Australia's biggest marketing platform returns with more love than ever before

We are gathered here today to celebrate the union between Australian audiences and the most beloved show to have graced on our screens for the past 8 years.

Married at First Sight is back for a ninth season in 2022. Pop the champagne and watch sparks fly when Australia’s biggest guilty pleasure and most talked about social experiment returns with its bold and explosive take on love, Monday, January 31, at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now. More. 

To find out what your brand can achieve with a Married at First Sight partnership, request a tailored response to help realise your marketing objectives.

Take a look at what's to come for Married at First Sight in 2022...

MAFS is a cross-platform juggernaut


Married at First Sight consistently delivers incredible cross-platform results, making it the perfect vehicle to drive consumer outcomes.

+2 million viewers every episode in 2021
+670,000 Regional



1.481 Million 













Source: OzTAM & RegTAM, 22/02/2021 – 19/04/2021, Total People, Nine Network, Nine Network Affiliates, Consolidate 7, Audience, contains “Married at First Sight”.

Television's most polarising show turns up the love meter in 2022

Married at First Sight in 2022 is guaranteed to be the talk on everyone’s lips.

In season nine there is even more heart-pounding romance and highly addictive drama, when the experiment is rocked by scandal in an explosive Married at First Sight first, leaving the experts gobsmacked and facing a potential walk out by many of the participants.

In 2022 audiences can expect all elements of MAFS that Australia loves PLUS a selection of brand-new format beats.


Brands are wedded to MAFS for all the right reasons

Married at First Sight is unlike any other program. Audiences hang off every second of the show and engage with it across multiple platforms. From broadcast, to digital through to the participants socials and beyond. Audiences are hooked and brands that have truly recognised this value, have wedded to MAFS for all the right reasons.

We know Married at First Sight is an effective platform to deliver truly incredible, measurable results for brands. And we know Nine can deliver a compelling solution for your brand across the powerhouse of the entire MAFS ecosystem.

No matter the category, no matter the business goal, Married at First Sight has something to deliver your brand REAL results. No idea is too big.


Let's take a look at how MenuLog used Martha's Wine Moments to realise their marketing dreams


MenuLog wanted to increase consideration for their brand during engaging reality TV moments. Integration was a key deliverable for the partnership, including product placement and talent verbals.


Nine proactively approached MenuLog with the Martha's Wine Moment series, including bespoke integration opportunities tailored to MenuLog which was a key deliverable for the client. Nine worked closely with editorial to include product placement, integration moments and talent verbals throughout the series.


MenuLog successfully leveraged its Married at First Sight partnership through clear campaign messaging and creative integration.

This ensured viewers were highly engaged, and resulted in Brand Consideration increasing by 5% pts.

Source: Gemba Brand Health Study Married at First Sight 2021

Find out how Australia watched Married at First Sight tie the knot with Specsavers

In a new series from Powered by Nine, we unpack a range of topics on the minds of marketers. In episode two of Powered Unpacked, we spoke to Shaun Briggs, Head of Marketing Planning at Specsavers, and discovered how the brand kick-started life after COVID through a powerful integrated and creative partnership with Married at First Sight.


Shaun Briggs (Head of Media, Specsavers) said Nine were ‘really easy’ to work with alongside AJF. They (Powered) got there super quick to nail the creative direction, and allowed us to enter into production super fast. The end result saw website traffic +7%, an upside in organic search, and a really strong result from topline sales across +400 stores in Australia and New Zealand.


14% increase

Awareness of Specsavers free eye test increased 14% pts (56% to 70%)


4% increase

Consideration increased 4% pts vs. pre-wave and 7% pts vs. non-viewers of MAFS


9% increase

Perceptions of
Quality and Trust increased by
9% pts and 5% pts, respectively

Source: Gemba Brand Health Study Married at First Sight 2021

It's time for your brand to say 'I do' to BIG ideas

To find out what your brand can achieve with a Married at First Sight partnership, request a tailored response to help realise your marketing objectives.

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