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Experience a better way to buy Total TV with Nine Galaxy

The future of TV advertising is Total TV and Nine’s proprietary technology, Nine Galaxy, allows media buyers to harness the power of TV across all platforms in one simple transaction.

Nine Galaxy first launched in 2017, automating and guaranteeing audiences on all off-peak and multi-channel TV inventory. In 2018, Nine opened the platform to make it possible to book linear TV and BVOD in a single transaction. Nine Galaxy is not only a seamless buying experience for Total TV, it’s also a foolproof way to reach your target audience, with all campaigns delivered to 100% agreed audience, removing the need for makegoods.

100% audience guaranteed

No need for makegoods

Maximise the power of Total TV in one transaction


Here’s what some of our users have to say about Nine Galaxy

“Nine Galaxy is seamless and aligns with our agency process and client deliverables”

– Karena Comber, Accountability Director


“Nine Galaxy has been successful in delivering on its promise, taking admin hours away from TV buying and delivering audiences guarantees to 100%”

– Stef Drazic, Trading Manager


“When combined with a good TV buyer, it absolutely enhances the effectiveness of a TV campaign and we would highly recommend it”

– Nick Thomas, National Head of Investment


How does it work?

Nine Galaxy dynamically schedules advertising across Nine’s five free-to-air TV channels and broadcast video on demand (BVOD) platform, 9Now, against a set of buying parameters to deliver 100% agreed audience for an advertiser.

The ability to measure across BVOD and linear TV inventory in the one buy is powered by OzTAM’s VOZ data, which determines incremental reach achieved via BVOD.

How is a campaign implemented?

Campaigns scheduled by Nine Galaxy are dynamic schedules, meaning they are optimised nightly based on the latest Nine Predict forecast to meet audience guarantees.  Nine Galaxy manages the delivery of the campaign objectives and makes good audience in real time.

How is it priced?

Nine Galaxy is based on an optimised schedule at time of booking and the client’s negotiated rate. There is no price premium associated with Nine Galaxy.

From mid-2022, Nine Galaxy will work off a guaranteed CPM model, and will be as easy as 1, 2, 3 to book Total TV campaigns.

All you will have to do is:

Define your budget upfront, along with your buying parameters such as demographic, market, campaign dates and material duration

Select how much audience you will need and when you will need it

Experience automated delivery and guaranteed audience across Nine’s Total TV inventory

No makegoods | No shortfalls | 100% audience guaranteed

Can I use Nine Galaxy across Metro and Regional TV?

Nine Galaxy is currently fully operational across metro markets, with plans to be rolled out for regional TV in early 2022. This advancement will mean that for the first time, agencies and clients can buy Nine’s live linear TV audiences across Australia.

    • - All the benefits of dynamic trading in regional aggregated markets
    • - One transaction and guaranteed audiences across metro and regional Australia
NineGalaxyUnlocked0000 copy

Coming soon Nine Galaxy Unlocked

In 2022, Nine will give agency partners direct access to live availability for Nine’s linear, live-streaming and on-demand TV inventory, and provide agencies with self-service access and API integration to make Nine Galaxy easier to use than ever.

Speaking on Nine Galaxy Unlocked at Nine’s 2022 Upfront, Chief Sales Officer, Michael Stephenson, said:

“The changes will allow agencies to plan, buy and optimise campaigns with live access to avails, and track and post-analyse total TV campaigns with greater efficiency. Of course, with Nine Galaxy there are no shortfalls, no makegoods, just guaranteed outcomes. This is truly a game-changer for media buyers.”

Recap on Nine’s Chief Sales Officer unveiling Nine Galaxy Unlocked at Nine’s 2022 Upfront event.

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