Australia's most imaginative family-friendly format returns in 2022

A new adventure is coming to television as season 4 of LEGO® Masters returns to Channel 9 and 9Now

Australia’s most beloved entertainment show is back with an array of new competition twists, mind-bending new challenges, a new “Power Brick”, and a brand-new shiny set.

In a season that promises more amazement than ever, the challenges will excite and surprise. From The Car of the Future to The Stuntman – which will see teams building a model that can fly through a hoop of fire – this year’s competition is rising to spectacular new heights.

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See what's to come this season on LEGO® Masters


Connecting with 4.7 million Aussies each week


+1.6 million

Viewers each episode


+3.4 million

Live + VOD streams


+156 million

Live + VOD minutes

Source: OzTAM & RegTAM, 19/04/2021 – 21/04/2021, Total People, Nine Network, Nine Network Affiliates, Consolidate 7, Audience, contains “LEGO Masters”.


+2.8 million

Regional viewers reached in 2021 (across the series)


+1 million

People 25-54 reached in 2021
(across the series)


+1.3 million

(Total People)

Source: Regional TAM Regional FTA +WA, 19/04/2021 – 24/05/2021, Total People, Nine Network Content Affiliates, Consolidated 7, contains “LEGO Masters”, Combined Agg. Mkts, Reach. 9Now: OzTAM Live + VOD VPM, Lego Masters Season 3, 19/04/2021 - 24/05/2021, metric minutes, includes co-viewing on connected TV devices. 


LEGO® Masters is the show that connects

“LEGO® Masters is a format like no other in its ability to connect with audiences. From young to old, from men to women, this is a rare program that unites and connects the entire family.

This is the reason we have committed to sharing it on your screens for the next two years. It is because of its power to connect audiences in ways other shows don’t.”

Michael Healy
Nine’s Director of Television


LEGO® Masters connects your brands with


Nine’s brand impact studies conducted by Gemba on behalf of our major LEGO® Masters sponsors over the last 2 years have highlighted that partnering with the show delivers strong lifts in perceptions of Trust, Fun and Innovation. Adding to the already vast amount of evidence that shows how viewers' feelings towards a show halos onto the brands that partner with them. ​

Find out how LEGO® Masters boosted perception of an iconic Australian retailer

The toy category is very competitive, so Kmart partnered with LEGO® Masters with the objective of driving traffic to Kmart stores, as well as cementing Kmart as the No.1 retail destination for the LEGO® product.

Kmart leveraged IP across their assets in the LEGO® Masters Broadcast, Digital and Social channels, as well as online and instore. This strong partnership would cement them as the home of LEGO® in Australia.


uplifting in campaign messaging

7% pts
uplifting in brand consideration

14% pts
previous 4 week purchase

There is opportunity to put your brand at the heart of imagination,


To find out more about what your brand can achieve with a LEGO® Masters partnership, request a tailored response to help realise your marketing objectives.

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