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Footy cuts deep into our culture and community. It’s powerful because it’s real. It’s powerful because it’s unscripted, and it's powerful because the stories live on long after the stadium lights go down.

Nine offers the best in sport marketing, all in one place.

Unrialled Scale & Connection

Unrivalled scale & connection

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Nine has footy covered, no matter the code.

There's only one place you can unlock the marketing power of Australia’s biggest codes – and that’s right here with Nine and the Wide World of Sports.

From the main screen on Channel 9, streaming on 9Now, to print and digital extensions and weekly coverage across Nine Radio, footy on Nine is unrivalled, and here to connect with millions of Australians.

The opportunity to reach and engage footy fans, no matter the code, has never been easier.


Through footy, we can help your brand deliver real, measurable results.

Great advertising goes hand in hand with great content – it drives real, measurable results.

At Nine, harnessing a combination of content, data and technology, we can provide you with the right ingredients to deliver the most effective advertising outcome and ensure marketing is viewed as a growth engine for your business success.


Television & BVOD

Footy on Nine in 2021

Nine’s Wide World of Sports continues its commitment to redefining sports broadcasting and enabling brands to harness the power of the most exciting sporting moments of the year.

The 2021 NRL series, along with the crowning jewel of rugby league, the State of Origin, will present an unrivalled marketing platform for brands to connect with millions of fans, bringing with it Nine’s best-in-class coverage and leading innovations.

In 2021, Rugby Union is now screened to the masses through a total television solution ensuring fans won’t miss any of the action; and now it’s all in one place. From Super Rugby to Club Rugby, from the Wallaroos to the Wallabies, there is literally no place like Nine to reach and engage more Australians through the power of sport.


Make your brand famous with the NRL Finals

The NRL Telstra Premiership Finals will provide viewers with four massive weeks of action. Presenting an unrivalled marketing platform for brands to connect with millions of fans, the NRL Finals Series delivers blockbuster results year after year.


Underpinned by the best in sport entertainment and news


Footy on Nine Radio

Nine Radio is a direct line to the footy fans of the nation. Serving up the biggest and best footy Australia has to offer, with world class analysis and all the action on and off the field. Nine Radio allows you to create a deeper connection with fans on the way to the ground and extend conversations throughout the season. The power of talk will be unrivalled every week, across every game.

The Continuous Call Team brings you the footy action throughout the NRL season, headlined by some of the game’s greats and expert commentators.

When it comes to AFL, Nine's 3AW and 6PR Football stations are second to none. With longer pre-game and post-game than anyone else in town, our radio footy coverage is unmatched.


Nine's premium digital and publishing brands

Nine's publishing assets (print and digital) have a legacy of comprehensive footy coverage with all major games across three codes covered and analysed by some of the best in the business.



Nine Digital's Wide World of Sports 

When it comes to digital, Wide World of Sports has the platform to create a deeper connection with footy fans across online, podcast and social.

There is unmatched opportunity to connect with over four million sports enthusiasts through Nine’s digital assets and the power of 


And that's not all Nine has to offer footy fans...


We've recognised that audience habits are changing and we've changed with them by combining Nine's free-to-air assets with Australia's leading local SVOD service, Stan.

For the first time, Nine, Gem and 9Now will broadcast the entire rugby offering on FTA, from grassroots Rugby all the way to the Wallabies. Rugby fanatics can connect and engage with every game of rugby in 2021 on Stan Sport.

The launch of Stan Sport enables Nine to deliver a “whole of television” approach to footy by offering extensive live and on-demand coverage to Stan subscribers, as well as making select premium events available on Nine’s FTA television channels.

The move will allow Nine to choose the most appropriate platform for sport in 2021 and beyond.

There's no place like Nine. It's Your Footy, Your Way.

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How Samsung harnessed summer’s greatest grand slam to put the new galaxy s21 at the heart of the action



Powered by Nine’s group creative solutions manager, Gareth Beale, demonstrates how the power of marketing in and around big sporting events enables brands to ride the wave of cultural relevancy across all media channels.

For Australians, sport is engaging because at its core it taps into the emotions of a nation, unites us, inspires us and keeps us coming back for more, time and time again. For marketers, it’s also a powerful content vehicle that can take a brand across every media channel. Which is exactly what Samsung, in partnership with CHE Proximity and Nine, did to launch its new smartphone, harnessing the 2021 Australian Open.

Samsung was looking for ways to launch its new product, the Galaxy 21 Series to market that would firmly embed it into Australian culture, while creatively showcasing how the Galaxy S21 sets the bar in smartphone photographic capability.

The camera’s superiority provided Nine’s marketing solutions division, Powered by Nine, with the creative territory to thread the campaign across not just summer’s biggest sporting event the Australian Open, but also across Nine’s broader content ecosystem. Our mission was to encourage consumers to capture the epic in every day using the Galaxy S21.

Owning the coverage from

Core to the campaign was Nine’s TV coverage, providing a canvas for Samsung to creatively showcase its new product features in-program, using features like the Samsung epic replays, to not only bring the viewer closer to the action, but also aligning the Samsung brand and the Galaxy S21 with epic moments in play.

Extra features on the phone, such as superior clarity and the ability to capture stills from video footage, were further emphasised with brand association on Nine’s Wide World of Sports Fly Cam, which captured footage of the AO precinct, city skyline and outer courts.

The high-value video capabilities of the Galaxy S21 were demonstrated by Powered Studios shooting two commercials using the smartphone camera, sending it into the skies of Melbourne via a drone. The commercials emphasised the incredible production values of the Galaxy S21camera, capturing city sights, Melbourne’s famous alleyways, and cultural scenes that gave Samsung a local feel to their commercial content outside of their global creative.

Leveraging an Aussie

Authenticity was key to the campaign’s success. To reinforce the in-program exposure, former tennis player and Nine sport commentator Sam Groth was entrusted as a GalaxyS21 ambassador to capture on-ground content for his personal social channels. The association extended across Nine’s talk-radio network, with daily live updates with Sam on 2GB and 3AW Breakfast shows, presented by Samsung Galaxy S21.


Image-led storytelling, crafted by experts,

The storytelling power of print was used for an unmissable media first, with high-impact, double-page spreads in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age featuring images shot by photographers using the Galaxy S21. The images showcased Melbourne at its best, capturing city scapes, laneways and the energy of the Australian Open. A visual celebration of a city reawakening off the back of the COVID lockdowns.

The image-led approach to content extended across Nine’s publishing network into Good Food, with editorial hitting the streets of Melbourne armed with the Galaxy S21 to create digital and social content centred on Melbourne’s food culture.

The print experience was wrapped up in an informative five-page, reverse-back booklet in Sunday Life magazine, educating readers on how to capture their own memories using their Samsung S21.

If the goal of cross-channel marketing strategy is to tell customers a similar brand story across multiple channels, but play to the nuances of each platform, the Samsung Galaxy S21 campaign demonstrates the ability for sporting events like the Australian Open to deliver on this premise in spades.

It’s even better when you can do it with a single media partner who can help deliver a campaign at scale across multiple mediums, within brands that are woven into the fabric of Australian culture.


For more information on Powered by Nine, Nine’s marketing solutions division, head to:

How the power of collaboration helped Tourism Australia start faster


Off the back of helping Tourism Australia launch one of its biggest weeks of domestic marketing ever, Powered by Nine’s head of creative solutions, Caitlyn Brukarz-Smith, explains how dynamic media mix, trust, and an agile team sits at the heart of the most impactful media partnerships.


While the idea of a media partnership has been around for a long time, it quite often still requires the planets to align on strategy, targets and message to ensure a meaningful outcome is delivered. This is a process that can frequently involve multiple rounds of briefs, and meetings between multiple stakeholders spanning media owner, media agency, creative agency and client to get us to the finish line.

But when the planets do align, which they did in the case of Tourism Australia’s “Travel Takeover Week campaign”, you realise success doesn’t necessarily need the long-winded time investment we have all come to believe big campaigns take. It just needs a lot of trust from all parties involved, and it helps when you work with a partner who can bring all the key media assets together under one roof.


Time was never going to be a luxury when it came to responding to Tourism Australia’s brief. Based on the changing tourism landscape, we had to think fast and smart in the way we responded.

The brief came after what could only be described as one of the hardest years in tourism history, scarred by devastating bushfires and the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The client came to us just before a holiday period which was characterised by concerns about a new wave of COVID-19 strain, state border closures, and incessant hotspot lockdowns that continued to cast a cloud over not just international travel but also domestic travel.

Our challenge was to help boost confidence in domestic tourism and encourage Australians to make travel plans by showcasing the opportunity to holiday here this year.

Our response needed to speak to all Australians – whatever position they were in, whether that was ideating, planning or booking their next vacation. The campaign didn’t just need to inspire and encourage Australians to dream. Crucially it had to make them act and book a trip.    

Tapping into Nine’s 9Nation consumer insight panels that aggregate feedback from our TV viewers, publishing readers and the conversations we have with our trusty radio listeners, our creative proposition was derived: we needed to draw upon the ideology that Australians have never felt so lucky to live where we do. 

The rest of the world recognises us as a country living the dream, with a beautiful, vast and safe landscape surrounding us. Our opportunity was to encourage Australians to live that dream and book a holiday here this year. After all, we are the envy of the world and could all use a break.  

A harmonious approach to creativity

This feeling was brought to life by a series of creative, cross-platform executions using trusted on-air talent as a call to arms. Each execution was created with the channel and its audience in mind.

An emotive commercial featuring trusted and much-loved talent ran in key prime-time programs on the 9Network and across 9Now. The “community service” style spots provoked a sense of Australian pride, and presented an authentic and emotive personalised story, delivering the “travel here” message with impact.   

The TV campaign was complimented by an emotive radio schedule featuring local Nine radio presenters to ensure relevance across the country. One of our greatest strengths with radio is its ability to converse and connect in real time. So we also committed to asking on-air guests and contributors the important question: “We’re living the dream in Australia right now. If you could pick anywhere to travel domestically where would it be?”   

"We’re living the dream in Australia right now. If you could pick anywhere to travel domestically where would it be?”


We implemented solus billboards and cleverly crafted messaging via pull-throughs across relevant, high-rating broadcast programming to ensure we didn’t just inspire, we aided consideration.


We used the storytelling power of print to launch an unmissable and informative four-page branded content wrap of The Sun-Herald. A blank map of Australia on the cover garnered eyeballs in cafés and homes across Sydney, encouraging readers to build their own travel itinerary. The double-page spread that followed included different ways to experience Australia, and featured QR codes to help the reader’s journey.


High-impact digital media across and publishing websites complemented native content from Nine’s travel experts, exploring different domestic themes and destinations.


All in all, from brief to execution, the campaign was turned around in less than four weeks, featuring multiple iterations of campaign creative running across Nine’s television, digital, print and radio assets.

It’s still early days for hard success metrics from one of Australia’s biggest domestic tourism pushes, but one thing already clear is that time is no longer the barrier for big creative thinking –you just need to invest in a partnership you can trust, and one that offers the right media assets to deliver success.   

For more information on Powered by Nine, Nine’s marketing solutions division, head to: