Married At First Sight 2021


Australia's Biggest Marketing Platform Returns in 2021

If we told you there was a show that reaches two times more men aged 18-54 than the NRL, but also reaches 1.2 million women every night, is the number one water cooler topic of conversation as well as the number one trending show on broadcast video on demand, and it’s been doing this for seven years you’d buy it at first sight, wouldn’t you?  

You only have to say the word Married and people automatically know what you’re talking about. That’s the power of Married At First Sight (MAFS). And that’s the influence that Married holds within Australian popular culture.  

Why is the MAFS brand so

Let’s hear from Adrian Swift, Nine’s Head of Content Production and Development.  

A brand so influential, it’s considered to be a

The fan can be the ultimate goal for marketers – having customers who are deeply committed to your brand and proactively go out into the world to share it. Fans don’t just consume, they contribute and take pleasure from the shared enthusiasm for the product. Fans embrace more than the source material of their fandom with time and money, devoting themselves through thick and thin.  

MAFS super-fans are dedicated to the cause, and actively engage with the brand ecosystem.  

MAFS 72 Heart
MAFS 50 Stat
MAFS 40 Stat

"With my husband and my kids... We've got groundhog day going everyday. MAFS is my thing, for me, because you devote your whole life to your children, the house, and all the boring stuff. This is my one thing that takes me out of that world, let's my mind go into this world."

- MAFS Fan

Let’s hear from the MAFS

MAFS is a

MAFS consistently delivers incredible cross-platform results, making it the perfect vehicle to drive consumer outcomes.

With over per episode in 2020

MAFS Overnight
MAFS Timeshift_2
MAFS Encore

MAFS delivers results that But don’t just take our word for it.

Long term partners KFC and MAFS truly are a match made in heaven. 

KFC is the perfect treat when audiences want to have a night in, be entertained and enjoy a bit of indulgence. For KFC, the power of talkable formats coupled with the incredible reach of a brand such as MAFS is not just about being part of culture, but adding to the narrative.

Let’s hear from KFC’s Marketing Manager, Julia White.

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