Nine’s thought leadership and insights series, State of the Nation, dissects the state of play across key categories challenging marketers right now.​ Each sector update provides a platform to voice opinion among key industry players, share insights and ideas from a bespoke research study, and pave a way forward to help brands navigate the future.​

For this second look at the Travel sector, leading global futures consultancy, The Future Laboratory, took a closer look into The Future of Travel, followed by a panel session with a selection of industry experts that delved deeper into the now, new and next of Travel, and shone a spotlight on the challenges and opportunities moving forward.​

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Commercial Initiatives

The Future of Travel:


We partnered with The Future Laboratory to take a closer look into the future of travel with detailed analysis and strategic insight, combining data from Nine audience intelligence with The Future Laboratory’s expert trends intelligence. ​ From the changing role of travel agents to the push for regeneration, and the promise of luxury’s most extreme frontiers, we showed smart travel brands how they can stay ahead of the curve.​ ​ ​ ​ ​


Barry Mowszowski
Associate Strategy & Foresight Analyst,
The Future Laboratory

Trends Rising

After a turbulent period for the tourism sector, recovery will be fuelled by pent-up consumer demand. But it won’t be plain sailing. Travel providers must embrace sustainability, innovation and ever-merging categories to stay ahead of the curve.

The trends emerging in travel across Australia and the world:


What does this mean for brands?

The research identified three core areas for brands to explore now and into the future, including targeting the wandering worker, demonstrating holistic betterment, and pushing the boundaries of luxury.​


Target the wandering worker

Focus on the key way in which the pandemic has created travel opportunities. Remote work has broadened the role of travel to create a new mode traveller. To capture this new consumer, become a nomadic brand through trips and experiences that blend work, leisure and travel.


Demonstrate holistic betterment

Harm reduction is no longer enough. Consumers will seek out and pay a premium for trips which have a positive impact on both people and the planet. From environmental regeneration to decolonising tourism, offer tangible data and evidence to show your commitment to purposeful travel.


Push the boundaries of luxury

Push the boundaries of possibility. Create travel experiences that offer the conquest of elusive and ephemeral personal frontiers. Now, luxury comes in the form of exclusive access to unexplored and untainted limits of the physical and metaphysical worlds, from space travel to bio-hacking.

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