The Age has been serving its readers with compelling, balanced and independent journalism since our first publication on October 17, 1854. Our journalists are passionate about uncovering the truth and are committed to informing, entertaining, inspiring and challenging our readers. Whether our coverage concerns the latest political scandal, big business deal, AFL coach sacking or Victoria's best restaurants, we deliver the fearless and honest storytelling our audience of more than 4 million readers expect. Our readers now access our journalism in a variety of ways and whether via the newspaper, desktop, mobile, tablet or newsletters, we continue our commitment to upholding quality and independence in everything we do. This will never change.



Gay Alcorn, Editor

Now more than ever, Victorians deserve quality, independent journalism that is fair, non-partisan and engaged in the big conversations of vital interest to the people of our state and our nation.

The Age has a proud history and today we reach more people than ever. We have more than five million readers a month in print and online, making The Age the dominant masthead in Victoria, a responsibility we take seriously.

This is a challenging and exciting time for journalism. The Age tells stories in different ways, using data to make sense of complex topics, conversing and engaging with our audience on various platforms in ways unthinkable a generation ago.

But our core values remain, values that have never been more important in an era of polarised and often partisan media. We strive for something rare - balance, fairness and true independence.

The Age is well known for its investigative journalism, but it is just as interested in reflecting life in all its variety. Melburnians and Victorians love sport, food, books, music, and travel. This is a state of ideas and debate, and we publish a diverse range of opinion pieces reflecting the big and fascinating issues of our times, from climate change to social media, from the future of Melbourne to the latest rule changes in the AFL.

We are proud of what we do, but we will always strive to do better. We are thankful for the strong support we receive from our readers and subscribers who appreciate the vital role The Age plays in our state.


The Numbers

The Age offers a complete cross-platform news experience enjoyed by millions of Australians each month. The newsprint edition is available 7 days a week, complemented by 24 hour digital news coverage, optimised to desktop, mobile and tablet.

  • Total News Audience (Print + Digital)

Source: Roy Morgan Research; people 14+ for the 12 months ending March 2022.



Average HH Income:

Average Age:


are AB social grade


are the main grocery buyer


have a diploma or degree 


have a mortgage / are a home owner 


intend to purchase a car within 4 years

The Age  has a strong reach to decision makers and professionals.

more likely to be managers / professionals

more likely to be business decision makers

Source: Roy Morgan Research; people 14+ for the 12 months ending March 2022.




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