In 2022, Rexona wanted to be the brand that challenges the conventions of what it means to be a “mover”.

Rexona identified that the term “movement” has a representation problem, so desired to stand up to pre-conceived “ability standards” through a commitment to showing unexpected stories. The idea was to inspire confidence in everyone to move beyond their limits and not give up, through their Not Done Yet movement.   


Leveraging the power of personal stories about overcoming adversity, Nine and Rexona’s partnership delivered an inspiring series of content with well-known talent opening up about their journey of “not being done yet”.  

This campaign sought to inspire everybody, despite barriers, to continue to push the boundaries of physical movement by showcasing stories of resilience and perseverance.   

Nine recruited bestselling author, athlete and mindset coach Turia Pitt to be at the helm of the campaign, unpacking what movement means with some of Australia’s most inspirational athletes who have experienced adversity. 


This campaign was spread across the full suite of the Nine platform to extend the Not Done Yet story with maximum exposure and encourage engagement with the Rexona brand. 

Leveraging Turia Pitt as host, and Ellia Green, Andy Brennan, Adam Goodes and Sam Bloom, Nine and Rexona unpacked stories of resilience and adversity, highlighting different types of movers and their journeys of not being done, inspiring Australians in the process.  ​​


Delivery of each element: 

  • Single destination to house all content – immersive advertorial
  • Each talent telling their story through emotive native video content  
  • Showcasing talent’s individual stories – native article 
  • Sunday Life and Good Weekend print publications leveraged to further amplify the movement 
  • Each of the talent supported the campaign further across socials 
  • Video content pieces amplified at scale-BVOD (pre-roll amplification), BVOD (pause ad) 
  • Engaging Australia through broadcast integration – bespoke segment, true first in break, billboards

The Not Done Yet movement significantly over-delivered in both reach and campaign value.  


ROI delivered value on campaign in value, over-delivery of assets and integration  


social accounts reached. Extension of the video content across talent’s owned channels. Social extensions helped to increase the overall reach of video content pieces 


over-delivery of video views. Extensive over-delivery of bespoke video pieces. Extensive amplification strategy made these video pieces among the most successful Nine has ever seen  


added value. Nine delivered significant added value across Nine Digital, Social, Homepage amplification, TODAY Show and Display Media. 

Source: Nine Internal Reporting Tool- Omniture- October 2022 

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