has extended even further into 2023.


Powered created a branded-experience content hub within 9Honey, a contextually relevant and engaging environment owned by Bendigo Bank. Since 2021, the execution has evolved year-on-year to adapt to the changing habits of families and their economic circumstances.

Titled ‘Money Moments’, the hub houses educational, expert-backed yet easy-to-understand native articles, capturing the zeitgeist of the financial conversations taking place in homes around the country at any given time.

The hub came to life for a second year with some of the articles re-amplified across our network (a first for Nine) and some newly created content pieces in line with trending topics.

Bendigo Device Mocks

Key aspects of the execution included high-impact home page take-overs, tactical digital display across (with 100% share of voice on ad units),, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Brisbane Times and WA Today. Tapping into Nine’s data capabilities, Bendigo Bank was able to use Contexti targeting alongside our 9Tribes segments to reach the right people at the right time.

Jo Abi

Jo Abi, a familiar talent in family homes, was used to amplify the message by sharing banking tips and tricks via 9Honey social media in short, easy-to-digest videos.


Bendigo Bank’s brand message was further amplified by using cross-platform touchpoints, including sponsorship across Channel 9 Christmas movies in 2022 and an ongoing 9Go movie sponsorship with pop-ups.

For the first time, in 2023, Bendigo Bank will also leverage a LEGO® Masters sponsorship to further reach a family audience across Nine's tentpole programming.


To date, the 'Money Moments' hub is the most viewed content campaign in 9Honey's history.


Page Views

Delivered across FY22
(FY23 still live)


Partnership between Bendigo Bank
and Nine

Several articles achieving one-third of their PV target

Through a one-day homepage promotion on – a major component of our amplification strategy

Source: Omniture

Sarah Betson

“Customer focused content plays an important role in the success of our strategic brand marketing. It’s a great way for us to build awareness, leverage the trust that we have both as a bank and as a brand and in reaching new customers.

Nine has been a great partner working closely with us to create and distribute content that Australian families value. Content that’s punchy, relevant and consistent with our brand.”

Sarah Bateson
General Manager, Marketing Partnerships, Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Bendigo Bank

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