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With State borders opening up and talk of International travel returning in the not too distant future, Australians are increasingly dreaming about travel and planning their next trips.  And with an affluent and travel-minded reader, we have a number of upcoming issues you really can’t afford to miss.

Good Weekend 52 Weekends Away continues year after year to deliver plenty of inspiration, alongside AFR Life & Leisure, and Traveller magazine.

With an unrivalled schedule of special issues in 2021, Nine has never been better positioned to help you grow your brand over the coming months. Don't miss out on an unmissable opportunity with Australia’s best lifestyle content. Partner with us now.

Good Weekend
52 weekends away

On-Sale: Saturday 23rd October  

In the 31st year of our much-loved 52 Weekends Away franchise, Good Weekend collaborates with its Nine stablemate, Traveller, to present 52 of our favourite places to stay nationwide, from city to country, modest to opulent. ​​Given the long delays caused by international travel restrictions and the gradual opening up of state borders, this will be one of our most eagerly anticipated issues of the year, as much for armchair dreaming as for weekends-away planning purposes. For our 768,000 highly engaged readers, who are educated, cultured and love to explore the world around them, it can’t come soon enough.​

Unforgettable Stay at Sugar Beach St Lucia, Resort Review

Escorted Journey’s

On-Sale: 6 November, 2021

A second themed edition for the year on the destinations and operators that offer Australians a safe and reassuring holiday experience at home and overseas as borders begin to reopen. Travellers will look to the untold experience of escorted journey operators to provide itineraries and conditions that instil confidence, and also deliver the unforgettable travel experiences for which they hunger.

Booking Deadline: Monday 1 November
Material Deadline: Thursday 4 November

Asia Pacific

On-Sale: 4 December, 2021

Our own region, and the countries that form it, set a gold standard for the rest of the world in the year of the pandemic. Now it’s set to be the first region to welcome back Australian travellers. In this special edition we highlight the one-flight destinations we’ll be able to safely visit (soon) and, in many instances, revisit. We’ll take readers all over our vast neighbourhood including Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand and the Pacific, including Fiji.

Booking Deadline: Monday 29 November
Material Deadline: Thursday 2 December


Good Weekend
Australian Dreaming- Special Feature​

On-Sale: 11 December 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded Australians how wonderful this wide brown land is, and has got us thinking, talking and dreaming about the places nationwide that we love to visit, and the places on our national bucket lists that we’re now keen to tick off. ​In Good Weekend’s second last issue for the year, we have asked our stable of brilliant writers to each pen a piece about the place in Australia they absolutely love. Covering every state and territory, these evocative pieces will remind readers just how wonderful it is to holiday at home – what riches we have, right here in our own backyard.​

Booking deadline: Friday 12 November​
Material Deadline:
Tuesday 30 November

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As Australia re-opens, brands truly delivering social good, localism and sustainability will roar ahead

Powered Unpacked

As Australia re-opens, brands truly delivering social good, localism and sustainability will roar ahead


Emerging from lockdown is a “defining time for brands” and those that walk the talk to support communities, localism and focus on growth through doing good will power out of Covid – and well beyond, finds latest research from Nine, in partnership with Fiftyfive5.

Good equals growth

As states start to re-open, Nine’s research in partnership with Fiftyfive5 shows what people want from brands post-pandemic is to help rebuild communities and do social good.

The New Roaring 20s research study looks at how Australia will change over the next decade, but its near-term findings underline that consumer expectations of have shifted. They want brands to help build back better, support local communities and enable a more sustainable future.

“It’s a defining time for brands,” says Nine’s Sydney Head of Strategy, Steve Caunce. “Over the pandemic, Australians have definitely become far more attuned to how brands speak and more importantly, how they behave.”

Over the next 10 years, “these expectations are only going to increase, with an even greater focus around social good,” added Caunce. “Australian consumers are expecting brands to have a solid focus around sustainability. In fact, the research showed us that sustainability was the number one priority out of all the things consumers want from brands.”

Fivefifty5 Director, Hannah Krijnen, says the interviews and surveys undertaken for the latest research found brands big and small are recognising that need – and taking action.

“Whether that's about geographic community or the brand community online, we've really seen brands and businesses take a step towards having a bigger voice for the communities they stand up for, but also looking for ways in which the community can support them,” says Krijnen.

“So we’re seeing a really beautiful crossover between the interests of the brand, the business and the community – and we’re seeing those brands really step up into new opportunities and new growth,” she adds. “Most of the business owners we spoke to were very focused on community, what role it could play and how they too could play a better role in their community.”

Diversity, authenticity, stability

Looking further ahead, the research suggests brands can grow with Gen Z consumers by reflecting their values of diversity, authenticity and sustainability while providing them with stability in a less certain world.

“The importance of brands offering stability and consistency is something that shouldn't be underestimated,” says Caunce. “In fact, these advertising fundamentals haven't changed and I don't think they will change in the future. But the rate of change is something that the study really brought home – and brands will be required to constantly evolve.”

While flux can create consistency challenges for brands, change also brings opportunity for those that can adapt with agility, says Caunce.

Krijnen agrees: Marketers must prepare for a decade of rapid cultural and technological shifts, but retain the core principles of their craft as the world and market environments change.

“I've been talking to people about brands for almost two decades. So to see people really engaging with stories and engaging with how brands behave, giving them additional respect, intending to spend more money with them, really underlines the importance of the fundamentals of marketing and brand strategy,” says Krijnen.

“It does mean brands are more under the microscope, becasue people are really paying attention. But in many ways that will lead to stronger and better branding as well – because the more brands behave in the way that they talk, the stronger the brand is.”

Contact us for more information on how your brand can leverage the power of Nine to deliver real business outcomes.

LEGO® Masters


Australia's most imaginative family-friendly format returns in 2022

LEGO® Masters exploded onto our screens in 2019 and has cemented itself as one of the most popular shows on Australian television. ​

The feel-good, family-friendly format is a ratings phenomenon, consistently among the most watched programs of the year, and returns in 2022 with a whole new wave of brilliant building and imagination. ​

But first, LEGO® Masters is back in 2021 for


Some of Australia’s favourite celebrities will team up with contestants from the past three series in a festive celebration of the show Australia has fallen in love with. Who will take the honours with the best and most magical Christmas build?

The Christmas mini-series will feature Scott Cam, Sophie Monk, Brooke Boney and Michael “Wippa” Wipfli. Expect new builds, new twists and a whole lot of LEGO® as we wish you a very Merry Bricksmas!

To find out what your brand can achieve with a LEGO® Masters partnership, request a tailored response to help realise your marketing objectives.


Connecting with 4.7 million Aussies each week


+1.6 million

Viewers each episode


+3.4 million

Live + VOD streams


+156 million

Live + VOD minutes

Source: OzTAM & RegTAM, 19/04/2021 – 21/04/2021, Total People, Nine Network, Nine Network Affiliates, Consolidate 7, Audience, contains “LEGO Masters”.


+2.8 million

Regional viewers reached in 2021 (across the series)


+1 million

People 25-54 reached in 2021
(across the series)


+1.3 million

(Total People)

Source: Regional TAM Regional FTA +WA, 19/04/2021 – 24/05/2021, Total People, Nine Network Content Affiliates, Consolidated 7, contains “LEGO Masters”, Combined Agg. Mkts, Reach. 9Now: OzTAM Live + VOD VPM, Lego Masters Season 3, 19/04/2021 - 24/05/2021, metric minutes, includes co-viewing on connected TV devices. 


LEGO® Masters is the show that connects

“LEGO® Masters is a format like no other in its ability to connect with audiences. From young to old, from men to women, this is a rare program that unites and connects the entire family.

This is the reason we have committed to sharing it on your screens for the next two years. It is because of its power to connect audiences in ways other shows don’t.”

Michael Healy
Nine’s Director of Television


LEGO® Masters connects your brands with


Nine’s brand impact studies conducted by Gemba on behalf of our major LEGO® Masters sponsors over the last 2 years have highlighted that partnering with the show delivers strong lifts in perceptions of Trust, Fun and Innovation. Adding to the already vast amount of evidence that shows how viewers' feelings towards a show halos onto the brands that partner with them. ​

Find out how LEGO® Masters boosted perception of an iconic Australian retailer

The toy category is very competitive, so Kmart partnered with LEGO® Masters with the objective of driving traffic to Kmart stores, as well as cementing Kmart as the No.1 retail destination for the LEGO® product.

Kmart leveraged IP across their assets in the LEGO® Masters Broadcast, Digital and Social channels, as well as online and instore. This strong partnership would cement them as the home of LEGO® in Australia.


uplifting in campaign messaging

7% pts
uplifting in brand consideration

14% pts
previous 4 week purchase

There is opportunity to put your brand at the heart of imagination,


To find out more about what your brand can achieve with a LEGO® Masters partnership, request a tailored response to help realise your marketing objectives.

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Parental Guidance


The search for Australia's best parenting style - coming soon to Nine

Parenting. Everyone’s got an opinion.

Ally Langdon and Australian parenting expert Dr. Justin Coulson team up with ten brave sets of parents with very different parenting styles, putting their methods to the ultimate test to determine who has Australia’s best parenting style in Channel 9’s raw and confronting new series, Parental Guidance.

Parental Guidance, premieres Monday, November 1, at 7.30pm. More.

To find out what your brand can achieve with a Parental Guidance partnership, request a tailored response to help realise your marketing objectives.

From the network that brought you Married at First Sight, comes the next ground breaking experiment that will challenge every Australian family.  

Let's hear from Parental Guidance host Ally Langdon on what to expect... 

Think big with a show fit for any category

Parental Guidance is a show that will captivate, entertain, educate and have families Australia wide starting a conversation about their parenting styles. There is no other show like this on Australian television.

Now is the time to deliver your brand message through the power of break engagers, viewers polls, consumer promotions, prizing, talent alignment with renowned parenting expert and host Dr. Justin Coulsin and much more, all amplified across Nine's unrivalled cross platform ecosystem.

From helicopter parents to tiger parents, free-range and routine parents to extreme authoritarians, they will all show how they raise their families while trying to influence everyone else that their parenting style is best.

Parental Guidance takes us behind the closed family doors of parenthood, and how we ourselves were parented, to find out how to do it right, right now. When it comes to modern-day parenting, is anyone really nailing it?


Parental Guidance is produced by Eureka for the 9Network.

To find out more about what your brand can achieve with a Parental Guidance partnership, request a tailored response to help realise your marketing objectives.

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Celebrity Apprentice Australia


Only one can be crowned the Celebrity Apprentice. So who can withstand the sugar rush?

After a record-breaking return last year, Celebrity Apprentice Australia will be back on Channel 9 in 2022, bringing together more of the country’s biggest names to battle it out in the boardroom.

The celebrities, divided into two teams, will take on a range of epic tasks to avoid billionaire boss Lord Alan Sugar’s firing squad, while using their business savvy and little black book of contacts to raise money for their chosen charities.

To find out what your brand can achieve with a Celebrity Apprentice Australia partnership, request a tailored response to help realise your marketing objectives.


The personal stakes will be high as big egos, high-pressure situations, and exciting new game play ramps up the competition between the celebrities of Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2022. There are sure to be more explosive moments and twists and turns on the road to the winner being crowned the Celebrity Apprentice.

Stepping up to the plate as Lord Sugar's new recruits are:


Turia Pitt
Author, motivational speaker and one of Australia's most inspirational women

Will and Woody
National hosts of Australia's No. 1 Drive radio show

Bronte Campbell
Dual Olympic gold medallist and world champion swimmer

Jodi Gordon
Logie-Award-winning actress, model and Australian sweetheart

Benji Marshall
Rugby league great and Wests Tigers legend

Gamble Breaux
Real Housewives of Melbourne star

Beck Zemek
Married At First Sight's most controversial bride and socialite

Vince Colosimo
Hollywood actor and Australian Film Institute award winner

Samantha Jade
Winner of The X Factor, ARIA Award winner and singer-songwriter

Jean Kittson
A queen of Australian comedy, trailblazer and author

Darren McMullen
Renowned television presenter and actor

Jarrod Scott
Face of Givenchy and international supermodel

Carla from Bankstown
Secretary to former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and social media sensation

Ronnie Caceres
Renovation expert and one of The Block's most successful All Stars

Eloni Vunakece
Two-time Australian Ninja Warrior semi-finalist and former international NRL star











Live VPM



Source: OzTAM Live + VOD VPM, Con28, Celebrity Apprentice (23/5/21 - 15/5/21) includes co-viewing on connected TV devices​



Regional viewers reached
in 2021

People 25-54

of 9Now minutes viewed by regional Australia

Source: Regional TAM Regional FTA +WA, 23/05/21 – 15/06/21, Various Demos, Nine Content Affiliates, Consolidated 7, contains “Celebrity Apprentice”, Reach. 9Now: OzTAM Live + VOD VPM, Rolling 7 Days Cume, Celebrity Apprentice Season 1, 23/05/2021 - 22/06/2021, includes coviewing on connected tv devices.

Let's hear from business magnate Lord Alan Sugar on the power of a show that gives more, whilst giving back...



“This is my past and my personal life … I want other women out there to know that you can have a voice and there are people out there who want to give you a voice. You can still live a great life, be successful and still keep your integrity no matter what happens to you.”

Shaynna Blaze
Co-Founder, Director & Chairperson of Voice for Change
Celebrity Apprentice Season 1 WINNER

Own the episode with Celebrity Apprentice Australia

Picture this, your brand or product being talked about and engaged with by some of Australia’s most notable celebrities across a full 60 minute episode of a proven primetime television format. Too good to be true? It’s all possible with Celebrity Apprentice Australia.

It’s time to explore how your brand can get a sugar hit in 2022
with the show that gives more, whilst giving back.

Explore how Koala worked with Powered by Nine to connect their brand message with millions of potential customers across a full 60 minute episode of Celebrity Apprentice Australia in 2021.


Marketing Task

The Celebrity Teams must create an exciting new marketing campaign for a brand. The team which conveys the product messaging/features the best, wins!


Food-Related Task

The Celebrity Teams must create or manufacture a unique food product or participate in a food challenge. The Team that sells the most wins!


Selling Task

The Celebrity Teams must create an exciting Sales experience within a retail store or outdoor venue. The team which sells the most items within a timeframe wins!


Experience Task

The Celebrity Teams must complete a cooking Task where they prepare meals for a big event or experience, supplied with your brands fresh produce and/or your clients' products.


Education Task

The Celebrity Teams must compete in a learning-based Task getting to know an area of expertise. The celebrities must then present a showcase back to the board on the topic.


Activation Task

The Celebrity Teams must complete the Task of delivering the most online orders across Sydney following the process and requirements based on how a brand package and deliver their goods, talking to their relevant comms pillars.

Celebrity Apprentice Australia is produced by Warner Bros. International Television Production Australia for the 9Network, based on the format created by Mark Burnett and distributed by MGM. ​

To find out more about what your brand can achieve with a Celebrity Apprentice Australia partnership, request a tailored response to help realise your marketing objectives.

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Expanding Nine’s people-based marketing offering – Nine to offer Audience Match integrated with Salesforce

Last year Nine announced a market-leading partnership with Adobe called Audience Match. Nine plans to integrate this product with Salesforce, writes Nick Young, Nine’s Director of Sales – Digital and Publishing.

At last year’s Nine Upfront we announced a major step into empowering people-based marketing across our digital properties.

Nine announced a new partnership which allows marketers and brands to unlock Nine’s ecosystem of more than 11 million signed-in users on 9Now.

Today Nine can announce that in an Australian first, its Audience Match product will integrate with Salesforce. 

By early 2022 we will integrate with Salesforce, giving clients the ability to match and activate their customer data to our 14 million signed-in users and put the power of people-based marketing to work across Nine’s digital ecosystem, including the market-leading 9Now BVOD service.

It will enable advertisers using any Salesforce Cloud with Salesforce CDP and the Salesforce Nine App to match their first-party consumer audiences against our ecosystem of signed-in users, including the ability to target them on the largest screen in the house – the connected television.

The partnership builds on Nine’s market-leading onboarding capabilities activated over the last 12 months, which have involved significant deals with key players such as Adobe and also LiveRamp, and ensures that regardless of the marketing technology provider a brand uses, it can utilise Nine’s Audience Match solution to onboard audiences to Nine.

We’ll have more to say on this in the coming months, but for the moment we are excited that regardless of what platform a brand is on in 2022, we’ll be able to help them with a seamless, safe and privacy-compliant solution allowing them to activate their audiences across all of Nine’s digital properties.

Identity-based targeting opportunities that tap into the Martech already embedded in your businesses: it doesn’t get better than that. 

Nick Young is Nine’s Director of Sales – Digital and Publishing

Upcoming Publishing Features


Surround your brand with Australia's best lifestyle content

With many of us experiencing a bit more time on our hands to be inspired about ways to improve our lives, and invest time in the things we are passionate about, why not wrap your brand around upcoming lifestyle content, and integrate your next campaign within special issues of Life and Leisure, Sunday Life, and The Australian Financial Review Magazine.

Each issue will deliver its own unique way in to engage and excite readers, and hopefully influence their buying behaviours.  Find out more how you can partner with Nine's premium digital and publishing brands below.

Life & Leisure

Publishing Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th Sept  

Life & Leisure take a deep dive into where you should book over the summer holidays, as a number of new lodges and hotels come online across Australia and New Zealand. Plus, tips from the travel agents who book for the celebrities. Don't be beaten by the stay-at-home hordes!​

Booking Deadline: 31 August, 2021
Material Deadline: 31 August, 2021

Sept Travel issue

Sunday Life

Publishing 19 September 2021

Home has never been as important to us as it is right now, which is why Sunday Life is excited to bring you it's very first Home Special.

In this special, you’ll see:

  • Stunning home renovations
  • Inspiring home updates
  • Brilliant buys for every room in the house
  • Expert tips from designers and stylists
  • all you need to make your home your castle

Booking deadline: Thursday 19 August
Material Deadline:
Thursday 9 September

The Australian Financial Review

Publishing 1 October 2021

This is the issue that everyone wants to be in. Power, our flagship issue, ranks Australia’s most significant players across the political, business and cultural arenas, as well as across a host of sectors from sport and property to information technology, law and banking. It is the definitive snapshot of who really runs Australia. We also cast our analytical gaze more widely, looking at the trends sweeping the globe.

Booking Deadline: 1 September, 2021
Material Deadline: 13 September, 2021


Life & Leisure

Publishing 15 October 2021

In the vein of the world’s great travel hotlists (and to cheer up lockdown life), Life & Leisure brings you the inaugural L&L local travel hotlist: 50 reasons to keep you going into 2022 in terms of new and refreshed product to book once we’re able to move more freely – and the NZ bubble opens.

Booking Deadline: 11 October, 2021
Material Deadline: 11 October, 2021

Sunday Life

Publishing 31 October 2021

This is the most exciting time of year for Horseshoes & High heels and Sunday Life will be your definitive guide on how to make the most of the Spring Racing Carnival. Our fashion and beauty experts will provide the best styling advice to celebrate readers style.

Booking Deadline: 30 September, 2021
Material Deadline: 21 October, 2021


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Find out how you can unlock a gap in the market worth $2.3 billion in weekly household spending..

Powered Unpacked

Find out how you can unlock a gap in the market worth $2.3 billion in weekly household spend:


Marketers too blinkered with media planning that ignores demographic with most cash to spend

(but Kia’s cashing in)

Research from Nine and Kantar says marketers’ singular focus on younger demos has led to media plans and creative campaigns that miss the highest spenders: high earning and progressive thinking 55-64 year old consumers. Kia marketing boss Dean Norbiato agrees – but thanks rivals for leaving the path clear for Kia to tap the most lucrative prospects.

Don't act your age

Brands are missing a trick when it comes to their media plans and creative executions by focusing too heavily on 16-39 and 25-54-year-old consumer groups.

A study from Nine and Kantar shows brands misconstrue older demographics as people hanging out for retirement, rather than high value earners.

“One of the key quotes that I heard over and over and over again was they do not feel, and they don't want to act their age. More so that they think of themselves as 30-year-olds in 55-plus bodies,” Emma Lewis, Senior Account Director at Kantar said.

“If you add in the fact that they've got more confidence, life experience, time on their hands and are less weighed down by some of those domestic responsibilities of people in their 30s and 40s – and definitely have more money – they're gold for marketers.”

Watch episode six above or stream below:

Spend and influence

Nine and Kantar estimate this "blind spot" to be worth $2.3bn in weekly household spend.

But Kia Marketing GM Dean Norbiato argues the value of the 55-64 demographic goes beyond the cash in their wallets.

In a high cost, big decision category like automotive, he says the older generation also influence the decision-making of consumers close to them, who are often in the 16-39 and 25-54 brackets.

“Instead of rolling up for the retirement queue, they're very much rolling up their sleeves and getting into work in some high-end roles – with wider disposable income that comes off the back of that,” said Norbiato.

“That makes them important in purchasing, because in a lot of decisions, they impact not only their own decision but also their immediate influence group, like their friends and definitely their families.

“To someone like me in auto marketing or someone who would sell or market real estate, they're very important – they need to be considered.”

By way of example, Norbiato said a friend recently texted to say they had just bought their granddaughter a new Kia Cerato.

While the granddaughter had done the bulk of the research into the purchase, he said the ability to “veto” the decision or influence the path to purchase was very much in the hands of the older relative.

“He hears from Kia, he sees Kia, he understands what we stand for, and he was able to validate that purchase,” Norbiato said.

“It’s a real life example of how not only will the 66-year-old have the ability to purchase his own car, but he materially impacts and influences the decision of the granddaughter.

“So you've got to really understand that consumer journey and interrogate and understand the role that the older age group play.”

However, the Kia marketer concedes it is often tricky to shake the “shiny” appeal of the younger generations, especially with the recent boom in emerging social media platforms such as TikTok. He says marketers must cover all bases – and demographics.

“Coming up with a new media campaign on an emerging platform that garners a lot of attention, it is new and it creatively gets you going, is something that can draw a lot of marketers,” Norbiato said.

“That shouldn't be at the detriment of your existing media spend. So you shouldn't turn off one audience to target a new audience. There needs to be a balanced approach.”

Think 10 years older

The common mistake being made is often around understanding that the older demographic’s preferences are becoming more aligned with younger consumers.

The difference is that they have greater spending power, more confidence and have fewer responsibilities, according to Toby Boon, Director of Strategy, Insights & Effectiveness for Nine.

He advises brands to think more broadly in order to maximise results.

“In terms of practical changes that marketers can make, the first step is a really easy one – it's to think about extending your targeting from 25 to 54, to 25 to 64,” Boon said.

“Think about extending your existing demographic by 10 years and in some buying systems, that's as simple as clicking another button, or typing in another age. That's a really simple first step.”

Boon said the second thing that brands need to consider when targeting older consumers is to be more inclusive in their ad creative.

“That means thinking about the way that you do casting, thinking about the way that you do messaging, leaning into who these people really are and thinking a lot less about how you can rely on easy clichés to get those messages across,” said Boon. “They want to be targeted.”

Creative eye opener

Briggs was pleasantly surprised at Nine’s creative capability.

“That’s definitely something for all of us to remember. I spend a lot of media money and I probably don’t think enough about the other elements and where you can get more from it,” he says.

“We’re maybe a bit too quick to say, ‘Well, we’ve got a creative agency already,’ and you get a bit of a blind spot. But in this instance, we’ve shown ourselves that it’s not necessarily the best way to get the work done. The production capability meant we could go really fast, yet everything was done to an exceptional standard. So for me, it was definitely an eye opener.”

Watching results roll in

While brand campaigns can only be measured over the long term, Briggs says the early signs are good.

“This was very much a brand play for us. But we’ve had a great March. We have had some really good website traffic, up 6-7 per cent on January, with a higher proportion coming from direct and organic. And March was very good from a top line perspective as well,” he says.

Ahead of running an assessment of the MAFS execution next month, it’s hard to pick out a single element of its marketing mix in driving that growth. But Briggs says he’s feeling confident, given the buzz the campaign has created.

“We've got 400 stores across Australia and New Zealand, a couple of million people go into the website every month. They are such big numbers that it's hard to pull out one thing, but everything works together,” he says.

“People were definitely talking about it. We had good interaction on our own socials. There was a buzz within the office."

“I think it had an impact at the right time of the year – and with the numbers we saw, for the first time in a long time, I was eagerly waiting for the ratings to come through. You're looking at them and thinking, I can see these results in the numbers.”

Contact us for more information on how your brand can leverage the power of Nine to deliver real business outcomes.

Tennis on Nine 2022


We are the home of tennis

After a year packed with excitement from the Australian Open to Roland Garros and Wimbledon, Aussie fans just can’t get enough tennis action.

Our tennis offering doesn’t stop there; Nine and Stan Sport have secured rights to the US Open, bringing all the action from one of the oldest tennis championships in the world - the big names, thrilling matches and great stories live from New York City in 2022. Making Nine the exclusive home of all four tennis Grand Slams.

Here at Nine’s Wide World of Sports, we can help you take advantage of the summer’s biggest marketing platform, and be part of the world’s biggest tennis tournaments all year round.

Recap on our Tennis on Nine launch here

In conversation with Jim Courier, Craig Tiley and Jelena Dokic

Brent Williams – Director of Sport, Nine talks tennis on Nine in 2022

How brands can leverage the tennis to realise better marketing outcomes

What you need to know

There's nothing like tennis on Nine in 2022.

After almost two years of living with a global pandemic, 2022 promises to be a real turning point. By the end of this year the majority of Australians will be vaccinated. COVID won’t be gone but we will have adapted, learning to live with it in a way that enables us to get on with our lives without the turmoil of lockdowns.

It will be a turning point for all Australians, and Nine’s Summer of Tennis is the place to be for a new era in our lives and a new era in tennis.

Our Summer of Tennis includes the ATP Cup leading into the Australian Open, then into the red clay of Paris and to the lawns of The All-England club at Wimbledon. All this alongside the Davis Cup, the Billie Jean King Cup and the Laver Cup.

Nine is the only place where Australian viewers can get their fill of tennis in 2022.


Bringing brands closer than ever to the heart of the action.

We have invested heavily in our content and total TV strategy, securing Nine’s position as the home of tennis in 2022 – covering every court, every game, every minute.

From our broadcast and BVOD coverage through to our leading digital and publishing assets, along with radio, we connect the dots across Nine’s complete tennis ecosystem.


Our tennis talent is the best in the world, the true experts

We’ve got the best tennis talent in the world in our all-star team of commentators and experts. They tell the stories behind the game, because we have unrivalled access  to the players like no-one else.


Big Ideas

Tennis is a great opportunity to realise big ideas that make advertising famous – let’s take a closer look at how brands have effectively used the world’s biggest tennis tournaments in the last year.



Launch the Galaxy 21 Series by embedding it into Australian culture, while creatively showcasing how it sets the bar in smartphone photographic capability.


Leverage Nine’s AO coverage for the new Galaxy S21as a canvas to creatively showcase its features, bringing the viewer closer to the action, whilst aligning Samsung with epic moments in play.


Owning the coverage from every angle delivered exceptional results for Samsung S21.

+6% pts consideration

+15% pts those who agree that ‘Samsung Galaxy smart phones have the best quality camera’


Harness the power of Tennis on Nine in 2022.

For further information contact your Nine representative, or complete the form and a member of the team will be in touch.

Say ‘I do’ to Married at First Sight


Australia's biggest marketing platform returns with more love than ever before

We are gathered here today to celebrate the union between Australian audiences and the most beloved show to have graced on our screens for the past 8 years.

Married at First Sight is back for a ninth season in 2022. This season we are bringing back all of what we know and love, with a batch of new participants on the search for their perfect match. Vowing to be one of the best seasons yet, this is not a show not to be missed.

To find out what your brand can achieve with a Married at First Sight partnership, request a tailored response to help realise your marketing objectives.

Australia is wedded to MAFS 

Australians flock to Married at First Sight for so many reasons. For some MAFS offers routine, for some laughter and for some, simply the joy of seeing romance flourish. MAFS is the watercooler topic of conversation, a ratings juggernaut and an unmissable show. 

MAFS is a cross-platform juggernaut

Married at First Sight consistently delivers incredible cross-platform results, making it the perfect vehicle to drive consumer outcomes.

+2 million viewers every episode in 2021
+670,000 Regional



1.481 Million 













Source: OzTAM & RegTAM, 22/02/2021 – 19/04/2021, Total People, Nine Network, Nine Network Affiliates, Consolidate 7, Audience, contains “Married at First Sight”.

MAFS vows to be the best season yet in 2022

Married at First Sight is the show that gets Australia talking. No moment can be missed as audiences lap up the love, time and time again.

In 2022 audiences can expect all elements of MAFS that Australia loves PLUS a selection of brand-new format beats.


Brands are wedded to MAFS for all the right reasons

Married at First Sight is unlike any other program. Audiences hang off every second of the show and engage with it across multiple platforms. From broadcast, to digital through to the participants socials and beyond. Audiences are hooked and brands that have truly recognised this value, have wedded to MAFS for all the right reasons.

We know Married at First Sight is an effective platform to deliver truly incredible, measurable results for brands. And we know Nine can deliver a compelling solution for your brand across the powerhouse of the entire MAFS ecosystem.

No matter the category, no matter the business goal, Married at First Sight has something to deliver your brand REAL results. No idea is too big.


Let's take a look at how MenuLog used Martha's Wine Moments to realise their marketing dreams


MenuLog wanted to increase consideration for their brand during engaging reality TV moments. Integration was a key deliverable for the partnership, including product placement and talent verbals.


Nine proactively approached MenuLog with the Martha's Wine Moment series, including bespoke integration opportunities tailored to MenuLog which was a key deliverable for the client. Nine worked closely with editorial to include product placement, integration moments and talent verbals throughout the series.


MenuLog successfully leveraged its Married at First Sight partnership through clear campaign messaging and creative integration.

This ensured viewers were highly engaged, and resulted in Brand Consideration increasing by 5% pts.

Source: Gemba Brand Health Study Married at First Sight 2021

Find out how Australia watched Married at First Sight tie the knot with Specsavers

In a new series from Powered by Nine, we unpack a range of topics on the minds of marketers. In episode two of Powered Unpacked, we spoke to Shaun Briggs, Head of Marketing Planning at Specsavers, and discovered how the brand kick-started life after COVID through a powerful integrated and creative partnership with Married at First Sight.


Shaun Briggs (Head of Media, Specsavers) said Nine were ‘really easy’ to work with alongside AJF. They (Powered) got there super quick to nail the creative direction, and allowed us to enter into production super fast. The end result saw website traffic +7%, an upside in organic search, and a really strong result from topline sales across +400 stores in Australia and New Zealand.


14% increase

Awareness of Specsavers free eye test increased 14% pts (56% to 70%)


4% increase

Consideration increased 4% pts vs. pre-wave and 7% pts vs. non-viewers of MAFS


9% increase

Perceptions of
Quality and Trust increased by
9% pts and 5% pts, respectively

Source: Gemba Brand Health Study Married at First Sight 2021

It's time for your brand to say 'I do' to BIG ideas

To find out what your brand can achieve with a Married at First Sight partnership, request a tailored response to help realise your marketing objectives.

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