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Escapism, nostalgia, relationships, advice, showbiz, life hacks, consumer tips and of course, the royals!  We have the most engaged audience of any women’s lifestyle brand.  They keep coming back, because our content and contributors are second to none.

9Honey Latest
Brings you the latest lifestyle news, from Australia and around the world.

9Honey Kitchen
Budget friendly but delicious family dinners, hacks and the latest Tiktok trends.

9Honey Coach
All about wellness for your mind and body.

9Honey Style
Covers dressing well on a budget and how to spoil yourself with the latest skincare must haves.

9Honey Travel
Brings you inspiration for your next holiday, as well as advice on how to save on accommodation, packing space and time.

9Honey You
Is all about self betterment in relationships and working life, too.

9Honey Celebrity
Including celeb news, nostalgia pieces and the big award show galleries.

9Honey Parenting
Houses the latest news, advice and hacks in the world of parenting.

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Why advertisers partner with 9Honey


Bespoke Content Hub


How can we cut through the Christmas clutter and position Myer as the perfect place for all of your Christmas gifting needs?


A bespoke content hub housing a range of talent-led native articles and gift guides, showcasing the abundance of Christmas gifts and ideas that Myer has to offer.



Average CTR across supporting display delivered 166% against the standard RON CTR (0.05%).


Delivered 23.7 million impressions.


Delivered 117% on guaranteed page views


Average dwell time was almost 3 times the industry standard


Perfection Fresh

Editorial Integration


How can we hero broccolini as a healthy, versatile addition to elevate family meals?


Client sponsored 9Honey’s much loved Everyday Kitchen series, hosted by Jane De Graff.



Delivered 135% on guaranteed page views.


Average CTR across supporting display delivered 126% against the industry benchmark of 0.05%.


Average dwell time was almost 3 times the industry standard.


Bespoke Branded Content


How can we demonstrate the benefits of Fitbit as a holistic health companion?


A premium branded content campaign including talent-led native video, immersive, branded content and social to increase consideration of the Fitbit product



CTR across supporting display was 130% delivery against the industry benchmark of 0.05%


Delivered 136% on guaranteed page views and 184% on guaranteed video views


Average dwell time was over 2 times the industry standard


Offers available now!

Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guides

A return to meaningfulness and a desire to buy Australian-made products means that gifting will look different this year. The mad rush to buy expensive, sometimes single-use presents will be replaced with thoughtful and sustainable gifts. Take the stress out of gifting this year, with gift guides that our audiences look for and trust.

Kitchen Hacks

We know that not all of our preparation turns out perfect on Christmas – but that’s okay! This Christmas we’re embracing expectation vs. reality, we’re going back to basics and we’re having a Carefree Christmas! Jane De Graaff’s new series of Honey Kitchen Hacks is here to help you take the hassle out of Christmas prep, giving you more time to spend with family and enjoy the day


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