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Hosted by Australia's most engaging broadcasters, Nine’s talk radio stations 2GB, 3AW, 4BC and 6PR are a direct line into the moods, thoughts and opinions of Australians. The intimacy, immediacy and authenticity delivered by a radio host means it’s a platform that allows you to talk to your customers. And at Nine Radio, we are having a conversation with over 2 million potential customers every week.

Talk Radio for a new generation

Through Nine Radio we have developed a powerful and agile platform that will allow brands to move quickly, reach a valuable target audience, and deliver real business results to guarantee return on investment.

Over the past year Nine Radio has gone through a period of incredible change. Household names like Deb Knight, Jim Wilson and Russel Howcroft have brought a new edge and diversity to our radio offering, while Neil Breen and Scott Emerson in Brisbane, alongside our all-new local lineup in Perth, make us more relevant than ever to our listeners.

Led by the people who know how to talk to Australia. These are the voices of their cities. Voices that convey trust and drive engaged conversations.

How do we compare to other radio networks?

Nine Radio dominates in Sydney and Melbourne with clear year-on-year growth.

The Survey 1 GfK radio ratings of 2021 have showcased the powerful position of talk radio, highlighting the close and trusted relationship the medium has with millions of listeners across Australia.

Greg Byrnes, Nine Radio’s Head of Content said: “This survey proves that 3AW and 2GB are the “must listen” radio stations in their cities. We are way out in front as #1 and the audiences are getting even bigger. More than 100,000 new listeners are turning in each week when compared to a year ago.

“Ben Fordham in Sydney and Ross and Russ in Melbourne have again recorded stunning results while in Perth, Gareth Parker has grown the 6PR Breakfast audience by 26% year-on-year.

“Right across the country talk audiences are growing stronger year-on-year, with more and more people turning to us for live and local news and opinion.”


No. 1 Melbourne

No.1 Sydney

Audience growth in Perth and Brisbane

6.4% audience growth year-on-year (2GB, 3AW, 4BC, 6PR)

No.1 Network People 40+

28.1% share People 40+

Source: GfK Radio Ratings Survey 1 2020 vs Survey 1 2021, Sydney 2GB, Melbourne 3AW, Mon-Sun 5.30am-12MN, Market Share %, AP10+. 2GB Breakfast Mon-Fri 5.30am-9am, 3AW Breakfast 5.30am-8.30am *time adjusted.

44% of listeners are exclusive to Nine Radio. You can't reach them anywhere else.

Source: GfK radio ratings, SMBAP Survey 8 2020 Mon- Sun 5:30am - 12MN , Cumulative audience (000), 2GB,4BC,3AW,6PR,2UE,4BH,1278, NTS DAB, 6GT,5a


Nine Radio is the ultimate connection platform with +2 million weekly listeners

Nine Radio is a platform that allows you to talk to your customers.

More of them. More often. Across more weeks of the year than any other media business in Australia.

Our audiences aren’t just a demographic, they are loyal listeners, and because they are loyal it means nearly 44% of them can only be reached on Nine’s stations.



Think you know who the talk radio audience is? Well, it's time to think again.

In partnership with The Lab, Nine set out to better understand audience needs, motivations and behaviours, and to provide deeper insight about the way marketers and media buyers need to think differently about talk radio in the media mix.


More than 200 video blogs

Over 1,000 survey respondents

20 hours of in depth conversations


Nine Radio can help your brand grow.

But don’t just take our word for it, find out how Sydney and Melbourne's No.1 stations 2GB and 3AW helped Pepe Saya realise their marketing dreams.


Pepe Saya was established in 2010. The dream was twofold: to create beautiful-tasting, Australian cultured butter and generate a shift towards consumers choosing local butter.

Pepe Saya’s main campaign objective was to promote brand awareness for their products and drive traffic to the newly built website for online sales.

Nine Plus was tasked with creating a broadcast media schedule that was able to bring their 30-second television commercial to life, amplified by a range of 30 and 15-second radio commercials broadcast on 2GB and 3AW.


Here's what the clients had to say:

“This is our first experience in advertising on TV and radio. We chose to advertise on 2GB and the 9Network metro and regional after a really great experience with them from a previous PR campaign. We felt like they were a great fit for us and our brand.

“The team and Nine Plus have made it such an easy experience for us. From the day the radio ads went live we have had calls from people as they were hearing them. We were really excited for this campaign to help our brand be front of mind in the lead-up to the busy Christmas period.”

Pierre Issa
Pepe Saya

What's to come for Nine Radio in 2021?

More opportunities to be part of Australia's No.1 radio platform and deliver scalable solutions for brands.

Greater data capabilities - making transacting and reporting of radio buys easier than ever.

More ways to realise big ideas and provide brands with solutions to marketing challenges.

A new superbrand strategy, amplified across the entire Nine Network to extend brand reach in a contextually relevant environment.

Is your brand ready to turn down the music and start a conversation?

Contact us for more information on how your brand can leverage the power of Nine to deliver real business outcomes.