Powered Unpacked: emerging travel trends marketers need to know

Powered Unpacked

The Future of Travel: Are you Ready?


‘Riches to be made’ in sustainable, niche travel, extended remote working holidays: Four key post-COVID travel trends marketers should understand.

Australians’ travel habits have irrevocably changed, as a 40 per cent remote workforce realises it can work from anywhere. But “Wandering Workers” are just one of the trends identified in Nine’s State of the Nation Travel report for 2022. There are “New Frontiers” and deeper levels of expertise Australians are searching for to spend tens of billions of travel dollars each year. One expert’s take? “Regenerative Travel” is where the riches are to be made.

Cultural shifts and emerging travel trends

At the peak of Australia’s COVID lockdowns it was possible to imagine a future of roving digital nomads, a large workforce that didn’t need to be in an office but could work from anywhere at any time. That hasn’t exactly happened.

Instead, travel experts at Nine and from the industry say, the cultural shifts have been more subtle – but they have nonetheless fundamentally changed how Australians roam and holiday around the world. It’s worth understanding them to understand how to reach those people.

Nine partnered with The Future Laboratory to take a closer look into the future of travel with detailed analysis and strategic insight, combining data from Nine audience intelligence with The Future Laboratory’s expert trends intelligence.

There were eight key trends identified as emerging in travel across Australia and the world – below are four of them.

Wandering Workers

Last year 40 per cent of Australia’s workforce were remote and mobile, The Future Laboratory’s Barry Mowszowski said. Those people are realising they can work from anywhere, too. “They’re not just people schlepping around the world avoiding going to an office from nine to five. How do we cater to that ecosystem of needs from a holistic travel point of view?” he asked. “It’s much more complex in terms of understanding their needs than people just booking a one-way ticket to a destination.”

But interestingly, the large digital nomad population hasn’t appeared. What has happened instead is the extended holiday. “Even just before the pandemic, the idea was that there was this group of people who didn’t have offices and who could travel around the world and work as they go,” Ben Groundwater, Nine Publishing travel writer and podcast host, said.

“Those people exist. But maybe they’re not going to be permanent digital nomads moving around the world their entire lives. It might mean that they can take six weeks rather than two weeks and go to another destination with their family, with their friends, just by themselves, and have a holiday, but also work at the same time.”

Those ones are the Wandering Workers.

Regenerative Travel

More Australian travellers are conscious of their footprint, both environmentally and financially, when they arrive at their destination. In fact, the idea of being conscious of their footprint was the second most important consideration after the destination itself, per Airbnb and studies by The Economist, Mowszowski said. “The whole idea is that you have a reduced footprint.” There’s a fashion brand in Portugal, for example, ISTO, that offers travellers tours of its factory to educate them on the supply chain and manufacturing process. “It’s really interesting when you think about regenerative travel through a holistic proposition of what’s happening globally,” Mowszowski said. “Because that’s where the riches are to be made from a travel sector point of view to cater to that appetite within Australia and globally.”

It’s “a bit of a reset”, Groundwater added. “The pandemic gave everyone two years to basically sit back and consider the way they travel and the way they want to travel in future, and the effect that their travel has been having in the past on the world,” he said. “It’s driven by the brands at the moment, by travel companies, by tour companies, by media as well. This is becoming very important as we look towards the future.”

New Frontiers

There are some wild adventure holidays and experiences out there. A new one that’s coming is the ultra-luxury, ultra-wealthy blimp ride. OceanSky cruises, for US$210,000 dollars (A$301,000), offer multi-day expeditions to the North Pole – without a carbon footprint. “But juxtapose that with space travel. So at the Kennedy Space Centre there is an air balloon lift. For US$120,000, slightly cheaper, you can join one of 300 people going into space from 2024,” Mowszowski said. It’s part of the New Frontiers trend, which is changing the idea of luxury from a high-end place to a niche experience.


“Although those high-end luxury experiences do tend to hog the headlines and really sound amazing, for everyday travellers, there’s all sorts of stuff you can do out there that will cater to exactly what you want to achieve and experience,” Groundwater said.

“If you look at your social media feed right now, everyone’s in Italy or France. We’ve realised that our opportunities to travel are finite and that we may not have the chance to go to these incredible places, to go to Machu Picchu, to Antarctica, to the Galapagos.”

Educated Expertise

With new frontiers, more sustainable, regenerative experiences and wandering while working comes a need to understand places in more depth – Educated Expertise. There’s been a shift away from artificial intelligence and chatbots, Mowszowski said, towards “travel strategists” – another term for travel agents – and deep research.

“There’s so much emotion that goes into travel for people. This is something that you plan for and save up for years, and you want to get it right, and you want to enjoy yourself,” Groundwater said.

“That human interaction is just invaluable, really.”

Click here for more research from
Nine's State of the Nation Travel event

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Tourism NT x Powered


How Tourism NT leveraged a high-impact, cross-media partnership with Nine, to bring Aboriginal culture to the forefront of travel.

In 2022, Tourism NT briefed Nine to drive a connection between our audience and the cultural landscape of the Northern Territory, with key events such as the Darwin Festival, Barunga Festival, Desert Mob and Desert Song Festival at the forefront of the campaign.

The objective was to encourage an audience interested in arts, music and culture to consider travelling to the NT, by harnessing the power of Nine’s ecosystem to excite them about the opportunities.

Powered by Nine’s Kath Solly, Group Creative Solutions Manager, and Bradley Johnston, Content Producer, developed a high-impact, cross-media approach to allow Tourism NT to reignite Australia’s appetite for travel and appreciation for the Northern Territory’s rich Aboriginal history.

Over the last few years Australia’s tourism industry, along with the rest of the world, has been struggling to stay afloat. With back-and-forth border closes, restriction changes and last-minute cancellations now a thing of the past, getting back into travelling has never felt so good.

Today, more than ever, tourism bodies are fighting for audience and visitors to encourage them to take their saved-up annual leave and spend travel budgets to visit somewhere on their doorstep – in Australia.

The key challenge is being heard above all the noise. Travel-related advertising is EVERYWHERE right now, with international and interstate tourism bodies flooding the media with enticing offers and experiences to put their destinations on the map in 2022.


Kath Solly,
Group Creative Solutions Manager,
Powered by Nine


Bradley Johnston,
Content Producer,
Powered by Nine

How did Tourism NT stand out in such an over-saturated travel market?

In 2022, Tourism NT and Nine, in partnership with Atomic212, joined forces to bring Australian Aboriginal culture to the forefront. Tourism NT focused less on reaching travel intenders and those looking for a holiday destination and more on culture, art, music and event lovers, by making a trip to the NT a key drawcard.

The Northern Territory’s events have something totally different to offer than any other destination in Australia. The campaign proposition to the culture seeking audience explores how it is entertainment but not as you know it. Because events in the Territory allow you to connect with your passions on a deeper level. From art and music to food and cars, the Territory puts on events like nowhere else. Here you can get closer to, touch and immerse yourself in your passions, forming a deeper connection with arts and culture. There will be an overarching message that these events are all unique to the NT and different in every sense.

Publishing - NT Tourism

We wanted to ensure that the cultural and artistic preciousness of the Northern Territory was brought to life across all our assets. With that in mind we created a cross-platform campaign employing Nine’s Total Audio and Total Publishing platforms to drive cut-through and reach with unique creative executions. The campaign shone a light on “Stories Worth Travelling For”, putting the rich culture of the Northern Territory at the forefront of every content piece.

The power of audio came to the fore. By harnessing the scale and reach of Nine Audio, aligned to the beautiful sounds of the Northern Territory, Nine created audio-immersive content that spoke directly to the key events in the NT to entice our culture-loving audience.

These immersives were peppered with the rich sounds of music and nature that are so special to the Northern Territory. All you have to do is close your eyes and listen to these audio clips to feel instantly immersed in the culture of the place.

Alongside radio, a high-impact campaign spanning digital and print ensured that culture, art and music was the main feature of the campaign. Tourism NT wrapped Nine’s art-focused, newspaper-inserted Spectrum magazine with powerful imagery putting Aboriginal culture at the forefront of the campaign and reminding our audience of Australia’s rich cultural heritage.

Digital - NT Tourism

Through further online immersive and native content with Traveller, our Powered Studios team produced content that highlighted the beautiful imagery and dreamy landscape of the NT. Content across Traveller was aimed directly at the discrete culture-loving audience, while also appealing to the older travel-intender audience with art and culture in mind when planning their travel destinations.

The campaign started a month prior to the program of events to drive ticket sales and long-weekend travel planning to the Northern Territory.

Headshot Tony
“Tourism NT can’t outshout and outspend other destinations in the highly competitive tourism advertising market, to cut through we have to be innovative and rely on media partners who share our vision to make the NT the premiere destination for Aboriginal cultural experiences and to be truly ‘Different in every sense'. Nine is one of those partners who consistently support our messaging and provide return on investment that grows the value of the holiday market in the Northern Territory.”

- Tony Quarmby, Executive Director Marketing, Tourism NT
NT x Powered

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TODAY: Australia’s most talked about breakfast show


Australia's most talked about breakfast show

TODAY sets the agenda right across Australia, providing viewers with a trusted source for journalism and entertainment every weekday from 5.30am – 9.00am. Bringing Australia the latest in news, sport, politics, entertainment, fashion, health and lifestyle from Australia and around the world.  


58% Female | 42% Male


60% are Main Grocery Buyers


People 14-54 make up 79% of the TODAY Show audience ​who must see/always try to watch TODAY​

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Our morning TV audience is growing across all screens

Reaching 6.5 Million people in 2021

The only Breakfast Show in Australia to grow its audience in TTL PPL across the 5 City Metro

No.1 Breakfast Show in 2021 across all key demos Syd, Melb & Bris

Live BVOD grew by 56% Year-on-Year

Live Minutes grew by 65% Year-on-Year with 69% of minutes viewed by People 25-54

Connected TV was the device of choice with 76% of minutes viewed by CTV

Source: OzTam Metro data, 5 City Metro + Markets, Total People, P25-54, P16-39 & GS + Child, 2021 SYTD v 2020 SY, ‘Today’, v ‘Sunrise’, ‘Today 05:30-09:00’, v ‘News Breakfast 06:00-09:00, ‘Monday-Friday’. OzTAM Live VPM, Today Show, 1 Jan - 31 Dec 2020 & 2021, includes coviewing on connected tv devices.​

"As Australians morning routines evolve, TODAY is with them at every step. On linear TV, 9Now and all social channels, TODAY welcomes people in their living rooms, joins them on their commute and entertains them on their phones long after the program is over. TODAY's 24/7 Total TV, digital and social strategy ensures viewers never miss the latest news, sport, entertainment and weather, and are always part of the conversation."

​Alexander Needs
Director - Partnerships & Strategy​
News & Current Affairs  ​


Start your brands day the right way, by partnering with TODAY

TODAY offers a powerful marketing platform speaking to an engaged, loyal community in both a trusted and brand safe environment. From seamless integrations to moments that surprise and excite, TODAY has you covered. TODAY can help elevate your brand and deliver your message to consumers every morning, every day of the year – executed by the most respected journalists and presenters in the business. From groundbreaking stories, sport up close and personal, finance for real people and ground-breaking tech, there’s an exciting and unique way in for each and every brand – through content that delivers real business results.

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The TODAY EXTRA team covers everything from entertainment, celebrity interviews, news, to practical lifestyle content such as fashion, beauty, parenting and relationships, health and nutrition. Hosted by David Campbell and Sylvia Jeffreysairing nationally Monday to Friday 9.00-11.30am and Saturday 10.00-12.00pm.


Join the TODAY Weekend team as they bring you the latest in news, weather, current affairs, sports, politics, entertainment, fashion, health and lifestyle. Airing nationally on Saturday and Sunday from 7am-10am, hosted by Australia’s most respected journalists Belinda Russell and Richard Wilkins.

To find out what your brand can achieve with morning TV, request a tailored response to help realise your marketing objectives. 

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Powered Unpacked: the new wave of wealth

Powered Unpacked

Millennials set to defy the economic roller coaster and build their wealth


Most Millennials consume finance media but not confident about money, despite a $3.5 trillion inheritance coming – brands can help

There’s an unfair image of Millennials out there that paints them as poor financial managers, economics journalist Jess Irvine says. But they’re hungrier for information and advice than any generation before them. Despite this, a new survey from Nine has found that they’re becoming less sure of themselves. And with more than seven million Australians aged 18 to 39 set to inherit $320,000 each over the next 20 years – that’s $3.5 trillion in total – the brands that share smart information that doesn’t oversimplify things can help these Millennials – and themselves.

The new wave of wealth

Australia’s biggest and most valuable cohort, the seven million 18-to 39-year-olds known as Millennials, are unsure about how to invest their money but hungry for information, presenting huge opportunities for brands.

A new study from Powered by Nine, in partnership with The Lab, interviewed people in that cohort and conducted social listening and quantitative research through Nine’s Consumer Pulse audience panel to understand Millennials’ approach to finance.

The proportion who feel “extremely confident” about their financial skills has plummeted to just 14 per cent – down from 20 per cent a year ago. Seventy-two per cent listen to business and money podcasts, while 28 per cent follow a “finfluencer” online.

“These audiences are still incredibly ambitious, they are progressive and they're diverse, but ultimately what they see as success is being redefined, and it's probably different to what it was with their predecessors,” Nine’s Client Director for Finance, Tech and Telco, Ben Thomas, says.

Hunger for information

“They're looking to other things than purely financial success, such as job satisfaction, but they're still incredibly focused on growing long-term wealth and setting themselves up for retirement. So actually, in that sense, they’re not that different.”

Jess Irvine is the Senior Economics Writer for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, and she reckons the 18-to 39-year-olds have some of the deepest “hunger for information”.

“But as for getting access to trusted information that is credible, that is looking at your whole financial situation, I think that's a real gap in the market,” she said.

“People are so scared, but money is really quite simple - it hasn't changed. You earn an income, you spend less than you earn, and then you have some savings to nurture you when you are in retirement and you can't work anymore.”

Finding new pathways to wealth

Nine’s research found that Millennials will inherit $3.5 trillion over the next 20 years as a massive intergenerational wealth transfer takes place. That’s $320,000 per person. Yet there’s a sense that Millennials are not necessarily good with money – too busy eating smashed avocado to save it – that is inaccurate, Irvine says.

“There's a real boomer hate session happening with Millennials and I think it's completely unfair,” Irvine said.

“Younger Australians in this demographic are caught in some tectonic shifts in our economy. Housing affordability is a huge challenge - it is just so much harder to save a deposit and get on the home ownership pathway. At the same time, ultra-low interest rates have meant that it's very hard to save, to get a return on your money in the bank.”

And so those younger people have done the logical thing, which is to investigate other investment areas – like the share market and cryptocurrencies. Finance brands can take lessons from the “finfluencers” to make smart, helpful information available to them.

“The reason that finfluencers have had such a fast rise in profile is because they're relatable, and provide easy-to-access information in the channels and platforms where this audience  already is,” Ben Thomas said.

“For brands, that doesn't mean oversimplifying things. I think that's the key thing as we work through this for brands. What's the right tone? What can they bring to the conversation which really adds to what this new wave of wealth is looking for?”

Click here for more research from
Nine's State of the Nation Finance event

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Mid-Year Ratings 2022

NINE IS NO.1 IN 2022


Nine is again the number one network in all key metrics at the halfway point of 2022.

We have dominated the national conversation with the era-defining Ash Barty win at the Australian Open to the record-breaking season of Married At First Sight and top-rating local drama in Underbelly: Vanishing Act.

We continue to be the place where Australians share in the moments that matter. Nine is number one in 25-54's, 16-39's and Total People.

9Now also leads the BVOD space with over 50% share in demos across the commercial FTA's and 49.7 in Total People.

9Network Mid-Year Ratings Report


P25-54 31.7% 27.3% 22.1% 12.2% 6.6%
P16-39 31.5% 28.4% 21.9% 12.1% 6.2%
GS+CH 32.2% 27.3% 21.0% 13.0% 6.5%
Total People 29.2% 28.4% 16.9% 16.7% 8.8%
Source: OzTAM Metro 5 City, 2022 Calendar YTD (up to 25/06/2022), Share to FTA, S-S Primetime 1800-2359, Key Demos and TP, Consolidated 28.


P25-54 23.4% 19.3% 14.7% 6.9% 2.8%
P16-39 23.9% 20.2% 14.7% 6.3% 2.4%
GS+CH 24.3% 20.0% 14.1% 6.7% 2.8%
Total People 21.2% 19.8% 11.0% 11.5% 4.9%
Source: OzTAM Metro 5 City, 2022 Calendar YTD (up to 25/06/2022), Share to FTA, S-S Primetime 1800-2359, Key Demos and TP, Consolidated 28.


P25-54 30.8% 28.0% 22.0% 12.7% 6.5%
P16-39 30.2% 29.0% 21.9% 12.8% 6.1%
GS+CH 31.7% 27.8% 20.9% 13.3% 6.3%
Total People 28.5% 29.1% 16.7% 17.1% 8.7%
Source: OzTAM Metro 5 City, 2022 Survey YTD (up to Sat 25/06/2022), Share to FTA, S-S Primetime 1800-2359, Key Demos and TP, Consolidated 28.


P25-54 22.8% 19.9% 14.6% 7.2% 2.8%
P16-39 23.1% 20.7% 14.8% 6.7% 2.5%
GS+CH 24.1% 20.5% 14.0% 7.0% 2.8%
Total People 20.6% 20.3% 10.8% 11.9% 4.9%
Source: OzTAM Metro 5 City, 2022 Survey YTD (up to Sat 25/06/2022), Share to FTA, S-S Primetime 1800-2359, Key Demos and TP, Consolidated 28.


People 25-54 50.7% 34.1% 15.2%
People 18-39 52.1% 33.6% 14.4%
Total People 49.7% 35.1% 15.3%
Source: CYTD: OzTAM Live + VOD VPM, CFTA Only, 1 Jan - 23 June 2022, metric minutes, includes coviewing on connected TV devices.


People 25-54 49.5% 35.8% 14.7%
People 18-39 50.6% 35.6% 13.8%
Total People 48.3% 36.9% 14.8%
Source: SYTD: OzTAM Live + VOD VPM, CFTA Only, 6 Feb - 9 April & 24 April - 23 June 2022, metric minutes, includes coviewing on connected TV devices.

Hamish Turner, Director 9Now and Programming, said: “We are proud to be the home of unique, genre-defining content that challenges, excites and engages millions of Australians. 2022 delivered Ash Barty’s historic win at Rod Laver Arena. With 3.835 million viewers it is the highest rating program of the year and the highest rating Australian Open Women’s Final of all time. Nine is home to the most watched series in the country in Married At First Sight and the most popular reality series in Lego Masters. And we have only just begun, with family favourite Australian Ninja Warrior launching tomorrow night and The Block: Tree Change set to air in the coming months. Not to mention two more exclusive State of Origin matches and the NRL Grand Final.”

Loved by Aussies
Made for Brands

From Australian Ninja Warrior, Beauty and the Geek to the State of Origin, US Open and much more still to come, there’s plenty of opportunity available to harness the power of great Australian content in 2022 with Nine.


For further information, please contact:
Terry Stuart - Nine Communications Manager

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Nine Total Audio


Unlock the power of Total Audio solutions with Nine in 2022

Nine's live and local content has never been more effective. From talk radio to digital streaming, podcasts and on demand, Australia’s most powerful and agile audio platform allows brands to reach highly engaged audiences and deliver truly incredible business results. ​

Talk for a

The way our audiences listen is changing
And we’re changing with them

Here’s what you need to know:

NINE TALK RADIO GfK Survey 4 - July 2022

2gb-logo reversed






















Source: GfK Radio Ratings, SMBP Survey 4 2022, Cume (000s), Market Share %, Mon-Sun 5.30am-12MN, AP10+,  Nine Radio - 2GB, 3AW, 4BC, 6PR, unless otherwise specified​. Nine Digital. Triton Streaming Metrics, July 1-31 2022, Downloads, Listeners, Cume, Session Starts, Unless otherwise specified.



Great advertising goes hand in hand with premium content – it drives real, measurable results. ​

​Through Powered, our client marketing solutions division at Nine, we’ve upped the game on audio in terms of strategy, creativity of solutions, and measurement of effectiveness. ​

​With this expertise behind us, Nine's Total Audio offering has developed powerful and agile platforms that will allow you to move quickly, reach a valuable target audience and use our stations as a growth engine for your business success. ​

​We’re challenging you to reconsider the commercial possibilities available across Nine's Total Audio platforms. 



Brainstorming and working directly with clients.


Recorded and produced in a premium studio environment. ​



By some of the finest radio creative writers on offer.



Audio advertising of the future. In a crowded market place, well-crafted sounds are a powerful and effective way to build brand awareness and recall.


We provide music, sound effects – the works. Designed to fit your brand’s personality and target the audience you want to reach most.


A talent bank of the best professional voice overs in the country. Your brand advocates across Live Reads, Interactive Live Reads, Live Crosses and more.​


Make your brand message sound like the editorial content our listeners tune in to hear. Engage listeners with snackable tips, expert advice or a story-telling narrative.​


Invite listeners to escape to the sounds of their next adventure & stand out in the ad break with bespoke ‘theatre of mind’ inspired creative across 60 seconds of captivating sound.


We hand over the keys to the castle for 24 hours. Maximise your share of voice and position your brand top of mind with the ultimate brand awareness tool.​

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It’s time to leverage the power of ​premium
audio solutions ​with Nine in 2022​

Big ideas make brands famous. And we have a big idea for every budget, underpinned by Australia’s best audio content. Brief us, use us, challenge us. We’re up for it. ​

Cultural Conversation Series; Unboxing Christmas 2022

Powered Unpacked

Cultural Conversation Series;
Unboxing Christmas


Black Friday eclipses Boxing Day sales, and different marketing approaches now required – but 79% of Australians think brand Christmas ads off the mark

Brands are missing the mark on Christmas advertising, with four in five Australians calling for more reflective ads, not just diversity-washing. Meanwhile, Black Friday sales in November have eclipsed Boxing Day sales – and marketers need to rethink the kind of products they are promoting as a result. 


Black Friday versus
Boxing Day

Latest research from Nine shows the cultural and commercial tides are turning, and the balance of power between pre and post-Christmas sales has flipped.

“Perhaps the biggest shift we’re seeing in spending is the momentum behind Black Friday as the premium sales event of the season. 58 per cent of Australians bought during Black Friday sales versus 56 per cent during the Boxing Day sales last year,” says Toby Boon, Director of Strategy & Insights, Powered by Nine.

“The difference is even greater for people aged 18 to 34. Black Friday is now where the Christmas shopping season kicks off in earnest.”

Boon was speaking at a Nine-hosted panel session at The Big Ideas Store, alongside Lisa Day, Director of Content Partnerships – Publishing, Powered by Nine, Jane de Graaff from Honey Kitchen and the Today Show, Steph Winkler, Director with Nine research partner Crowd DNA, and Jack Bavin, Nine Melbourne’s Head of Strategy.

Changing Christmas climate

The research underlines how Christmas spending is changing. “Australians spent roughly $23.9 billion last festive, equivalent to a 38 per cent increase on the previous year,” says Boon.

“It’s not just how much money we’re spending, but how we are spending it. We are being influenced by broader cultural considerations like climate change and sustainability.

“80 per cent of Australians are concerned about the amount of waste in gifting, and 68 per cent believe that sustainable gifting is increasingly important, so we’re finding ways to approach the traditional in modern ways,” says Boon, pointing to surging sales of sustainable Christmas crackers, “bon bons”, in recent years, with plastic trinkets now firmly out of favour.

Rethinking the strategy

Black Friday versus Boxing Day: Different product approaches required

Honey Kitchen’s Jane de Graaff believes marketers must now rethink product promotion strategies, adopting different approaches for Black Friday versus Boxing Day.

“Black Friday sales are positioned before the season, so people tend to get in earlier, thinking ‘This is going to make my Christmas easier, so I’ll buy it now’,” she says. “Not that the Boxing Day sales are redundant, but I think the timing of Black Friday changes what people are looking for. We buy a lot more practical stuff at Black Friday time,” she says, citing things like kitchen products or items children will need for school.

“Then Boxing Day is more about, okay, I got through that period, what’s my reward? What do I want as opposed to what do I need?”

Christmas ads missing the mark

While brands globally and locally traditionally reserve a significant chunk of media budgets for the big Christmas campaign, Nine’s research suggests marketers may in fact be risking unintended consequences.

“In line with society more broadly, Christmas is becoming more inclusive. The extended Christmas period is being embraced by all Australians as a universal time of celebration – and we want to see that show up in comms,” says Boon.

“Just 21 per cent of us see our Christmas experience reflected in advertising and 71 per cent of Aussies want to see a more honest depiction of what Christmas really looks like.

“More than half of Australians believe that Christmas advertising needs more diverse cultural representations. Australians don’t want tokenism. They simply want to see people like themselves reflected through marketing and messaging.”

But that doesn’t mean “shoving as many diverse characters as possible into a 30-second ad,” says Nine Melbourne’s Jack Bavin.

“Our research shows that if advertisers do that, it has a negligible impact on building brand equity and short-term sales lift. So in other words, it does nothing. You’re ticking a box, sure, but you’re not actually doing much for your business.

“Yet if you show those under-represented groups in a positive way, a more engaging, more meaningful, more deliberate way – and probably a more long-form way – it has a huge uplift on both of those metrics. So marketers need to get that right.”

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Cultural Conversation Series; We are Family – a call for brands to represent modern Australia

Powered Unpacked

Cultural Conversation Series; We are Family


The nuclear parent trap: 54% of Aussies say brands failing to reflect modern families, pushing traditional mum, dad, 1.8 kids over reality; Maltesers, Target nailing it

The marketing and advertising sector is alienating a quarter of Aussies by primarily showing traditional – mum, dad and two children – families, new research shared by Nine shows. One in four people feel their family is poorly represented, and even though single parents make up 10 per cent of our population, only 12 per cent of the public recognise one adult and a child as a family. What brands should focus on is honesty, realism and rawness, Nine’s Toby Boon says.

The Australian family

Marketers are using an outdated model of the Australian family in advertising, sticking with a mum, dad and two kids, and alienating vast swathes of the public, new research from Nine and cultural insights agency Fiftyfive5 reveals.

More than half of Australians – 54 per cent – feel that brands are failing to reflect the reality of family life in their marketing, while one in four people believe their own family is poorly represented in advertising. The concept of mum, dad and 1.8 kids has been “a really, really powerful shortcut”, Nine’s Director of Strategy and Insights, Toby Boon, told a session of Powered by Nine’s Big Ideas Store.

“But the reality is that Australia is shifting.  We’re quite conservative in the way that we portray family groups in some ways. There are big changes in the ways that families are showing up,” he said. 

Realism required

Families make up 71 per cent of households, but they’re comprised of traditional families, same-sex families, unmarried couples, blended families, co-habiting parent families and grandparent families. Dr Klara De Wit, Fiftyfive5 consultant, said portraying different types of families was an important way to improve representation and public perceptions.

“There was quite a sad percentage where only 12 per cent of people recognise one adult and a child as a family, but in reality, single parents make up 10 per cent of Australia's population,” Dr De Wit said.  

“What Australian consumers love to see when it comes to families and parenting is realism and acknowledgement of what it means to be an Australian family today, and the difficulties and the hardships of that as well.”

Maltesers, Target get it right

The Massive Overshare campaign by Maltesers, which published intimate thoughts from mothers about motherhood, was one example that resonated, as did a Target ad that showed men and women doing chores with children around in a non-congratulatory way.

“It wasn’t necessarily about family life. It wasn’t necessarily talking overtly to a mother’s experience or a father’s experience, it was just showing a family home,” Dr De Wit said.  

“There was a dad vacuuming with a baby strapped to his chest, and they loved it because there was no glorifying and ‘Oh, wow, you’re doing such a great job.’ Or, ‘Oh, look at the dad. He’s babysitting his kids.’ It was just assumed to be normal.”

Almost nine in 10 mums (89 per cent) want brands to show more honesty about the challenges of family life.

But it's a tightrope for brands

There is a tightrope to walk, however. The research found that 46 per cent of Australians want brands to represent traditional family dynamics.

“There was a really interesting piece that came through in the research that compared the amount of time dads spent with their kids per day to the 1960s,” Boon said. “I can't remember at the top of my head what the number is today, but I know the average amount of time that fathers spent with their children in the ’60s was something like 16 minutes a day. Anything’s got to be an improvement on that.” 

The answer, according to Boon, is to listen to the audience and understand their purchase cycle and habits.

“One of the really interesting developments for me has been around the involvement of grandparents,” he said. “We know from research we’ve done previously that obviously older Australians are active for longer, are working for longer, are more involved for longer. And grandparents are one of these groups that are now super, super-actively involved in helping to support bringing up children.”

Which is why the smart brands are now reflecting grandparents in their family-focused campaigns – and recognising their influence on big-ticket purchases. Explore

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What makes a million dollar ad?

The past year has been a rollercoaster ride for Australia’s production companies, media agencies and clients and creatives. Set amidst a backdrop of a global pandemic, natural disasters from floods to fires, border closures, and a talent desert, many held on for dear life.

But in amongst the uncertainty, Australia’s creative industry continued to reflect the country’s culture, mood and humour.

As we edge closer to the return of Australia’s richest advertising prize, The State of Originality – Nine’s way of encouraging brand owners and their agencies to bring their best for a chance to win $1 million of inventory across Nine’s vast ecosystem – this Big Ideas Store session takes a deep-dive into what it takes to make an ad a piece of art.

Four great minds in the industry, who are also judges of The State of Originality, join Powered Director Liana Dubois to show and talk us through their favourite ads, giving an insightful commentary into what makes a million dollar advert.

Cindy Gallop, Advertising Consultant and founder of MakeLoveNotPorn; Tara Ford, Chief Creative Officer of The Monkeys; Paul Chappell, Strategic Partner and co-founder of Brand + Story; and Josh Whiteman, Director and co-founder of Brand + Story reveal their thoughts on what it takes to fulfil the six categories to win the prestigious prize – originality, simplicity, strategy, branding, emotion and execution.

“Creativity flourishes with constraint,” said Gallop, a former Advertising Woman of the Year recipient in the US. “I haven’t seen any drop in quality or calibre of advertising even with all the tragedy and very difficult times all around us.”