An all-encompassing plan of integration leveraging Alicia Molik allowed Swinburne Online to tell a deeper story


Swinburne Online (through Online Education Services) was looking to demonstrate their teaching quality credentials for future students.


​From mastery and achievement through to the constant reinvention and perception that comes with tennis coverage, there was opportunity to leverage many areas of Nine’s summer of tennis, which also stayed true to Swinburne’s online brand. 

Leveraging the established messaging around the Australian Open and recognising Swinburne’s commitment to quality learning, Nine celebrated the quality teachers that have influenced some of the greatest names in tennis history. Positioning Swinburne Online as a trusted and reputable university for quality coaching.

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The Nine and Swinburne Online integrated partnership included ‘Quality Coaching’ content led by Alicia Molik, adding depth to Swinburne’s teaching quality message, distributed at scale. 

Swinburne Online aligned with ‘analyser’ technology across broadcast and Wide World of Sports digital channels. 

The campaign was supported by a premium Summer of Tennis sponsorship package. Use of talent-led storytelling helped Swinburne Online to humanise the online learning experience, and cement Swinburne Online’s credentials for future students.

"The AO is a wonderful platform for Swinburne Online to tell our story. It's a prestigious, premium event, and fits perfectly with Swinburne Online's promise of best-in-class online education. We can attribute our results to a combination of a great sponsorship vehicle, great talent in Alicia Molik and strong creative."​

  • Peter Lawrence, Head of Advertising, Online Education Services.

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