We are living in uncertain times, but one thing is certain: the better we understand audiences, the better we can serve their needs and wants as marketers. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Nine has launched and conducts a fortnightly consumer sentiment poll to understand how we can help brands connect with our audiences in 2020.  

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Consumer Pulse is undertaken via short online surveys conducted fortnightly with Nine’s audiences - across linear television, 9Now and digital properties (and network sites), plus readers of news mastheads The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Australian Financial Review (print + digital) and listeners of Nine Radio stations (2GB, 3AW, 4BC, 6PR, 2UE, 4BH, 6GT and Magic).

Capturing the mood

Week 26 - commencing November 15, 2020

Hot topics: COVID and life beyond


Free lunch

69% of Sydney Morning Herald readers say they will use the $25 hospitality vouchers provided by the NSW Government as part of its budget announcement


Evans pulled 

61% of 9Nation viewers agree that retailers have done the right thing by pulling Pete Evans’ products from their shelves


Not beaten 

77% of 3AW listeners say they don’t believe Victoria has permanently beaten COVID-19

Mood of the nation 

The national mood has lifted again this week – emotional indicators show that the balance is tipping more strongly towards positive sentiments than negative. The dominant emotions are hope (40%), optimism (32%) and calm (25%), although there are lingering undercurrents of frustration (21%) and anxiety (17%).

Mood tracker: Net positive vs net negative mood

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State handling developments

The state-based story through the recession and COVID response continues to evolve. Audience attitudes towards their State Governments’ handling of current developments relating to COVID and the economy are shifting. Compared to August:

  • Those in NSW and Victoria feel more positive toward their State Governments’ approach
  • Those in WA and SA feel less positive, those in Queensland significantly so

There are also differing views on the state-based approach to decision making:

61% of The Age readers say there should be a national agreement on border policy to overcome different State and Territory approaches during the pandemic

55% of 2GB listeners disagree that NSW should have closed its border with South Australia in the wake of their recent outbreak

Handling well: % who say their State/Territory Government is handling developments ‘extremely/quite well’

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Handling poorly: % say their State/Territory Government is handling developments ‘extremely/quite poorly’

Note: sample sizes were too low to report on ACT, NT or Tasmania
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Mental health and wellbeing: opinions divided

This month our category focus is on mental health and wellbeing. Across Nine’s audiences, far from being an issue with consensus, opinions are divided.

Attitudes differ on whether it is an issue that is relevant to them: 

  • 51% say “it’s an issue for people in society including me”
  • 38% say “it’s an issue for other people but not me”
  • 5% say “I don’t think it’s a major issue”

Audiences disagree on where responsibility mainly lies for looking after the mental health and wellbeing of Australians
– for example:

  • 80% say it’s with government (whether local, state or federal)
  • 53% say it’s with individuals
  • 42% say it’s with community or charity organisations
  • 37% say it’s with business or the private sector

And the outlook on the mental health and wellbeing of Australians in a year’s time is by no means clear:

  • 32% feel optimistic
  • 34% feel pessimistic
  • 34% feel neither optimistic nor pessimistic

With opinions divided, the challenge for brands, marketers and content producers will be how to address different needs and mindsets, and navigate a way through.

Stay tuned!

We will be exploring these issues and more in further detail over the coming month’s, with our category focus reports which will be released in 2021.

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