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The Herald is proudly committed to fearless, independent and accurate journalism as Australia’s number one news brand, whilst generating high-quality and informed opinions and debates to help readers make up their own minds. We strive to educate, challenge and entertain our audiences with stories that matter across print and digital platforms. We engage our readers, listen to their perspectives and pledge fairness and balance in all that we do.



Lisa Davies, Editor

Courageous, quality journalism you can trust – that's what The Sydney Morning Herald has been producing for 190 years and today we reach more people than ever before. More than nine million readers consume our fearless, honest storytelling in print and online each month.

We strive to educate, challenge, and entertain audiences with stories that matter. Our journalists are passionate about shining light in dark places, holding the powerful to account and adding new perspectives to the biggest issues in our city, state, around Australia and the world. There are inspiring and thought-provoking stories all around us, waiting to be uncovered.

We celebrated our 190th birthday this year and renewed our commitment to the masthead's founding principles of candour, honesty and honour. It’s not lost on any of us that news consumers are spoilt for choice these days. At a time when “fake news” and the distortion of facts can be dressed up as journalism, you can be assured that an increasing number of Australians want to trust what they read – and they trust the Herald.

We don’t take this for granted, and strive to only cement it further as the corner post of what we do. With the largest combined print and digital readership of a news outlet nationwide, we know audiences seek out our kind of quality, independent journalism. I thank you for your ongoing support.


The Numbers

The Herald offers a complete cross-platform news experience enjoyed by millions of Australians each month. The newsprint edition is available 7 days a week, complemented by 24 hour digital news coverage, optimised to desktop, mobile and tablet.

  • Total news audience (Print + Digital)

Source: Roy Morgan; People 14+ for the 12 months ending September 2021.



Average HH income:

Average age:


are AB social grade


are the main grocery buyer


on average in investments


have a diploma or degree 


have a mortgage / are a home owner 


intend to purchase a car within 4 years

The Herald  has a strong reach to professionals and decision makers.

more likely to be managers / professionals

more likely to be business decision makers

Source: Roy Morgan; People 14+ for the 12 months ending September 2021.

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