Australia's Renovation Blockbuster Returns With A Tree Change in 2022

The Block is set for a “tree change” in 2022 when it returns for an incredible 18th Season.

In the last two years, there has been the largest exodus of people to regional areas from Australia’s major cities since the 19th-century gold rush.  And for the first time, television’s toughest building challenge will head to the bush to transform a set of country houses into someone’s great Australian dream.


Host Scott Cam will welcome a new batch of eager Blockheads as they build perfect homes out among the gumtrees, with 10 acres each

And for the first time ever, Scotty Cam will be building alongside the contestants, which will add an exciting layer to the contestants and audiences at home.

2022 will be The Block’s Biggest Season yet – so get ready for a season full of new design, creativity and opportunity for our Blockheads.

Adrian Swift

"The Block is going up the country and our five new Blockhead couples will be building and renovating the most spectacular houses, on the biggest blocks, the show has ever seen. The pandemic has meant that people all over Australia are moving to the country - to commute, to live or just for the weekend. The Block 2022 is at the forefront of this trend with ultimate escape from the city."

Adrian Swift - Head of content, development and production, Nine 

A Proven Performer In 2021


Timeslot Winner
All key demos

+947k Viewers
Per episode

National BVOD
audience LIVE + VOD
(+59% YOY)

706 Million
Total minutes
(+73% YOY

Viewership Metro Block

TV Source: OzTAM (Metro), Total people, (P25-54, P16-39, GS+CH), consolidated 7 data (at 11/11/21), average audience, cume reach. 08/08/21-07/11/21. THE BLOCK (Nine) excl encores 9NOW SOURCE: OzTAM LIVE + VOD VPM, The Block, 08/08/2021 - 7/11/2021 v Ep 1-3, Ep 33-35 (23/08/2020 - 22/11/2020), Ep 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48 (30/08/2020 – 26/11/2020), Ep 5-7, 9-11, 13-15, 17-19, 21-23, 25-27, 29-31, 41-42, 45-46 (31/08/2020 – 23/11/2020), Ep 37-39, 43, 47 (27/10/2020 – 24/11/2020), Ep 49 (22/11/2020 – 29/11/2020), includes co-viewing on connected TV devices. Note: 2020 season of The Block had 49 episodes compared to this year’s 50

Captivating Regional Australia


3.275 Million
Regional viewers
reached in 2021

1.54 Million
Of those reached
were P25-54

Regional Audience
Per episode

Commercial share (P16-39)

Commercial share
(P25-54) +3% YOY

Average Audience

Viewership Regional

26% of minutes were viewed by Regional Australia in 2021

181 Million total minutes viewed by Regional Australia in 2021

Source: Regional TAM data, Combined Agg Mkts, Total people & P25-54, consolidated 7 data (at 11/11/21), average audience, std 1 min cume reach. 08/08/21-07/11/21. THE BLOCK (Nine Content Affiliates) excl encores. 9Now source: OzTAM LIVE + VOD VPM, The Block, 08/08/2021 - 7/11/2021, includes co-viewing on connected TV devices

Creative Execution Examples

Challenge RM10 Domain Open House-164


How do we drive new downloads of the domain app each week to explore the exclusive property listings?

2021 saw a record year for the property market and Domain understands that for those in the process of buying and selling property, it is one of life's most stressful decisions.

Domain wanted a single-minded approach to this year's The Block partnership, where all integrations focused on delivering a consistent brand message driving app downloads and listing views.


A partnership between Australia’s home of property, Domain and Nine’s No.1 rating renovation program, The Block, was the ideal way to showcase all the ways the Domain app can help property owners and seekers buy, rent, or sell their home, feeling confident in the process.


Domain’s in-program integration was celebrated across the entire block journey.

With help of Nine, Domain built an integrated partnership using the full suite of  Nine’s ecosystem. A multi-channel approach, involving the digital integration of  each party’s channels, enabled Domain to present bold, engaging integrations for all key property moments throughout The Block’s season.

Nine contributed to this seamless integration, building Domain’s app features which were proven to help contestants and allow them to create their own exclusive listings. Domain talent was also present throughout the series  to bring an approachable expertise to important property moments.

To further enhance the integration, Nine also created bespoke and exclusive content which was housed on Domain’s own channels to engage both fans of the show and consumers in the property journey. The ongoing collaboration at all levels allowed for successful integration within The Block.


The campaign was a huge success, achieving record goals year-on-year:

• 118% increase in listing views

• 594% increase in total app views

• A highly engaged audience across The Block content on Domain, with a 60% increase in article page views

Domain are committed to working on more innovative ways to integrate their  sponsorship for years to come.

Opportunities For Brands

Integrated Challenges






What to expect!

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Television’s toughest building challenge will head to the bush to transform a set of country houses into someone’s great Australian dream.

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