How The Block helped establish Catch as a household name

Catch wanted to position as a platform for regular shopping habits as opposed to ad hoc purchases, build brand awareness and ensure Catch is a household name by driving traffic to the website.


The Block, Australia’s longest running reality TV program and ratings powerhouse, amplified the notion that Catch makes the purchase experience easy, fast and reliable. The Block was the perfect platform for Catch to amplify their brand message as like many Australian households, the Blockheads live and breathe by their budget and Catch offers a range of over a million products at affordable prices.



Catch successfully leveraged it’s Block sponsorship by utilising in program integration to demonstrate the ease of shopping online with, deliveries and unboxing across the season, bespoke challenges, ‘Australia’s favourite’ messaging across billboard creative and ‘inspired by’ product collections utilising The Block IP.


Over the course of The Block, in its first year as a sponsor, Catch was effective in building brand awareness, consideration increased, resulting in a significant uplift in brand preference. Importantly, this came at the expense of Ebay, providing a strategic benefit against a major competitor.  

+12% PTS

+8% PTS

Source: Gemba brand health study 2020.

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