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As a US-based streaming service, how could Amazon Prime Video effectively launch and get noticed in a strong Australia streaming market with many established players?


When Prime Video were looking to break into the Australian streaming market, they needed a trusted storytelling partner. Nine’s Publishing brands were identified as the most relevant partner for the launch of their first Australian documentary series: The Test – A New Era for the Australian team. 

At the core of the campaign, Prime Video needed to create awareness and impact, whilst also introducing the audience to the complex emotions of the cricket storyline.


The campaign was bought to life across print and digital. Digitally, it launched with the First Impression Takeover delivering maximum impact through a bespoke brand and talent featured on the front cover.

This integrated partnership was enhanced with the in-magazine feature bringing to life the show’s key themes of pressure and redemption in the Australian cricket team.

To bring The Test story to life and drive talkability, Nine created an immersive advertorial. This digital media execution mixes longform storytelling with innovative digital, including video and interviews.

Amazon x Good Weekend

Giving readers the chance to be fully immersed in the content, Good Weekend also provided a highly credible storytelling environment to launch The Test story in Australia. Print was key to visually launching the show, whilst connecting to audiences through authentic and trusted stories.

Digi Assets
Exec Style + Guide

Key to this execution was the editorial partnership, starting with front page Sydney Morning Herald and The Age drivers to The Guide editorial. This included a front cover of The Test talent for The Guide and a three-page story dedicated to Amazon The Test. Also included was a front cover in Executive Style featuring The Test talent Pat Cummins and a full story in the magazine. Finally, there were six editorial stories prompting and reporting on The Test that ran across the mastheads

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As a US-based streaming service, Prime Video needed credibility and authenticity to launch The Test. Partnering with Nine was a crucial strategy to cement Prime Video within existing cricket culture, brought to life through a fully integrated native solution. From day one, Nine shared the same dedication and passion for the campaign as we did, and consistently pushed the boundaries for Prime Video – including launching a false cover for the Good Weekend and making use of behind-the-scenes imagery. As the first local original title in Australia, the campaign performed exceptionally well, exceeding benchmarks within days of launch.

Camille Gray
Strategist RUFUS