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Nine's new podcast, Talking Media 

Talking Media with Nine is our new podcast series aimed to unravel the dynamic world of media. Hosted by Nine’s Chief Marketing Officer, Liana Dubois, we invite the industry’s best to share their insights, spark conversation, and challenge perspectives around the local and international market.

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Liana Dubois

Chief Marketing Officer, Nine

Liana brings more than 25 years’ experience across the Australian media landscape to the role of CMO. She joined Nine in 2013 as Director of Sales – Sydney, and has most recently held the role of Director of Powered, Nine’s full-service creative team which crafts content for advertisers across its print, digital, social and TV assets. Prior to joining Nine, Liana held strategy, sponsorship and sales roles at Network 10, and marketing and promotions at Southern Cross Austereo.

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Data, AI and Marketing - Charting the Uncharted in 2024

In this episode, Liana is joined by Nine's Chief Data Officer, Suzie Cardwell, and ADMA's CEO, Andrea Martens, as they discuss the recent changes to data privacy regulations, Google finally killing off third-party cookies and the concurrent rise of AI, plus the pitfalls and opportunities marketers can't afford to ignore. 

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Disruption, Fragmentation and Convergence - What is the Future of TV?

In this episode, Liana is joined by Nine’s Commercial Director of Digital, Nick Young, and Chairman of Connected TV Marketing Association, James Grant Hay, as they discuss the ever-changing TV landscape including divergence and convergence, the role of broadcast linear, BVOD, SVOD and FAST channels that are all key elements in the Future of TV and opportunities for marketers as a result.

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The Unfair Advantage - Brands and The Power of Sport

In this episode, Liana is joined by Gemba's Head of Marketing Strategy, Adam Hodge, and CEO of Paralympics Australia, Catherine Clark, as they explore the fascinating world of sports fandom and its role in creating inclusive communities. From diverse backgrounds to shared passions, they delve into how sports bridges social divides and fosters opportunities for brand connections.

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Stoking the Cultural Campfire - How Content is a Constant in an Era of Fragmentation

In this episode, Liana is joined by Nine's Head of Content Production & Development, Adrian Swift, and Telstra's CMO, Brent Smart, as they explore the enduring influence of content in uniting audiences, shaping cultural narratives, and sparking conversations amidst a fragmented media landscape.

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Off the Island – Is Australia's Distance a Tyranny or an Advantage? 

In this episode, Liana is joined by BeenThereDoneThat's Co-Founder and Chief Vision Officer, David Alberts, and MFA Hall of Famer, Media Change Maker and Diversity Advocate, Belinda Rowe, as they share their outside in perspectives on the differentiating media and cultural landscapes between Australia and abroad, and the growing need to stay curious and relevant, and whether Australia's island geography is matched with an island mentality.

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Paint by Numbers - How Data, Strategy and Creativity Combined Make Magic

In this episode, Liana is joined by Magic Numbers CEO & Founder, Dr. Grace Kite, and Previously Unavailable's Founding Partner, James Hurman, as they delve into the dynamic interplay between strategy, data and creativity, exploring how these seemingly distinct fields are increasingly intertwined. Unpacking how data-driven insights, strategic craft and creative innovation can together propel the marketing forward, challenging traditional approaches and reshaping marketing strategies.

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Beyond the Byline - The Science of Storytelling

In this episode, Liana is joined by The Sydney Morning Herald's Editor, Bevan Shields, and Director of Audience Growth for Nine Publishing, Aimie Rigas, as they delve into the transformative power of data in modern journalism, navigating how Nine integrates cutting-edge data tools to inform editorial decisions, enhance audience engagement, and uphold journalistic integrity. The delicate balance between instinct and insight, the ethical considerations of data use, and the future trends shaping the industry, all converge to define the dynamic landscape of news.

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