Reintroducing the OMODA 5 to Australia

Chery Motors, a prominent automobile manufacturer, aimed to make a significant impact in the Australian market by reintroducing the OMODA 5, with an accompanying campaign to launch the brands return to Australia.

In March 2023, the OMODA 5 made its debut in local showrooms, joining a lineup that includes other upcoming SUV models such as the Chery Tiggo 7 Pro and Tiggo 8 Pro.

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TODAY Show's ultimate car giveaway: the hand-on-car challenge

To generate hype around the launch of OMODA 5, a stylish and feature-packed crossover SUV, Chery Motors turned to Australia’s most talked about breakfast show, TODAY, to reach an engaged audience at scale.

In one of the biggest stunts ever seen on Breakfast TV, six contestants battled it out to see who could keep their hand on the car longest, with the winner walking away with a brand-new Chery OMODA 5.

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The TODAY Show built anticipation with teasers prior to the launch of the competition. The competition began with a live segment in the studio, and daily call-to-action prompts were used throughout the week to encourage viewers to participate online.

The competition featured six contestants, with the official judge, TODAY’s tech expert, Trevor Long, monitoring contestants to ensure they kept their hands on the car. Weather host Tim Davies provided updates and enticements from the studio, Karl Stefanovic and Sarah Abo engaged with the contestants, and A Current Affair also covered the contest.

The endurance challenge lasted for an incredible 25 hours, with two finalists, Matias Rodriguez and Steven Snowden, locked in a psychological battle. Steven declared victory through a coin toss and a strategic briefcase swap, securing the car prize.

The entire competition was live streamed on TODAY’s Facebook page, with multiple social media posts on the show’s Facebook and Instagram pages.


Over 16K people entered the giveaway. The entire contest was live-streamed on TODAY Show's Facebook.

Over 16K people entered the giveaway. The entire contest was live-streamed on TODAY Show's Facebook.

Across 24 posts on TODAY Show's Facebook and Instagram, the contest delivered:


Total organic impressions


Total organic engagements


Total organic video views

Source: @Todayshow Facebook, @Todayshow Instagram 2023. 

Andrew Haurissa

"​​Throughout the partnership, over 100 segments featuring Chery were featured on TODAY, spanning various days and formats, including a pre-promote segment with industry expert Trent Nikolic, the editor of popular motoring publication These segments included weekend pre-promotions, online articles, and even a feature on a top current affairs program, A Current Affair.

​This comprehensive approach led to an impressive 40 million PR impressions, alongside the capture of data from over 10,000 competition entrants. Additionally, the competition period saw a notable increase in website traffic, underscoring the positive impact of the partnership on Chery's online presence and potential to generate sales leads. Additionally, a number of our customers have also mentioned having seen the car on TODAY Show prior to purchasing via one of our dealership."

Andrew Haurissa - Marketing Director, Chery Motors

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