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Welcome to Nine for Brands. As the home of Australia’s most trusted and loved brands spanning News, Sport, Lifestyle and Entertainment, we pride ourselves on creating the best content, accessed by consumers when and how they want, while celebrating our ability to give the shared experiences to audiences, the ones that connect us together.

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We are a leading multi-platform media network, engaging audiences across news, business & finance, lifestyle, entertainment & sport.

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Our new audience segmentation product ‘9Tribes’, comprising 54 audience segments across nine verticals.

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Our best-in-class advertising products offer the perfect canvas for your brand across print, digital or performance.


Underpinned by Australia’s best content across television, digital, radio and print, a first party data proposition that can connect your brand with over 14 million potential customers, alongside media buying technology that will simplify and streamline how you buy Total TV and total Audio forever, there’s never been a better time to partner with Nine; where Australia connects.

Recap on Nine Upfront 2022

State of the Nation, Finance

In a new series from Nine, State of the Nation dissects the state of play across several key categories challenging marketers right now. Each sector update provides a platform to voice opinion among key industry players, share insights and ideas derived from Nine’s audience intelligence, and pave a way forward to help brands navigate the future.