Nine is at the forefront of the Australian media industry when it comes to offering a range of technology solutions to ensure advertising is the most efficient it can be.



9Galaxy is Nine’s automated buying technology that enables advertisers to implement a campaign across our linear TV channels and video on demand inventory and dynamically follow a target audience, no matter what channel or platform they watch on. The most efficient way to buy TV, no make-goods required!

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9Galaxy to date

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9Galaxy to date

of base inventory (Nine Off Peak + Multichannels) booked through 9Galaxy in 2020 (Agency Groups)


“9Galaxy has led the way as Australia’s most advanced automated buying platform for TV and BVOD inventory since 2018 and will from November 1 make the transactional and reporting process of radio inventory more efficient too,”

Richard Hunwick Nine’s Director of Sales – Television and Radio


9 Voyager

9Voayger is designed for small business owners in mind, enabling business owners to harness the power of TV advertising through an online portal. Similar to how you would implement a video advertising campaign with global tech players, you can now do this with Australia’s best TV network.