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Welcome to Nine for Brands. As the home of Australia’s most trusted and loved brands spanning News, Sport, Lifestyle and Entertainment, we pride ourselves on creating the best content, accessed by consumers when and how they want, while celebrating our ability to give the shared experiences to audiences, the ones that connect us together.

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We are a leading multi-platform media network, engaging audiences across news, business & finance, lifestyle, entertainment & sport.

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Our audience segmentation product ‘9Tribes’, comprises of 68 audience segments across nine verticals.

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Our best-in-class advertising products offer the perfect canvas for your brand across print, digital or performance.

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In 2024 and beyond, we will work closely with you to help maximise the true breadth of Nine’s content, data and technology - the ultimate marketing platform. ​As Australia’s Media Company, we’re focused on the stories that bring us together. Our commitment to shaping culture, challenging perspective and entertaining Australia is unwavering. With new and exciting long term content investments, a focus on innovation and creativity and amplified targeting capabilities, there truly is no place like Nine to grow your business.

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From Paris 2024 to Brisbane 2032

Since its very beginning, Nine’s journalists have been telling the story of the modern Olympic movement in the pages of the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. And through the years, we have continued to amplify the journey of the Olympic and Paralympic Games through our television, audio and publishing channels.​​​​ That legacy is important, alongside the role we will play in uniting Australia around the athletes of today and showcasing the heroes of tomorrow. A decade of storytelling on Nine starts now. From Paris to Brisbane 2032, Nine is your home of the Olympics and Paralympics.

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