3AW is Melbourne’s number one station – the station Melbourne turns to for breaking news, opinions and information on what’s happening locally and around the country. It’s also home to Victoria’s best-known commentators: Ross Stevenson, Russel Howcroft, Neil Mitchell, Dee Dee Dunleavy, Tom Elliott, Brooke Corte and Denis Walter. On weekends, Darren James hosts Melbourne’s most popular show, and 3AW Football brings all the colour and excitement of the AFL to fans across Melbourne.

Each program is packed with current affairs, news coverage as it happens, interviews with famous faces from around the world, regular topical segments, finance and sporting updates and great giveaways.

We have a strong, interactive relationship with our listeners – a direct line into the moods, thoughts and opinions of the diverse Melbourne community.

If Melbourne’s talking about it, we’re talking about it.

Tagline / Call to Action:

Talking Melbourne 3AW
Melbourne’s own 3AW
Melbourne’s Number 1 – 3AW

Target Audience:

People 40+

URL / Destination:

3AW.com.au, 3AW app, DAB+

Brand Language:

Trustworthy, reliable, credible, influential, opinion, 24/7, conversation, local.

Colour Palette:

R:0 G:87 B:183
C:100 M:52 Y:0 K:27

R:0 G:0 B:0
C:75 M:75 Y:75 K:75



Full Colour - Primary


Mono - Primary


Full Colour - Secondary