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In the ever-changing TV landscape, the long-term trend towards broadcast video on demand (BVOD) was already gaining traction well before COVID, and this looks set to continue.

BVOD is the content and programming made available to stream on-demand by TV broadcasters. To be clear though, what we at Nine classify as VOD content – forget short-form – it is all about premium long-form video. Why? It’s the main reason viewers come to the platform to watch (live or on-demand), binge on shows and discover new content.

The global pandemic has brought forward permanent shifts in viewing behaviours amongst Australians and unlocked new growth areas for streaming video.

With us spending so much time in our homes since COVID struck back in March (and even more time depending on the
State lockdown status), we have seen viewing increase by 30.9 per cent across commercial FTA VOD platforms.

We know that TV + BVOD complement each other, with the combination providing incremental reach for advertisers.

Broadcast Video on Demand (BVOD) market
(A$ Millions)


Source: OzTAM VOD + Live VPM. 1 Jan - 28 Nov 2020. Metric: minutes. Excludes coviewing on connected TVs. Long form defined as duration more than 15min (90%) and short form defined as less than 15min (10%); Think TV H1 2020 vs 2019 On-Demand & LIVE; PWC Entertainment & Media Outlook 2020-2024


9Now - A streaming

9Now led the BVOD market in 2020 in the demographics that matter. 

However, this is not new, as 9Now has dominated minute share year after year compared to the other commercial FTA BVOD services.

9Now is Australia’s leading broadcast video on demand platform, offering a complete streaming destination for consumers around the nation to catch up on their favourite programs anywhere, anytime, on the device of their choosing.

9Now provides marketers with the best of television and the best of digital by targeting declared users at extraordinary scale.

Minute Share 2020

Source: OzTAM VOD + Live VPM, 1 January 2020 – 28 November 2020. Metric: Total Minutes (Live + VOD). Excludes Coviewing on Connected TV.

VOD is a place to

In 2020, TV and VOD had increasingly been a source of important news and information, as well as an escape in the form of popular drama and reality programs.

With VOD now playing a significant role in the viewing landscape, by allowing us to immerse ourselves in the content, it excels at fulfilling a couple of key viewing needs: Escape – the need to leave the “everyday” behind, and Indulge – in the personal favourites satisfying one’s guilty pleasures.

It’s probably no surprise that on 9Now reality and drama content reigns supreme, with viewers drawn to the platform to watch the big, buzzy, tentpole programs, and discovering and bingeing on others.

Married at First Sight season 8 was the number one VOD program of 2020, and the top binged series year to date include Desperate Housewives, 24, Love Island UK, Love Island USA, and The Arrangement.

Source: Thinkbox VOD viewing needstates; OzTAM VOD + Live VPM, 1 January 2020 – 28 November 2020. Metric: Total Minutes (Live + VOD). Media Duration 15+mins. Excludes Co-viewing on Connected TV. All Broadcasters; Nine Internal VOD streams 1 January – 28 October 2020

Live TV



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Create personalised experiences on the at home


The businesses that will lead in the years to come are those who can navigate new and existing platforms by bringing together data sets across multiple platforms to form an in-depth view of their customers. 

We are now at a point where the power of television and the precision of digital can work together to create new ways for brands to connect and engage with audiences at scale. 

Nine’s new Audience Match product powered by Adobe enables you to match your customer data to our 13 million signed-in users, in a premium alternative to the walled gardens, at scale and across broadcast video on demand.  

Just as you can target your own customers across Google properties through Customer Match and across Facebook through Facebook Custom Audiences, Nine’s Audience Match will work in exactly the same way, but with 30-second non-skippable ads within broadcast-quality content.  

We know who every viewer is, so you can communicate with your known customers,  not anonymous devices. Audience Match will help you to seamlessly bring together the power of premium content and people-based data, creating personalised customer experiences in living rooms around Australia.

For further information, contact your Nine representative, or complete the form below. A member of the team will be in touch.

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