The national mood takes an upward turn this month; brands taking a stand on vaccination are being rewarded; growth categories post-lockdown. Find out what's hot and what's not in this issue of Nine's Consumer Pulse.

 Consumer Pulse surveys over 2,000 national respondents spanning Nine’s TV, digital, print and talk radio audiences. The fortnightly survey canvasses the thoughts, purchasing intentions and mood of the nation, to better inform and educate marketers on how they can reach and engage Australian audiences. 

Inside this month's Consumer Pulse dip: 3-6 September, 2021


Mood of the nation



Growth Categories post-lockdown



Conversation starters


Mood of the nation

Even with the country still in a state of flux with the various levels of restrictions and lockdowns, and the continuing challenges faced with the national COVID vaccination rollout, we have seen the national mood take an upward turn this month, with positive mood indicators trending up.

Mood tracker: Net positive vs net negative mood

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Dominant mood indicators

We are seeing positive sentiments around hope, optimism and calm trending up, but so are (probably unsurprisingly) boredom, isolation and scepticism. Meanwhile, frustration and annoyance are trending down.

Dominant emotions: last 10 waves

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Brands taking a stand on vaccination are being rewarded

Until recently, responsibility for the vaccination rollout has sat squarely with government bodies, and the Nine audience opinion is divided on whether the government is doing enough – 45% say yes, and 46% say no.

Enter brands and businesses, who we have seen starting to take a greater role giving the rollout momentum. Audience opinion is far less divided on whether this is the right thing to do, with 81% of Nine’s audiences thinking that brands and businesses should encourage people to vaccinate.

Those taking the lead are being remembered, with the Qantas and Woolworths campaigns topping the list for campaign recall (prompted).

Top 5 brand campaigns encouraging vaccination


Qantas 'Fly away/Be rewarded'


Woolworths 'It's time to roll up our sleeve'


Nine 'This is our shot'


Virgin Australia 'Missing the feeling
of flying'


Tourism Australia 'It's our best shot
for travel'

Growth categories post-lockdown

Let’s look beyond the current situation to when vaccination targets have been achieved, lockdowns have eased, and life is returning to COVID normal.

There are a number of categories where audiences are looking to increase their spend, and these follow similar patterns regardless of whether audiences’ household incomes are currently affected or not. The top categories include areas relating to new-found freedom, including travel, out-of-home dining, and bars and entertainment, along with areas to make us look better – clothing and footwear – and feel better about where we live – hardware and gardening.

Top 10 categories where audiences are looking to increase spend post-lockdown

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Conversation starters

There is a real opportunity for brands to tap into some of the other themes fuelling opinions and conversations this month:

Back to nature

Top on the list of Australia’s natural wonders that Nine’s audiences would most like to visit are the Great Barrier Reef (54%), Uluru (48%), Kakadu (48%) and Ningaloo Reef (36%).


Brand consideration

With so many amazing natural places dotted across the country, it really is a great opportunity to align your brand to nature as an area resonating with our audiences.

Biscuit battle royale

Ritz vs Jatz? It’s a fight to the death for the nation’s most popular savoury biscuit, with votes for Ritz (36%) narrowly beating Jatz (35%). Blessed are the cheesemakers!

Brand consideration

Not necessarily relating to cheese biscuits, but are there fun and interesting ways to position your brand versus a competitor in the market?


High flyers and border disputes

Travel is still top-of-mind – 66% of AFR readers are planning an interstate trip next year. Meanwhile 77% disagree that COVID-free states such as WA and Queensland should maintain a hard border, even after 80% of the adult population is vaccinated.


Brand consideration

Think about how brands can authentically and positively tap into the moments when the country, and the world, starts opening up again.

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