Tennis on Nine in 2024 holds the promise of surprise, suspense and success.

Our national and international hosts will bring Aussies all the entertainment, updates, news and more. Our experts, covering a time for fans, new records, new stars and new stories like nowhere else can.

All this, across Nine’s multi-platform touchpoints will put your brand at the heart of the action - driving real, measurable impact.

Tennis on Nine in 2024 - The moment is NOW. 

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MELBOURNE, VIC - JANUARY 28: Daniil Medvedev of Russia in action during the finals of the 2024 Australian Open on January 28 2024, at Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Jason Heidrich/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

A smash hit start for Nine’s biggest year of sport

Breaking new ground in a historic debut, the 15-day Australian Open spectacle hit off for the first time on a Sunday, January 14th 2024. Our team of national and international hosts delivered non-stop action, updates, and news, creating an immersive experience for fans like never before.

Plus, our leading audio and publishing platforms provided in depth analysis of the games, players and stories that made the tournament tick. Aryna Sabalenka and Jannik Sinner claimed victory as they were crowned winners of the Women's and Men's Final, marking the end of the thrilling 2024 Australian Open

The drama intensifies NOW

If the history of tennis tells us anything, it’s that there’s always another outstanding generation to redefine the game, delivering an even more exciting competition to watch, with a dynamic mix of creative young players.

That generation is here, and they are dominating now.


The time is NOW


Nine is the only place in the country where you can access all four grand slams. 

Covering the greatest matches, played on the sport’s grandest stages. From the blue courts of Melbourne's Australian Open, the orange clay of Paris at Roland Garros, to the green grass of Wimbledon and the hard courts of the US Open in New York.

Aussies use multiple touchpoints to consume their tennis content of choice.

The festive and competitive energy of the tennis transcends our broadcast, reaching into every content platform. We ensure, for those tuning in at home, in the car, on their way to work or in a coffee shop, that they get the best seat in the house every time.

Our coverage will keep Aussies up to date with those on the ground, driving the ultimate engagement in your brand story.

Source: Roy Morgan Research; people 14+ for the 12 months ending June 2023.

Nine's total tennis media coverage will reach

92% of Australians


One unified content ecosystem



Reach across the tournament

Across our television offering, fans wake up in the morning to the TODAY Show to catch up on Australian Open updates. Staying with us for our morning show, which sets up the day with all the previews, analysis and entertainment. And of course, all the Tennis highlights, in-depth opinion and feature stories are all covered across our weekly panel shows, Cross Court and Sports Sunday.



Nine's Digital Network in January 2024

Nine's publishing coverage is where the conversation starts about players' journeys, the evolution of the sport and the wider tennis community. We focus on serving in-depth content to our readers so they can consume a product that goes well beyond the headlines. Digitally we keep our finger on the pulse with live blogs, and beyond the court coverage of key matches from our team of expert writers.


Nine Radio listeners each week

Podcast listeners ​each month​

Our audio proposition is a direct line to the tennis fans of the nation. Every week, we’ll serve up in-depth game analysis with daily tournament coverage and expert commentary from our talent. Nine Radio allows you to create a deeper connection with fans through our live on-ground broadcasts and extend conversations throughout the tournaments. Plus 9News Podcast and WWOS Updates podcast will be sharing daily AO updates over the tournament.

Source: VOZ Data 4.0 © OzTAM Pty Limited [2023], NATIONAL, Network Nine + Affiliates + BVOD, Cumulative Reach, Total TV, Linear TV, BVOD, Total People, P25-54, P18-39, contains "2023 Australian Open", "2023 AO", 16/01/2023-04/02/2023, Con 7, BVOD based on when watched. Source: Roy Morgan Research; people 14+ for the 12 months ending June 2023. GfK Radio Ratings, SMBP Survey 1 2023, Mon-Sun 12MN-12MN, Cume (000s), Nine Radio - 2GB, 3AW, 4BC, 6PR, AP10+Ipsos iris Online Audience Measurement Service January 2024, Age 14+, PC/laptop/smartphone/tablet, Text only, Organisation, Media Report, Audience (000s).

Every media touchpoint, underpinned by Nine's leading data infrastucture


Signed-in users

Increase media efficiencies

68 targeting segments across 9 verticals


Driving audience enrichment


Your moment is NOW

We take great pride in our content expertise to create world-class entertainment for all of Australia. This is underpinned by our marketing solutions team, Powered, which is built specifically to help your brand grab hold of the BIG marketing moments.

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Nine's ecosystem will be chanting tennis all summer long

and your brand can be immersed in every touchpoint, for every audience.


Nine's ecosystem will be chanting tennis all summer long

and your brand can be immersed in every touchpoint, for every audience

Harness the power of Tennis on Nine in 2024

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