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The national mood is positive overall; unseasonably low purchase considerations; and domestic travel, Christmas gifting and prioritising saving are fuelling opinions and conversations this month. Find out what’s hot and what’s not in this issue of Nine’s Consumer Pulse.

Consumer Pulse surveys over 2,000 national respondents spanning Nine’s TV, digital, print and talk radio audiences. The monthly survey canvasses the thoughts, purchasing intentions and mood of the nation, to better inform and educate marketers on how they can reach and engage Australian audiences.

Inside this month's Consumer Pulse dip: 4-7 November, 2022

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Mood of the Nation


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Purchase Considerations

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Conversation Starters


Mood of the Nation

The national mood remains stable this month and positive overall. Feelings of calm, relaxation, hope and optimism remain the top four dominant emotions across the board, although anxiousness creeps in to round up the top five dominant emotions.

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Dominant mood indicators

The top ten dominant moods are an even mix of positive and negative emotions, with positive emotions such as calm, relaxed, hopeful and optimistic topping the list.

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Purchase consideration - unseasonably low

Consumer confidence appears to have taken another dip this month, with purchase consideration for any major purchasing category down overall despite the festive season fast approaching.

Around 1 in 4 (26%) of Nine’s audiences have considered purchasing clothing in the past week and 1 in 5 (22%) have looked into a holiday in Australia or overseas. Purchase intent for a holiday in Australia has declined 3 percentage points from the previous quarter (August 22) and is down 10 percentage points from the same time last year. When surveyed, around half (53%) of Nine’s audiences agreed that the rising cost of living is affecting my ability to travel.

Purchase intent for investments is also down (7%) year-on-year.

Top 5 Major Purchase Consideration Categories





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A holiday in Australia


A holiday outside Australia



Conversation Starters

There is a real opportunity for brands to tap into some of the other themes fuelling opinions and conversations this month.

1 in 3 Australians plan to cancel flying

Of those that have considered holidaying in Australia in the past week around one-third (31%) plan to holiday within the state they live in due to concerns around possible flight cancellations and/ or airport chaos.

La Niña is less of a deterrent to travellers. Only 16% agree that La Niña and the unpredictable climate is discouraging me from travelling within Australia and only 10% agree that it is discouraging me from travelling overseas.

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Brand consideration

As consumers shift to exploring locally this holiday season and search for inspiration, having a strong brand presence on relevant platforms is a must.

Toys and games in Christmas stockings this year

The majority (81%) of Nine’s audiences plan to purchase Christmas gifts this year. Of those, 41% will be buying toys and games, an increase of 11 percentage points from the same time last year. Additionally, around one-third plan to purchase gift cards (38%), alcohol (33%), food and drinks (31%), apparel, shoes and accessories (31%), chocolates (30%) or books and magazines (30%) as gifts.

In total, Nine audiences are planning to spend around $960 on Christmas gifts this year ($146 less than last year).

Brand consideration

Ensure your product offering includes affordable items, as consumers plan to spend less on Christmas gifts this year.

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Saving: a priority

When asked what they would do with an extra $100, more than one-third (38%) of Nine’s audiences said they would save it. This was followed by 1 in 4 who said they would pay a bill while a further 21% would treat themselves.  People aged 65 years or over are less likely to save it, and women overall are more likely to treat themselves.

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Brand consideration

As consumers are money-conscious this holiday season, brands must find interesting ways to stand out and utilise unique selling points to grab our attention.

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