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To build your brand and drive a positive sales impact, you need to think Total TV. And there’s nowhere like Nine that has television in all shapes and sizes covered.

We can help you craft your brand story in and around some of Australia’s biggest marketing moments, in the most effective way possible.

So why wait? Grow your brand with Nine by unlocking the power of content that Aussies love to watch, combined with the reach and scale of Total TV.

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From My Mum Your Dad, Love Island Australia, Snackmasters, LEGO® Masters Bricksmas and more still to come, there’s plenty of opportunity available to harness the power of great Australian content with Nine.


Still to come in 2022

Schedule is indicative only. Subject to change.

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P25-54 38.4% 34.3% 37.3%
P16-39 37.6% 35.1% 27.3%
GS+CH 40.1% 33.9% 26.0%
Source: OzTAM Metro 5 City, Network Nine, Network Seven, Network 10, Channel 9, Channel 7, Channel 10, Key Demos, Commercial Share, 18:00 – 22:29, Consolidated 7 as at Saturday 19/11/2022.


Total People 28.0% 27.3% 14.5%
P25-54 28.2% 24.3% 18.3%
P16-39 28.6% 24.9% 18.3%
GS+CH 30.6% 25.0% 17.6%
Source: OzTAM Metro 5 City, Channel 9, Channel 7, Channel 10, Key Demos + Total People, Primary Channel Commercial Share, 18:00 – 22:29, Consolidated 7 as at Saturday 19/11/2022.


Total People 48.3% 37.1% 14.5%
People 25-54 49.2% 36.3% 14.5%
People 18-39 51.3% 35.5% 13.3%

Source: OzTAM Live + VOD VPM, CFTA Only, 6 Feb - 9 Apr & 24 Apr - 19 Nov 2022, metric minutes, includes coviewing on connected tv devices. 

Australian content delivers
real, effective outcomes

Check out some of the ways we've helped brands connect utilising the biggest TV formats in Australia

An all-encompassing plan of integration leveraging Alicia Molik allowed Swinburne Online to tell a deeper story

The Nine and Swinburne Online integrated partnership included ‘Quality Coaching’ content led by Alicia Molik, adding depth to Swinburne’s teaching quality message, distributed at scale.

Check out how Swinburne Online aligned with 'analyser' technology across broadcast and Wide World of Sports digital channels. More.

Domain's in-program integration was celebrated across the entire season of The Block

A partnership between Australia’s home of property, Domain, and Australia’s longest running renovation program, The Block, was the perfect match. A campaign designed to showcase all the ways Domain and their products can help property owners and seekers buy, rent, or sell their home with ease.

Check out how Domain’s in-program integration was built out across the entire Block journey. More.

The power of an NRL Finals sponsorship in delivering high impact marketing moments

DoorDash wanted to position their brand as the NRL’s only convenience ‘On-demand Delivery Partner’ providing enhanced services through broader retail partnerships.

Nine's solution leveraged the power of integrated broadcast assets including a situational content series with Nine talent and AR ball delivery.

The result? A significant increase in awareness, consideration and the largest number of new users acquired in one day during the NRL Grand Final activations on Nine. More.

It's time to unlock the power of content Aussies love with Australia's leading Total TV broadcaster.

Contact us for more information on how your brand can leverage the power of premium content on Nine to deliver real business outcomes.

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Tennis on Nine 2023 – Advantage You


We know the tennis audience of today commands the upper hand. Sport doesn’t stand still, and neither can its coverage. The audience expectation of sport is changing and Nine is at the next evolution of sport consumption, with tennis is at the forefront.​

Year on year, audiences are engrossed and inspired by the stories of tenacity, triumph, loss and pride that tennis brings. Following the journey of the athletes that put it all on the line to win. And it's no doubt we are seeing the next generation of superstars evolve the game right in front of our eyes. 

With tennis proven to be the only summer platform to increase brand perceptions, Nine's Wide World of Sports will elevate sport to the next level in 2023. With significant investment into our total content ecosystem across television, publishing and audio. And cutting-edge technology that can take your brand even closer to the heart of the action than ever before.

Advantage you.

To find out what your brand can achieve with a Tennis on Nine partnership, request a tailored response to help realise your marketing objectives.



Nine's content strategy and fan solution


In conversation with the experts of the game


The power of tennis on Nine is unmatched





Nine is the only place in the country where you can access all four grand slams. 

Covering the greatest matches, played on the sport's grandest stages. From the blue courts of Melbourne, to the orange clay of Paris, to the green grass of Wimbledon, and of course, the hard courts of the US Open in New York.



Nine continues to heavily invest in our content and total media proposition to bring the best of tennis to fans, around the clock, no matter how they want to consume it. With a combination of assets that give our audiences something unique, across an unrivalled system of touchpoints that no other media company can offer.  



Across our television offering, fans wake up in the morning to the Today Show to catch up on AO updates. Staying with us for our morning show, which sets up the day with all the previews, analysis and entertainment. And of course, all the Tennis highlights, in-depth opinion and feature stories are all covered across our weekly panel shows, Cross Court and Sports Sunday.



Nine's publishing coverage is where the conversation starts about players' journeys, the evolution of the sport and the wider tennis community. We focus on serving in-depth content to our readers so they can consume a product that goes well beyond the headlines. Digitally we keep our finger on the pulse with live blogs, and beyond the court coverage of key matches from our team of expert writers.




Our audio proposition is a direct line to the tennis fans of the nation. Every week, we’ll serve up in-depth game analysis with daily tournament coverage and expert commentary from our talent. Nine Radio allows you to create a deeper connection with fans through our live on-ground broadcasts and extend conversations throughout the tournaments. With TWO brand new Australian Open podcasts from the producers of Stories of Origin coming soon.

Source: OzTAM Metro + Regional TAM data, 17/01/2022 – 21/01/22, Nine Network + Nine Network Content Affiliates, Total People, Reach, contains “Australian Open”, Con 7 as at 01/02/2022. OzTAM Metro + Regional TAM data, 17/01/2022 – 30/01/22 v 08/02/2021 - 21/02/2021, Nine Network + Nine Network Content Affiliates, Total People, Reach, contains “Australian Open”, Con 7. OzTAM Live VPM, Australian Open, 2022 v 2021, includes coviewing on connected TV devices. Nielsen Digital Content Ratings, Monthly Tagged, December 2020, Current Events and Global News Sub Category, Text, People 2+, Census. Roy Morgan Research; people 14+ for the 12 months ending March 2022. GfK Radio Ratings, SMBP Survey 1 2022, Mon-Sun 5.30am-12MN, Cume (000s), TSL (HH:MM), Exclusive Commercial Cume Commercial only (000s), AP10+, Nine Radio – 2G, 3AW, 4BC, 6PR - *Source: Nielsen CMV, Metro Survey 3 2022, Fused Radio Data Cume (000s), Mon-Sun 5.30am-12MN, Nine Talk Radio - 2GB, 3AW, 4BC, 6PR AP14+ vs SMBP AP14+.

Source: TV MAP VOZ Analyser, VOZ Data 4.0 © OzTAM Pty Limited [2023], 16/01/2023 - 29/01/2023, includes 'Australian Open,' National, BVOD & Linear, Cumulative Reach, Total People
Source: Roy Morgan Research; People 14+ for the 12 months ending December 2022.
Sport Total Publishing = SMH Print Section (Sport) L4W or AGE Print Section (Sport) L4W or SMH - Sport Digital or AGE - Sport Digital or - Wide World of Sports
Radio Logos + Blue Bar


We’ve got the best tennis talent in the world in our all-star team of commentators and experts. They tell the stories behind the game, because we have unrivalled access to the players like no-one else.​

immersive technology is
giving audiences the advantage

We know technologies like artificial intelligence, mixed and extended reality are set to transform everything from talent spotting to gameday performance, broadcasting, and reporting.

Innovation runs through the veins of tennis on Nine and next year will be no different. ​ ​

We know that fans look to us to keep their finger on the pulse of all the tennis action. This year we will continue to offer tennis fans access to the game in more ways than they ever have before.

We have the most cutting-edge technology employed to advantage your tennis viewing experience.



We take great pride in our content expertise to create world class entertainment for all of Australia. This is underpinned by our marketing services team, Powered, which is built specifically to help your brand grab hold of big marketing moments.

What does this mean? We can help with brand or media strategy, or consumer insights or maybe even something as specialist as market mix modelling and econometrics. We have the expertise – all in house.

You might need help with creative strategy, with production of advertising material across TV, Audio, Print, Digital or Social.

Or maybe you want to better understand how your brand, your products and your financial expertise can be integrated into our content - whether that’s inside a TV show, a radio broadcast, or things like native or advertorial content across print and digital.


The Australian Open is an ever-growing fan festival and next year we’ll introduce a sophisticated motion control robot, paired with a cinematic high-speed camera to capture dynamic video portrait sequences of fans on ground - aligning beautifully with the festival and grandeur of the Australian Open.

Mixed reality delivers a blend of physical and digital worlds, unlocking natural and intuitive 3D human, computer and environmental interactions. It takes the existing state on the court with players and crowds to an enhanced reality where we see both real and virtual worlds collide using next generation sensing and imaging technologies.


Tennis is a great opportunity to realise big ideas that make advertising famous. Let’s take a closer look at how brands effectively used the power of the Australian Open 2022 to deliver their marketing dreams.




Position Melbourne as the open, vibrant, energetic and thriving major events capital of Australia.


After a prolonged period of life "on pause," Australians are getting up to live for the now. Summer in 2022 will be about not settling—leaning into impulse and spontaneity as we keep exploring, keep discovering and making up for lost time.


Harness the positive energy and optimism of the Summer of Tennis to showcase that Melbourne is truly alive and ready to explore through ownership of Court Nine.



Chief Marketing Officer,
Visit Victoria

"The 2022 broadcast was where we really pushed the partnership beyond spots and dots and squeeze backs. We were able to fully integrate our key messages and campaign assets through the full suite of Nine’s assets and channels to create a significant impact for Melbourne and its tourism industry in new and innovative ways."


IN 2023

advantage you


Harness the power of Tennis on Nine in 2023. For further information, please contact your Nine representative or complete the form, and a member will be in touch.

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Powered Unpacked: emerging travel trends marketers need to know

Powered Unpacked

The Future of Travel: Are you Ready?


‘Riches to be made’ in sustainable, niche travel, extended remote working holidays: Four key post-COVID travel trends marketers should understand.

Australians’ travel habits have irrevocably changed, as a 40 per cent remote workforce realises it can work from anywhere. But “Wandering Workers” are just one of the trends identified in Nine’s State of the Nation Travel report for 2022. There are “New Frontiers” and deeper levels of expertise Australians are searching for to spend tens of billions of travel dollars each year. One expert’s take? “Regenerative Travel” is where the riches are to be made.

Cultural shifts and emerging travel trends

At the peak of Australia’s COVID lockdowns it was possible to imagine a future of roving digital nomads, a large workforce that didn’t need to be in an office but could work from anywhere at any time. That hasn’t exactly happened.

Instead, travel experts at Nine and from the industry say, the cultural shifts have been more subtle – but they have nonetheless fundamentally changed how Australians roam and holiday around the world. It’s worth understanding them to understand how to reach those people.

Nine partnered with The Future Laboratory to take a closer look into the future of travel with detailed analysis and strategic insight, combining data from Nine audience intelligence with The Future Laboratory’s expert trends intelligence.

There were eight key trends identified as emerging in travel across Australia and the world – below are four of them.

Wandering Workers

Last year 40 per cent of Australia’s workforce were remote and mobile, The Future Laboratory’s Barry Mowszowski said. Those people are realising they can work from anywhere, too. “They’re not just people schlepping around the world avoiding going to an office from nine to five. How do we cater to that ecosystem of needs from a holistic travel point of view?” he asked. “It’s much more complex in terms of understanding their needs than people just booking a one-way ticket to a destination.”

But interestingly, the large digital nomad population hasn’t appeared. What has happened instead is the extended holiday. “Even just before the pandemic, the idea was that there was this group of people who didn’t have offices and who could travel around the world and work as they go,” Ben Groundwater, Nine Publishing travel writer and podcast host, said.

“Those people exist. But maybe they’re not going to be permanent digital nomads moving around the world their entire lives. It might mean that they can take six weeks rather than two weeks and go to another destination with their family, with their friends, just by themselves, and have a holiday, but also work at the same time.”

Those ones are the Wandering Workers.

Regenerative Travel

More Australian travellers are conscious of their footprint, both environmentally and financially, when they arrive at their destination. In fact, the idea of being conscious of their footprint was the second most important consideration after the destination itself, per Airbnb and studies by The Economist, Mowszowski said. “The whole idea is that you have a reduced footprint.” There’s a fashion brand in Portugal, for example, ISTO, that offers travellers tours of its factory to educate them on the supply chain and manufacturing process. “It’s really interesting when you think about regenerative travel through a holistic proposition of what’s happening globally,” Mowszowski said. “Because that’s where the riches are to be made from a travel sector point of view to cater to that appetite within Australia and globally.”

It’s “a bit of a reset”, Groundwater added. “The pandemic gave everyone two years to basically sit back and consider the way they travel and the way they want to travel in future, and the effect that their travel has been having in the past on the world,” he said. “It’s driven by the brands at the moment, by travel companies, by tour companies, by media as well. This is becoming very important as we look towards the future.”

New Frontiers

There are some wild adventure holidays and experiences out there. A new one that’s coming is the ultra-luxury, ultra-wealthy blimp ride. OceanSky cruises, for US$210,000 dollars (A$301,000), offer multi-day expeditions to the North Pole – without a carbon footprint. “But juxtapose that with space travel. So at the Kennedy Space Centre there is an air balloon lift. For US$120,000, slightly cheaper, you can join one of 300 people going into space from 2024,” Mowszowski said. It’s part of the New Frontiers trend, which is changing the idea of luxury from a high-end place to a niche experience.


“Although those high-end luxury experiences do tend to hog the headlines and really sound amazing, for everyday travellers, there’s all sorts of stuff you can do out there that will cater to exactly what you want to achieve and experience,” Groundwater said.

“If you look at your social media feed right now, everyone’s in Italy or France. We’ve realised that our opportunities to travel are finite and that we may not have the chance to go to these incredible places, to go to Machu Picchu, to Antarctica, to the Galapagos.”

Educated Expertise

With new frontiers, more sustainable, regenerative experiences and wandering while working comes a need to understand places in more depth – Educated Expertise. There’s been a shift away from artificial intelligence and chatbots, Mowszowski said, towards “travel strategists” – another term for travel agents – and deep research.

“There’s so much emotion that goes into travel for people. This is something that you plan for and save up for years, and you want to get it right, and you want to enjoy yourself,” Groundwater said.

“That human interaction is just invaluable, really.”

Click here for more research from
Nine's State of the Nation Travel event

Contact us for more information on how your brand can leverage the power of Nine to deliver real business outcomes.

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