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In a new series from Nine, State of the Nation dissects the state of play across several key categories challenging marketers right now. Each sector update provides a platform to voice opinion among key industry players, share insights and ideas derived from Nine’s audience intelligence, and pave a way forward to help brands navigate the future. After all, in the midst of every crisis lies great opportunity.

In part one of this new series we take a closer look at the travel sector, one that has continued to evolve at a rapid rate in the wake of the global pandemic. One that has transformed where we holiday, how we travel, when we travel, and often when we don’t.

Recap on State of the Nation: Travel LIVE from Sydney Opera House

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Tourism Australia, Ponant, Qantas, and APH

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Travel and the Australian way
Insights from Kantar and Nine

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Turn consumer desire into action
New brand opportunities and inspiration

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What you need to know

The state of mind of Australian travellers

In partnership with global consumer insights company, Kantar, Nine set out to develop an up to the minute barometer on Australians state of mind when it came to travel in the early months of 2021.


Cultural analysis combining qualitative and social 'big data'

Analysis of Kantar’s Global Covid Barometer exploring sentiment and behaviour

Over 126 video blogs with a cross-section of Nine’s audiences nationally, exploring sentiments around domestic and international travel​

Consumer Pulse surveys to over 4,000 national respondents​ spanning Nine’s TV, video on demand, digital and talk radio audiences.

Theme 1: We know demand & desire for travel is there

This is translating into intent, especially for domestic travel.

Are considering booking travel this year

Are considering interstate travel

Are considering intrastate travel

And despite border closures, 41%
Of Nine’s audiences are optimistic about international travel in the next 12 months.

Theme 2: Behaviour is adapting in line with the new normal


Are comfortable travelling by private car

Are comfortable taking short flights


One in Three
Will spend more on short, frequent trips, one in five will spend “more than usual” within Australia


Will plan some aspects, but be flexible on details

Will take a “wait and see” or last-minute approach to booking

Theme 3: Translating desire into growth

Kantar's work in cultural demand spaces has revealed that what was rare and desired in people’s lived reality was already changing prior to COVID, and that COVID has accelerated those shifts. There were underlying cultural tensions centring on 3 fundamental human needs – for Safety, Self-Esteem and Belonging. These tensions meant there were cultural demand spaces or 'antidotes' to these cultural tensions – people were looking for Comfort & Clarity, Empowerment & Discovery, and Compassion & Connection.

Through our research, we identified 4 travels needs that will help brands navigate consumer sentiment

Building on Kantar's work around underlying emotional needs and cultural demand spaces, Nine explored the travel needs of its audiences as they're looking forward – and identified 4 dominant clusters of needs this year – for Assurance, Newness, Recharging and Connection. These are spaces that brands can capitalise on to convert desire into demand.


What this means for brands

SOTN_Consumer Desire

Convert on consumer desire to travel​

Nine's audiences want to travel but need to be inspired, informed and assured to book confidently


Clarify & Simplify​

The 'new normal' of travel planning means there are some parts that feel like homework. We can take steps to ease that process, add value to the experience, guide and excite travellers

SOTN_New Behaviours

Adapt to new behaviours​

The consumer journey has shifted, pragmatism and short-termism influence booking behaviours, and the customer experience needs to reflect the new normal

SOTN_Travel Needs

Tap into travel needs​

Successful, customer-centric brands can connect best with audiences if they provide assurance and newness, and can bring to life opportunities for recharging and connection

The travel industry needs to lead

Audiences know that things won’t go back to the way they were before – we have to move forward. The market has changed, and the industry cannot baton down the hatches and wait for things to go back to normal. It needs to lead. That means adapting how we communicate and supply to meet changed demand.  This is where our growth will be found.

Looking to inspire Australian travellers? Nine's got you covered!

Our Travel Content Network

Across print, digital, television and radio, Nine provides you with greatest network to reach and engage all travel intenders, no matter your target audience.

Data & Technology

When it comes to data – Nine has Australia’s largest data footprint – engaging with 13 million registered users. This verified information provides us with the most sophisticated understanding of Australian consumers behaviours, motivations, interests and lifestyle.


In addition to our existing six audience travel segmentation profiles, in 2021 we are launching nine new travel tribes relevant to current market conditions.  (FIND OUT MORE)


Contexti is Nine’s new targeting product that allows advertisers to deliver the right message at the right time in the right contextual environment.


Audience Match allows Nine to assist brands in matching their customer data to Nine’s 13m registered users through one streamlined integration. Reducing wastage and delivering true 1:1 people based marketing, harnessing Australia’s best digital content.

Here’s a few ways we have helped our partners inspire Australians to travel

NT Tourism

Tourism Australia


Fiji Tourism

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