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Never before has news content played such a vital role in our lives.

With our hunger for trusted sources driving unprecedented growth among Australia’s news outlets, including those found right here at Nine.

Not only are we home to Australia’s most visited commercial news site,, but our cross-platform news ecosystem spanning TV, digital, print and radio is second-to-none.

Whether it’s waking up with TODAY, capturing the weekend mindset with The Sun-Herald or Sunday Age, being part of the conversation with talk-radio or being welcomed into homes across Australia with 9News at 6.00pm, there’s never been more opportunity to leverage Australia’s most trusted content sources.​


Why does news content at Nine stand out?

We Know Our Audience.
Above all else, we value trust. We would rather be right, than first. And we know our audience. 

Engaging, Trustworthy & Topical Content Is What We Do.
You can rely on us to keep you up-to-date and tell the story behind the headline. Our audience relies on us to provide up to the minute, breaking news and uncover the stories Australians want and need to know most. 


In the current climate, now more than ever, brands need to inhabit brand safe environments.

Right across the year, we work consistently with brands and offer a wealth of partnership opportunities across Nine’s TV news programming -  from our 6PM news bulletin, A Current Affair, 60 Minutes through to the Today show family as well as specially commissioned programs such as Under Investigation, depending on your marketing goals, there is something for everyone.


The digital homes of Nine’s broadcast news assets, delivering the stories that connect. know content, know how to keep audiences engaged and on our page because we take them beyond the headline, and through the power of the Nine network and our own digital journalists, we deliver the stories and the videos you won’t see anywhere else. is Australia’s leading news brand on air and online​.

Our 9News sites are focussed on breaking news and exclusive video. Our pages are curated to bring you the news you need to know from your state, your city and your neighbourhood. ​


We have the authority and means to create change.

If you want to influence change and associated behavior you need to talk to the educated change makers.

9 in 10 readers choose Nine's leading publishing brands for trusted, accurate news with 3x more measurable impact.


Courageous, quality journalism you can trust – that is what The Sydney Morning Herald has been producing for 189 years and today we reach more people than ever before. More than 8 million readers consume our fearless, honest storytelling in print and online each month. 


For more than 160 years, The Age has been committed to fearless and honest storytelling. It reaches out to the Victorian community and beyond, educating, challenging and interacting with its readers, upholding a commitment to quality.


The Australian Financial Review is Australia’s premier destination for business and finance news, recognised for its news-breaking, agenda-setting and authoritative journalism. Making it the essential daily read for the nation’s most influential and ambitious decision makers.

Find out more about how your brand can leverage the power of Nine’s leading publishing division here.


Nine Radio is a direct line in to the mood of the nation.

Available across our News, Weather, Traffic and Sport updates throughout the day, a News Block sponsorship will keep advertisers​ top of mind in radios most engaged moments.​

Delivering high frequency and reach in a low clutter environment, brands can take ownership of our live and local updates via a 5 ​credit and 30 second solus ad. ​

Designed to build brand awareness and recall, this premium sponsorship opportunity allows brands to leverage radio’s most credible news and information properties.

Find out more about Nine’s leading radio stations and the power of talk here.


News and Weather are effective platforms to grow your brand.

Peter Field, said analysis of the IPA Databank presents, “An absolutely unarguable story for the inclusion of news brands in media schedules,” with advertising that includes news in the media mix more likely to lead to major long-term business effects.

Unlock A Cross-Platform Brand Health Study With Gemba Worth $50K

We invite you to work with us to prove the impact of  multichannel News Sponsorship on your brand(s)

Duration of News Sponsorship must be for a minimum of 3 months

Investment must span at least two media channels within Nine’s ecosystem

We invite you to challenge us.

We’re up for it, and we’re excited to see how creative we can be together to deliver your brand real, measurable results in 2021 and beyond.

The time to harness the power of News with Nine is now.