Align your brand with the right audience at the right time

Whether it’s encouraging mums to tackle Easter entertaining head on, being a part of the glitz and glamour that is The Logies, or empowering audiences to take control of their finances – 9Honey can help you connect your brand to the right audience at the right time.

We currently have the below bespoke opportunities available across the 9Honey network aligned to key seasonal and topical issues that our readers want to read.

Easter Entertaining with 9Kitchen

9Honey and 9Kitchen are encouraging mums to tackle Easter head-on in 2017, with practical advice for keeping the kids entertained, cooking up unique, made-to-share recipes, plus Easter home styling.

Empowerment Series with 9Coach

9Coach will launch a series to create empowering and inspirational video and article content published across the 9Honey network that helps our audience be the best they can be and play to their strengths.

Logies Glitz & Glamour with 9TheFix

Partner with 9TheFix to tap into The Logie Awards and leverage one of the strongest formats connecting with Australians’ passion for television and celebrity entertainment across TV’s night of nights.

Back to School with 9Mums

9Mums has got your back to help ease the stress of getting your little ones back to school… from reimagining your child’s study space, to healthy lunches and managing busy schedules – we’ve got it covered.

Horoscopes with 9Honey

Tap into 9Honey’s daily horoscopes section, aligning your brand to daily inspirational readings that highly engages our audience and keeps them coming back throughout the week.

Money Matters – End of Financial Year with 9Honey

Align with this compelling content series, where 9Honey and 9Finance collaborate to empower readers to take control of their finances — across every aspect of their lives.

Channel 9 Style

Channel 9 Style offers a brand the opportunity to align with Australia’s favourite TV personalities and informs our readers how to ‘get the look’ across social and one centralised digital destination.

Winter Survival with 9Style

An inspirational content series covering practical style-advice on the season’s best new trends, Winter Survival will arm readers with the information they need to make the most of 2017’s cold snap.

Contact your Nine sales representative for more information on these opportunities.

No. 1 Digital Content Network

Nine is once again Australia’s No. 1 digital content network according to Nielsen’s January ratings, reaching 14.412 million UAs across its Nine and Microsoft assets.

Nielsen’s January monthly news rankings also saw remain as the 2nd most visited news website in Australia. Reaching 4.421 million UAs, also has strong audience engagement with users spending 1 hour and 35 minutes on the site.

9Now, Nine’s live streaming and VOD service is the No. 1 FTA commercial TV network site across its category in streams*, recording 4.044 million stream starts (+12%MoM). In January 9Now reached a total unique audience of 1.389 million.
The 9Now App is again No. 1 in total time spent per person, with people spending 1 hour and 45 minutes using the App in January. It is also the No. 1 FTA commercial AVOD App with 569K UAs.
The 9Honey Network reached 1.295 million UAs in January, and within the network delivered:

• 770K UAs to 9Honey News
• 362K UAs to 9Kitchen
• 280K UAs to 9Homes
• 272K UAs to 9Coach
• 257K UAs to 9Style
• 219K UAs to 9Elsewhere
• 1.716 million UAs to 9TheFix

Source: Nielsen Digital Ratings Monthly, January 2017. Nine Digital = Nine + MSN, Outlook, Bing, Skype). *9Now streams – web browsing only.



Business Model For Sports Rights Is About To Evolve

The traditional business model used by many Australian sporting codes – built on selling  broadcast rights to media partners – will rapidly evolve towards one focused on revenue sharing, Amanda Laing, Managing Director of Nine, has predicted. 

Speaking at the 2017 launch of Suncorp Super Netball last week, Laing cited the new revenue-sharing model between Nine and Netball Australia as a case study for the future of many other sporting codes in Australia. 

“Together (with Netball Australia) we came up with a structure to aggregate everything from venue signage on the court to signage on uniforms, etcetera, plus the broadcast assets we would normally seek to sell separately,  and went to market with a complete marketing platform for netball. This way we both share in the upside.” 

Laing said that while for some sports, such as cricket, NRL and AFL, the existing revenue model is likely to continue, many other sporting codes were already looking at a different approach, built around revenue sharing when partnering with media. 

“Already there are other sports looking to see if they can adopt that structure, or a version of it, to work together,” she said. 

“For most sports, outside of the big ones– such as AFL, NRL and cricket, they will need to do something different to take them from a viewing and fan perspective to the next level.”

Netball Launch Master

Nine’s Director of Sport, Tom Malone also used the event to talk about the power of free-to-air television in building sporting codes in Australia.

“One of the big things we are excited about is that the audience for netball is going to grow,” Malone said. 

“From what has been largely a subscriber TV model, netball is now on free-to-air TV and able to reach 100 per cent of Australians. On Saturday night, 7pm, it’s now family viewing for girls and boys, teenagers, mums and dads. It is really exciting the audience proposition for going forward with netball.”

Laing and Malone’s comments were made ahead of last Saturday’s Suncorp Super Netball debut on 9Gem, which attracted a total national reach across three games of more than 850,000 viewers – a figure that is more than 130 per cent up on the season average for netball in 2016. 

Laing also argued that the audience profile of viewers during the netball broadcast on 9GEMwould be highly attractive to advertisers. 

“We have a view that corporate Australia wanted to speak to the audience for women’s sport, and in particular netball,” Laing said. 

“Women are often the decision-makers in the household and so the opportunity to be in a live sporting environment, with a predominantly female audience, was always going to be very attractive to sponsors and advertisers.

“It was a natural fit and we were able to come up with an innovative structure  to deliver benefits to both Netball Australia and Nine.” 

Laing also noted that Nine has already seen a strong commercial reaction from advertisers. 
“We have been really pleased with the commercial reaction,” she said. “It is great to have Suncorp, a new sponsor, onboard. What they have identified is the great environment you have when you are involved in women’s sport – be it the great ambassadors, massive participation base or the female audience.

“We have been very pleased with the reaction of the market,” she added, citing companies like Samsung, Telstra and Harvey Norman who have already taken our sponsorships. “I think that’s just going to grow.” 


Nine Things About The NRL Consumer

Nine’s recently launched online research community, Nine Nation, provides quantitative and qualitative consumer feedback on a range of topics, both content and advertiser related.

With footy season right around the corner, we recently polled our Nine Nation community to get a deeper understanding of the NRL consumer. From spending time with the kids at home to a cheeky visit to the local pub, we uncover what moves footy fans.

The greatest footy ever kicks off March 2, live & free on Nine.

Learn more about the NRL Consumer here…

Discover Real Impact with Nine Digital

Every brand has a story to tell, a customer to engage, a conversation to spark, IMPACT to make.

At Nine Digital, we help make this happen. As Australia’s leading digital content publisher, Nine Digital has real content, real audiences and real metrics to allow you to better understand your audience — and deliver real impact for your brand through the power of storytelling.

Leveraging Australia’s premium content ecosystem, we put data to work across all platforms and screens each and every day. We connect the dots across mobile, desktop, video, and social to deliver a world of endless possibilities where brands truly connect with fans.

The result — Advertising with REAL IMPACT.

Digital Reel

Nine’s 2017 National Rugby League Series


It’s all live and free and in HD on Nine’s Wide World of Sports from March 2

Off the back of a massive 2016 season that realised the biggest Grand Final in history, the biggest State of Origin series with over 3million viewers every game, along with timeslot wins for every game broadcast on Nine*, there has never been a better time to align your brand with greatness, than in 2017 with Nine’s Wide World of Sports.  

Harness one of the most unpredictable and unscripted entertainment formats in Australia with: 

• Greater commercial cut-through than general entertainment 
• Strong brand recall 
• Consistent week-in, week-out ratings
• Huge reach and dominate timeslot shares 
• Diverse audience profile with 38% of the audience females and 46% the main household grocery buyer

For more information, contact you Nine Sales representative or download our NRL fast facts below.


Source: Metro, OzTAM Data, Sydney & Brisbane broadcast


The Easter Number Crunch

Nine’s recently launched online research community, Nine Nation, provides quantitative and qualitative consumer feedback on a range of topics, both content and advertiser related.

We recently polled this community on the sweetest time of year and found nine key insights you should know about the Easter consumer – and it’s not all just about chocolate!

Find out more…

The Art Of Digital Integration: Closing The Loop On Multi-Media Storytelling

Marketers and media agencies often talk about their desire for integration across television and digital. Kerri Elstub explains how the three-month-old women’s lifestyle network 9Honey worked to capture and amplify audience interest in Married at First Sight. 

Traditional media companies talk about digital integration but the reality is often a lot more difficult than it can appear. 

Over the past week Married at First Sight, one of Nine’s biggest franchises for 2017, went to air on Channel Nine and for a women’s lifestyle website like 9Honey it presented an interesting challenge around how we both cover and capitalise on the tremendous digital and social buzz around the show, which at its heart is a social experiment.  

As we began planning it quickly became clear to the 9Honey team that Married at First Sight offered a real synergy in terms of a shared female-focused audience and gave us a real opportunity to deliver our first multi-media campaign.

The buzz around the show allowed us to extend beyond the traditional TV screen and reach fans across all mediums, through online news articles, exclusive interviews, great additional video content, social media live streaming and last, but certainly not least, our brand new podcast series, Sweet Spot. 

As each show episode went to air our celebrity news website, TheFix, had multiple articles going live and our social media team were live tweeting the program – all to allow the audience to better engage with the show


These stories provided both exclusive access to the stars themselves, and the real stories from behind the scenes. For example, there was tremendous viewer interest in the back story between the newlywed Jonathan and his “pretend sister” Emma, who caused chaos at their wedding. 

TheFix reported on how Emma was actually the twin sister of one of Jonathan’s exes. That story has now become one of our most read stories of 2017 and was quickly picked up by multiple other news websites, further amplifying the Married and TheFix brands. 

All this online buzz around Married at First Sight has also carried through to our video content. Married videos are among the most watched on 9Honey, and the live streaming and catch-up service 9Now has seen record traffic on the back of the first three episodes becoming the most watched shows for the week on catch-up TV in Australia. 

Our other experiments included launching our own Facebook live TV show at midday last Tuesday, housed on the 9Honey page, allowing viewers to, again, join the conversation outside of the program itself.

Wednesday evening saw the debut of Nine’s first podcast series, Sweet Spot, a Married at First Sight/9Honey combined initiative hosted by Katherine Feeney which seeks to further engage fans by providing a running commentary on the show as well as the relationship issues it raises. 

It is early days for Nine in podcasting but this has been a fun experiment and it will be interesting to see what sort of audience the podcast, supported with on-air and online promotion, builds.

The big thing for me is that we are now on every major channel that consumers are on –television, digital or audio. This excites me because of how 9Honey is helping Nine to close the loop on multi-media storytelling.

This isn’t about just promoting a TV show, although I’m sure the online ‘water cooler effect’ has probably helped build/sustain the television audience. Really it’s about recognising that in 2017 fans of a social experiment like Married at First Sight want – and expect – to take their conversation online, and we can and must help them do that. 

Kerri Elstub is the network editor of Nine’s lifestyle website 9Honey