Australians spend more time with

The latest Nielsen ratings for June 2017 have revealed more Australians are spending time with Nine’s digital news network than any other publisher within the news category, with driving average time spent per person up to 1 hour and 9 minutes, 8 minutes more than the closest competitor. remained as the 2nd most visited news website in Australia, reaching a unique audience of 4.682 million.

The ratings also show 9Now has delivered its highest ever unique audience. 2.349 million Australians visited the live streaming and video on demand platform in June, placing it No. 1 out of the FTA commercial TV Networks. 

In June, the 9Honey network reached more women than any other lifestyle site, with 1.048 million women visiting the network. This demographic is also highly engaged, with women spending longer on the 9Honey network than any other lifestyle destination, clocking up over 14 minutes per person.

The 9Honey network reached 1.761 million UAs overall, growing a massive 20% MoM and experiencing one of the biggest audience increases across its competitive set. Increases in audience were seen across every vertical within the network with:

9Honey News reaching 1.179M UAs (+22.3% MoM)
9Kitchen reaching 415k UAs (+53.7% MoM)
9Homes reaching 317k UAs (+36.6%MoM)
9Coach reaching 304k UAs (+42.1%)
9Style reaching 327k UAs (+53.3% MoM)
9Elsewhere reaching 275k UAs (+14.6% MoM)
9TheFix (excl. TV Guide) reaching 990k UAs (+11.5% MoM)

Source: Nielsen Digital Ratings Monthly, June 2017.

This Time Next Year Premieres Monday July 31

New studio entertainment show This Time Next Year, hosted by Karl Stefanovic, features everyday inspirational Aussies with extraordinary ambitions, who pledge to change their lives by “this time next year” – whether it’s to overcome a setback, find love, reunite with a relative or achieve a world record.

Nine’s head of production and development, Trent Chapman, speaks about what we can expect to see on the show, what makes the show different and why it will appeal to a broad range of viewers.

“Everyone has things in their life that they want to achieve, that they want to change, and there’s a huge amount of relatability in watching that. It’s unlike anything that’s around on TV at the moment and I think that it will appeal to a huge, broad range of the audience”.

This Time Next Year Promo Interview_FINAL_1_TrentChapman

9Powered presents: The Great Australian Bite

In July 2017, 9Powered commissioned Hoop Research Group to carry out a landmark study, into the evolving state of the Australian Food Landscape. Taking a look at what the modern Australian is consuming, their eating habits, where they are eating, exploring the home cook, and the trends that are influencing what goes on their plates. 

The Great Australian Bite_9Powered_FINAL_converted

Discover tangible insights that will help brands make better marketing decisions when targeting Australian consumers. 

Check out the video highlights from the research: 

Trend 1 – Long Live Family Tradition
As screens attract more of our attention, we are increasingly valuing a return to dinner table rituals:

Long Live Family Tradition_FINAL_converted

Trend 2 – Any Day Can be an Occasion
We’re not just celebrating the big holidays but creating personalised occasions to reconnect and show love: 

Any Day Can Be an Occasion_FINAL_converted

Trend 3 – Eating as Nature Intended
Eating clean is not just for hipsters. Today everyday families are going back to basics and tuning into provenance:

Eating As Nature Intended_FINAL_converted

Trend 4 – Fresh Food Hacks
Whilst the desire to cook fresh has increased, time and budgets have not. As a result we have become seasoned fresh meal planners:

Fresh Food Hacks_FINAL_converted

In a nutshell,  “Food does so much more than nourish. It connects us.“  Michael Pollen, Food Author and Activist.

To request the full presentation click here.

Family Food Fight to Tackle ‘Big Hole’ in Market

Nine’s newly created cooking show, Family Food Fight promises to tackle a “big hole” in the market for cooking shows.

Speaking with Mumbrella after the show commenced filming, Adrian Swift, head of content production and development at Nine said the reason for making the new food show was the network had come up with a “fundamentally different” idea – what he calls “high end bistro food.”

“MKR is not actually about cooking, it’s about the dynamic between the people. Masterchef is about who is the best amateur chef in the country.

“We felt there was a really big clear hole in the market particularly around beginning and end of the year for food we all cook at home,” he said. 

Click here to read the full piece on Mumbrella.

The Ashes is the powerful platform for marketers over summer

When it comes to sporting rivalries, the upcoming 2017-18 Ashes test cricket series presents an unparalleled opportunity for advertisers to connect their brand with millions of Australians, according to Nine Chief Sales Officer, Michael Stephenson. 

Speaking at the Nine Ashes launch event last week, Stephenson noted that this year the Ashes would cap off what has been an exceptionally strong year for Nine.

“It’s been a huge year so far at Nine but I feel like we are just getting started – there is so much more to come,” said Stephenson, citing the success of shows like Married at First Sight and Australian Ninja Warrior. 

“And there is no greater platform to connect your brands with our audiences than the greatest  rivalry in world sport between two nations: The Ashes.” 

Stephenson was joined on stage by Sam Brennan, Nine’s Director of Sport – Sales, who noted that Nine’s research showed Australians were both more active and more inclined to spend money over the summer months. 


“Over summer we’re doing more,” said Brennan. “On average we are spending $1200 more than any other time of the year and that’s what all of us in this room are fighting for.”

Brennan argues that marketers need to recognise the impact summer has across a variety of sectors and look to capitalise on it in the best way they can. 

“The relevance of summer impacts us all irrespective of the industry or category you operate in,” he said. 

“The challenge is to find a meaningful way to engage our customers consistently over summer and that’s where cricket comes in, and where The Ashes delivers in spades.”

He also noted that as a platform, the last Ashes series in Australia had a total reach of more than 15.6 million Australians and that the audience for the Australia versus England rivalry has been growing. 

“In the last 15 years we’ve seen a 25 per cent increase in audiences when England tour,” said Brennan. 

“Adding to this is our Women’s Ashes broadcast kicking off in October, and we are certain this will be Nine’s biggest ever cricket season in our 39 years of broadcast.” 

The Ashes all summer long

Nothing says all summer long like the cricket and this year will be bigger than ever with the 2017-18 Ashes series.

Ashes Launch Vox Pops Master-Large

The Ashes delivers the fans, demonstrating a large audience uplift every series.  This year will be summer’s biggest 360 degree marketing platform, providing high impact opportunities to integrate brands and engage audiences.

The 2017-18 Ashes series will play out LIVE and FREE on Nine’s Wide World of Sports and

22 October – 21 November
Women’s Ashes series
23 November – 10 February Men’s Ashes series

Watch below for examples of how you can integrate your brand into Nine’s cricket broadcast.  Contact your Nine sales representative for more information. 

Cricket Integration Highlights Reel_FINAL


Nine’s Inaugural ‘Agency Ninja Warrior’ Event

In the lead up to Nine’s highly anticipated new show Australian Ninja Warrior, agency land was sent into warrior madness last week with Nine’s inaugural ‘Agency Ninja Warrior’ Tournament. 
Taking place in obstacle centres and gyms across Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, agencies went head-to-head in a fitness challenge replicating the Ninja Warrior set, with one agency in each state crowned the ‘Agency Ninja Warrior’.

With Initiative taking out the win in Melbourne, Trilogy beating the competition in Perth, and Denstu Aegis proving the best team in Sydney, the competition was fierce!

Australian Ninja Warrior kicks off on Nine on 9 July at 7.00pm.

NIne Digital  - Ninja Warrior Event V3

Are You Ready to Ninja?

Australian Ninja Warrior is here. The adrenaline-charged new series will debut on Nine on Sunday, July 9 at 7.00pm. Australia’s newest and biggest entertainment format will air for 3 nights a week – Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, for 3 weeks only.

Nine’s head of content production and development, Adrian Swift, speaks about the new format, why it’s been so popular overseas, the target audience and stories that the audience will see on Australian Ninja Warrior.

Adrian Swift NW Interview_FINAL

Australian Ninja Warrior will see 250 everyday mums and dads, doctors, tradies, athletes and Aussie celebrities Beau Ryan, Tim Robards and Adam Cooney, compete in the quest to claim the crown of Australia’s first Ninja Warrior. This diverse range of competitors will line up to take their shot at the most difficult obstacle course in the world, with Rebecca Maddern, Ben Fordham and Freddie Flintoff calling their every move on Ninja Island.

Ninja Warrior, a smash-hit, worldwide phenomenon that has aired for 31 seasons globally, will offer a gripping mix of heart-pounding action and inspiring back stories when these everyday heroes push themselves beyond their physical and emotional limits to claim the title. 


It’s an explosive start as Episode One features six character-building obstacles: The Quintuple Steps, Silk Slider, Bridge of Blades, Tyre Swing to Cargo Net, Double Tilt Ladder, and the infamous Warped Wall.
Australian Ninja Warrior is a not to be missed television event.