Nine is committed to providing charities and communities with the right support

As one of Australia’s most connected media companies, Nine is committed to providing charities and communities with the right support. This primarily comes in the form of media exposure, but also through employee engagement opportunities, as well as the two days of incremental leave granted for charity work to each employee across Nine.

Nine’s reach in terms of both depth and breadth makes it a unique platform for many needy individuals and organisations, and Nine Cares’ commitment to continuing its role in drawing attention and support to some of Australia’s most critical social issues remains unwavering.

Across FY20 we have provided support and coverage across Nine’s different platforms. In the wake of COVID-19, Nine knew that it would be a very tough period for everyone. We opened up additional inventory across our network to support key messages around hygiene, mental health, family assistance, and a variety of support networks. Since we opened this inventory, we have provided over 43 million digital impressions.

We connected our sales force to support Gotcha 4 Life, taking on the #COLIV19 challenge. Employees were required to reach out to 19 people in 19 days via a video chat to check in and see how they were. Our most senior members of the team participated in this cause and drew increased attention to it by posting daily updates on their extensive LinkedIn networks. We have also provided in-program support across the NRL via Gotcha 4 Life ambassador, Gus Worland.

Broadcast CSAs
Nine Radio CSAs
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CSA = community service announcement

9 News and A Current Affair are instrumental vehicles to share stories and raise awareness. Across FY20, some of the key stories we promoted and shared included Children’s Hospital Telethons, The Sunrise Orphanage in Cambodia which raised over $700,000 in donations and coverage of Ocean Heroes Australia, bringing awareness for a cause that injects joy to children living with autism.

Nine continues to support the Mark Hughes Foundation, which raises awareness and funding for Brain Cancer research. We supported the Beanie for Brain Cancer campaign across our broadcast properties, through in-program promotion and utilised our own talent to wear and post themselves wearing the beanies. We also encouraged all staff to participate by sharing links to where beanies could be purchased. This year $2.6 million was raised across the period.

Nine Cares continues its involvement in communities around Australia by sponsoring local council events and surf clubs, as well as The Monash Children’s Hospital, the Treasure Chest Charity and the Mothers’ Day Classic, as well as Carols by Candlelight across many capital cities.

The Fairfax Foundation

The Fairfax Foundation, established in 1959 with an independent charter, provides assistance to current and former employees and their dependants through a range of grants and other benefits. The Foundation provided $956,796 in financial grants and other benefits to eligible beneficiaries (employees and former employees of Nine and associated eligible companies) during the 2020 financial year.