Our Purpose

At Nine, we shape culture by sparking conversations, challenging perspectives, informing and entertaining our communities.

We bring people together by celebrating the big occasions and connecting the everyday moments.

Australia belongs here.

Recap on Nine Upfront 2023

We'd like to thank our partners GARUWA for their cultural and creative direction and advice in authentically Acknowledging Country in a meaningful and respectful manner.

A Unified Media Platform

In 2023, we want to work closer with you to help maximise the true breadth of our content, data and technology like never before.

As the home of Australia’s most trusted and loved brands spanning News, Sport, Lifestyle and Entertainment, we pride ourselves on creating the best content, accessed by consumers when and how they want. While celebrating our ability to give the shared experiences to audiences, the ones that connect us together. 

Our Centre of Digital Excellence has been designed to create the digital leaders of the future and transform Nine’s digital commercial capabilities across our unified media platform. 

All this, underpinned by our marketing solutions division, Powered, designed to realise your big marketing ideas and prove to you that our solutions truly do work.






TV's Biggest Moments


Todays television is live broadcast, streaming and on demand. And we bring all of it to Australian audiences how, when and where they want to consume it.


A World Class,
Streaming-First Platform


Across Nine, we are continuing to evolve our digital future - bringing to life differentiated, world class products and audience experiences. On 9Now, we are committed to reaching all of Australia with a world of free sport, news and entertainment. Live and on demand.

An Australian-First Transformation

In an Australian first for BVOD platforms, 9Now will put users in control of their viewing experience. Combining the simplicity of broadcast television with the convenience and interactivity of digital.


NEW dynamic homepage transformation, allowing viewers to dive into 9Now with live content streaming in full HD.


NEW 'start over' function, allowing audiences to control their free-to-air live streaming experience like never before. 


NEW 24/7 free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) channels with exclusive additional content.


NEW opportunities for advertisers with interactive shoppable ads on CTV & enhanced targeting capabilities.


Talk for a New Generation

Radio Logos + Podcasts

Today’s audio is a combination of live broadcast, live streaming and podcast. With audience listening habits changing we have evolved right alongside them, building new audiences, across multiple platforms.

We are at the cutting edge of the shifts in audio consumption and technology. Truly, talk for a new generation.


Nine Traffic Network to provide brands with premium integration at scale

NEW premium cross-platform traffic product, delivering the most up-to-date and comprehensive traffic news. 


Addressable targeting across Nine digital radio assets

In an Australian first, advertisers will have the ability to target logged-in users across Nine's four primary radio stations. 


Wide World of Sports radio now a national offering

The biggest news in sport will launch a national drive show later this year, with all stations having their own dedicated show under the Wide World of Sports superbrand.


New ways to Impact and Influence through Nine Publishing


Nine’s publishing division is a news and lifestyle powerhouse - leading the national conversation every day, and attracting more readers than ever before. More than 16 million people read The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Australian Financial Review and more than 11 million people visit, Drive and Pedestrian, every month.

It is undeniable that our leading publishing assets reach everyone. From C-Suite decision makers, to influencers and mass audiences - all at scale.


Brisbane Times

Expansion of the Brisbane Times masthead in 2023, a major investment in quality local news in South-East QLD.


Today's Paper

NEW digital rich media and video advertising available, an opportunity to buy targeted advertising at scale. 


Good Food Superbrand

The Good Food superbrand will deliver the Good Food Kitchen TV series, Good Food Guide in magazine format, new-look Good Food website, Good Food Kitchen extensions and more in 2023.


Text to Audio

Curating some of the biggest news stories of the week, investigative journalism and lifestyle content to be listened to, on demand.

Australia's Biggest Digital Ecosystem

Identity and 1st party data is the currency of the future. And scale will be everything.

Nine has 20 million signed in users. More importantly, 10 million monthly actives generating billions of first party data signals across our digital world. And we're actively looking to understand more about consumption trends, people's actual behaviours, how and why they engage with Nine's content. If you're a brand owner, you should use our data to inform your decisions too.

The best thing about it? You can unlock the power of our data, today.


Contact us for more information on how your brand can leverage the power if Nine in 2023 to deliver real business outcomes.

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