In 2021 Nine will launch a lineup of new Australian content, a new super brand, activate new technology, unlock a data partnership that will change your approach to marketing forever and introduce a whole new way of working with Nine to deliver better results for your business.

Nine has never been bigger, Nine has never been stronger, Nine has never been better positioned to help you grow.

Recap Nine's Upfront 2021

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The Power of Nine in 2021
Michael Stephenson, Chief Sales Officer

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People based marketing with Nine and Adobe
Nick Young, Director of Sales – Digital & Publishing

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Let’s talk Nine Radio in 2021
Richard Hunwick, Director of Sales – Television & Radio

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Realising big effective marketing ideas
Liana Dubois, Director of Powered by Nine

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The biggest TV moments coming to the 9Network in 2021
Lizzie Young, Managing Director, Group Marketing & Local Markets

New in 2021

Nine Audience Match
in partnership with Adobe

Nine has signed a partnership with Adobe, one of the world’s leading marketing and data technology companies. The ground-breaking partnership will integrate the Nine dataset into Adobe Audience Manager as a custom destination, a first for an Australian publisher, enabling marketers to harness the power of Nine’s 13 million signed-in users like never before.

What this means for marketers:

• An alternative to traditional and digital publishers to implement true people-based marketing.
• Upload customer datasets without leaving the Adobe ecosystem.
• Match, segment, buy and optimise every dollar spent across the Nine digital network.

Australia’s greatest content.

More diversity.
Every screen.
Big marketing moments.

We’ve never been more measurable, more accountable, and more effective when it comes to providing you with Australia’s best video and cross platform content opportunities that deliver you real business outcomes. In 2021, our offering is diverse, made for every screen, to deliver you big market moments.

What this means for marketers:

• More integration opportunities, across more mainstream platforms.
• Audiences at scale, in the demographics you are looking for.
• Consistency in our content offering all year round.
• Harness the power of a new finance super brand, Money with Brooke Corte. Enabling you to unlock the full Nine ecosystem to amplify your story. Read More


A new way of working with Nine.

Introducing Powered Enterprise, built not only to maximise your brand and marketing investment, but more-importantly, built to connect you more deeply into Nine as a business.

Powered enterprise is for those wanting to move beyond a media transaction relationship, beyond spots and CPMs, impressions, pages and schedules. It is for those with a willingness to do things differently.  For those prepared to share what has not been shared before. And for those wishing to share in accountability to a result.

Powered Enterprise unlocks Nine’s business and connects our C-suites. It navigates Nine far beyond Marketing and Advertising alone, but with recognition of the importance of Marketing led business growth.

Realising big effective ideas.

Powered enterprise sits alongside Powered by Nine’s marketing solutions team, built specifically to help brands grab hold of big marketing moments that are amplified through amazing content. Whether you are looking for help strategically with cultural or consumer insights, a deeper understanding of advertising effectiveness, creative, or content marketing know-how, Powered can be an end-to-end solution – or a key piece of the puzzle on your way to amazing, marketing-led outcomes.

Don’t take our word for, here’s what some of our clients have to say.


“It’s the most effective program integration and sponsorship of this type that I have seen in 30 years of marketing experience… I’m not exaggerating to  say it’s been transformative for the hipages business in so many ways.”

Stuart Tucker
Chief Customer Officer, Hipages


“The trust that exists in these sorts of partnerships is really critical, everyone is headed towards a common goal on making an impact for the brand which is so critical for us as a business.”

Jo Feeney
Director of Marketing, McDonald's 


“We saw brand consideration scores we haven’t seen for many many years.”

Kjetil Undhjem
Head of Marketing and Brand Strategy, ANZ

State of Originality

The state of origin has long been Australia’s Superbowl in terms of the audience it attracts. Now is the time for the same to be true of the advertising contained within it.

The State of Originality is a call to arms for marketers and creative teams, to elevate the power and importance of creativity in delivering results. We know that creative, meaning the actual ad itself can be responsible for up to 50% of the total effect of a campaign. Reach is responsible for the rest. Utopia is to crack both and believe us, Utopia does exist.

The State of Origin reaches up to 4million people. We’ve got the reach covered and we invite you to crack the creative as part of Nine’s State of Originality within the State of Origin 2021.

Will you be the brand and creative team to take out the awarded $1million* in advertising inventory across all of Nine’s assets?

*Promotion subject to terms and conditions

Buying made easy.

From November Nine will expand our 9Galaxy technology that already exists across our broadcast network and apply it to our radio network, making transacting and reporting of radio easier than ever before.

Experience the 9Galaxy guarantee today, and never need to ask for a make-good ever again – it’s 100% audience guarantee, every time, every campaign across TV and BVOD, while making buying radio easier than ever before.

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