Our People

News and Current Affairs Review

(For former employees of television news and current affairs)

This external review, specific to television News and Current Affairs, will  examine the recent reports that detail alleged serious failings of leadership in television news and current affairs  including misuse of power and inappropriate behaviour.

The review will be conducted by Intersection, an independent, external organisation specialising in trauma-informed workplace cultural transformation and in creating safe, respectful and inclusive workplaces. A key component of the review will be confidential interviews with current and former staff in Television News and Current Affairs, conducted by Intersection.

Participation in the review is completely voluntary, and all participants remain anonymous to Nine. To particiate in the review please complete the below survey.

Download survey FAQ sheet here.

Dedicated Hotline

(For all former employees)

We have established an independent service for all current and former employees to contact to report any experiences they have had in relation to sexual harassment or any other inappropriate behaviour, including the misuse of power.

Reporting may be done via an external independent online platform.

And also through speaking directly to a hotline on 1800 197 069 (available 7am - midnight, business days).


Nine’s Corporate Responsibility strategy is based on four key pillars, People, Community, Governance and Environment. Corporate Responsibility is an ongoing focus for Nine and is under ongoing review to ensure Nine plays a valued role within the community within which we operate.