Corporate Responsibility

Environmental Sustainability

The issue of sustainability is something Nine has been actively engaged in, particularly in our print publishing business. Our newsprint is sourced from pine plantations and no old growth forests have been used for more than 20 years. We encourage recycling to reduce carbon emissions as it takes over 80 percent less energy to make paper pulp from recycled fibres. Newspapers are also safe to bury, burn or compost and ink levels have been classified as low toxicity for over 45 years. We’re proud to use Australian-made newsprint that is robustly certified, with all fibres sustainable, traceable and from verified sources.

In regards to the broader business, while Nine sits below the required threshold for government reporting, we are currently working with an external partner to monitor and measure our emissions with an ambition to further reducing our impact across all parts of the business.  We have actively chosen to move state headquarters in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne to purpose-built energy efficient buildings - and our flagship, 1 Denison Street Sydney, holds the highest 5-star green rating.


Nine’s Corporate Responsibility strategy is based on four key pillars, People, Community, Governance and Environment. Corporate Responsibility is an ongoing focus for Nine and is under ongoing review to ensure Nine plays a valued role within the community within which we operate.