Corporate Responsibility



Good corporate citizenship is paramount to us as Australia’s Media Company. We maintain the trust of the communities to which we belong, through our constant commitment to responsible journalism and the provision of high quality, content.

As a commercial television licence holder, Nine is bound by the Commercial Television Code of Practice, which prohibits certain types of programs and advertisements, requires classification of program material and broadcasts in suitable time slots, and puts limits on the amount of advertising and other nonprogramming matter which can be broadcast.

It also promotes editorial accuracy, fairness and protection of privacy for individuals in relation to news and current affairs.


The Commercial Television Code of Practice requires Nine to ensure advertisers comply with the AANA Advertiser Code of Ethics and the AANA Code of Advertising and Marketing Communications to Children.

Further, Nine’s commercial television licences issued under the Broadcasting Services Act are subject to conditions around specific matters such as advertising of tobacco and interactive gambling, obligations to broadcast matters of national interest, and prohibitions on the broadcast of material with certain classifications.

Australian Press Council

Nine’s Metro Publishing business is a member of the Press Council of Australia. The Press Council has issued a Statement of General Principles, a Statement of Privacy Principles, Specific Principles covering matters such as the reporting of suicides, and Advisory Guidelines on matters such as reporting elections, which guide the publication of content by Nine.

Nine provides regular training for employees on our obligations as a broadcaster and publisher and compliance with other applicable laws, relating to matter such as defamation and contempt of court.

Commercial Radio Australia

Nine Radio is bound by the Commercial Radio Code of Practice and the Commercial Radio Guidelines which also promote editorial accuracy and guide reporting on sensitive topics such as mental illness.


Nine commits to the continued observance of the Charter of Editorial Independence in relation to its mastheads The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian Financial Review, Brisbane Times and WA Today. The Charter is available here.


Nine’s Corporate Responsibility strategy is based on four key pillars, People, Community, Governance and Environment. Corporate Responsibility is an ongoing focus for Nine and is under ongoing review to ensure Nine plays a valued role within the community within which we operate.