’s ‘Maddie’ Podcast Cracks One Million Downloads’s first investigative news podcast series, ‘Maddie’, has been downloaded more than one million times since its launch last month.

The nine-part examination of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the three-year-old British girl who vanished in Portugal in 2007, released its eighth episode earlier this week.

With one episode remaining, ‘Maddie’ is still in the top 10 podcast programs on the iTunes Podcast rankings, after hitting number one in both the Australian and UK podcasting charts.

‘Maddie’ is the culmination of two years of work on the McCann mystery by senior journalist, Mark Saunokonoko.

The podcast comes nearly 12 years after Madeleine McCann disappeared and explores what could have happened to her.

The podcast is supported with a content hub for people who want to read up on the case, look at images including maps of the resort Maddie was last seen in, and view the McCanns’ apartment she disappeared from.

You can listen to ‘Maddie’ here.

Context + Content: The Power Combination of Integration

Good integration is a combination play that can really drive the marketing performance of a business, argues Mim Haysom, Suncorp Group’s CMO and EGM Brand & Marketing.

Speaking on a panel at the Future TV Advertising Forum in Sydney recently, Haysom noted the powerful influence that integration can have when the “context and content combination” is right.

“Integration far outweighs a traditional buy in terms of brand impact for us,” Haysom said while speaking about Suncorp’s partnerships with Nine.

“If we could do more integration I would be thrilled because the results we get far outweigh traditional spots and dots – and not that we talk that way anymore,” she laughed.

Nine’s Chief Sales Officer, Michael Stephenson, agreed with Haysom’s remarks by using the partnership between Suncorp and Nine as an example to highlight the notion that everything old is new again in integration.

“The notion around the big idea and creativity coming back to the core of what we do is really important,” Stephenson said. “Bringing creativity back to the core and creating big ideas for brands like Suncorp in our shows, in and around our content, and distributing those ideas across all the assets we individually own.

“You need to be more creative than your competitor to deliver real sales growth, and if you do that I think it’s a winning formula.”

Fellow panel member, GroupM’s Chief Investment Officer, Nicola Lewis, also commented on the importance of integrated partnerships.

“Partnerships are absolutely integral to a plan. I think clients need to have a focus in that area,” Lewis said. “To get ahead of a really good proposition is a great thing for a client to do and then ride that wave.

“The beautiful thing now is that you don’t necessarily need to have TV-led integration. It could be across device that the integration is led from.” 

The Summit


A blockbuster prime-time event series on the 9Network

Famous faces, new twists and limitless adventures unfolded as The Summit returned on Channel 9 and 9Now.

Brimming with fresh twists, a dynamic cast and an even more challenging location, The Summit returned bigger than ever after redefining large-scale adventure in 2023. Guided through heart-pounding trials and daring escapades is Australian actor Jai Courtney.

With their backpacks containing an equal share of one million dollars, Charlotte, Simmone and Matt reached the peak of a distant mountain in just 15 days to win the cash they were carrying.


Average BVOD









Live VOD minutes from

regional Australia


Source: OzTAM LIVE + VOD VPM, The Summit, Rolling 7, 14/05/2023 - 11/06/2023, includes co-viewing on connected TV devices. 


A thrilling game of trust, greed and betrayal where morals were tested, physical limits pushed to breaking point and bonds forged and broken

In The Summit, success is a measure of:
Mental strength, physicality, strategy, social dynamics

Aussies reached each week

Source: TVMAP VOZ Analyser, VOZ Data 5.0 © OzTAM Pty Limited [2023], NATIONAL, Nine Commercial Networks + Affiliates + BVOD, 14/05/2023 - 11/06/2023, The Summit, Cumulative Reach (000's), Total TV, Total People, When Watched. 

Regional viewers reached in 2023

Source: OzTAM (Regional Combined Panel) Nine Network Content Affiliates, 14/05/2023 - 11/06/2023, The Summit, Total People, Reach, Consolidated 7. 

Average Total TV Viewers Each Episode

Source: OzTam (5 City Metro + Regional Combined Panel) Network 9, Nine Network Content Affiliates, 14/05/2023 - 11/06/2023, The Summit, Excluding Encore, Projections, Total People, Ocernight, Timeshift to 7.  OzTAM LIVE + VOD VPM, The Summit, Rolling 7, 14/05/2023 - 11/06/2023, includes co-viewing on connected TV devices. 

A tough show calls for a tough host

Jai Courtney, Australian born and bred international movie star, with a career spanning more than 15 years featuring in The Suicide Squad, Terminator Genisys, The Terminal List and The Divergent Series, was the host of The Summit.

Jai Courtney said: “You are going to see people physically, mentally and emotionally tested. You’ll see bonds made and broken. We will get a real look at how far people are willing to push themselves and push each other, and see how their resilience is tested. I think it'll be inspiring, a little heartbreaking, and action-packed.”


The Summit is amongst the peak of Australia’s most loved formats


We can help your brand reach The Summit


An action-packed show for an adventure loving audience

Picture 1

are likely to travel overseas in the next 12 months

Picture 1

more likely to pay extra for well known brands​

Picture 1

more likely to have held travel insurance

Picture 1

more likely to attend gym / fitness center during the week

 Source: Nielsen CMV, 2021 S06 National Online, “must see/always try to watch”. Nielsen Consumer Media View S01 2019- Nine "Channel 9 - Must See/Always try to watch [Travel Guides (9)]"

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