The national mood has dipped in light of recent events; faith in vaccines remains high, and nothing trumps trusted news. Find out what's hot and what's not in this issue of Nine's Consumer Pulse.

 Consumer Pulse surveys over 2,000 national respondents spanning Nine’s TV, digital, print and talk radio audiences. The fortnightly survey canvasses the thoughts, purchasing intentions and mood of the nation, to better inform and educate marketers on how they can reach and engage Australian audiences. 

Inside this month's Consumer Pulse dip: 9-12 July, 2021


Mood of the nation



Trusted news rules



Conversation starters


Mood of the nation

The national mood has dipped in light of recent events, as Australians weather the latest round of restrictions and lockdowns. 

In fact, 87% of SMH readers agreed with the decision to extend the lockdown in Greater Sydney an extra week, and 86% of AFR readers think the current measures are too lenient or about right.

Mood tracker: Net positive vs net negative mood

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Dominant mood indicators

While frustration, annoyance and anxiety are up, feelings of calmness and safety are prevailing.

Dominant emotions: last 10 waves

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Faith in vaccines remains high, if faith in the Federal Government is faltering

The vast majority of Nine’s audiences (86%) believe that a COVID-19 vaccine is the best way to help life get going again, up slightly on June results (84%).   

However, we have seen declines in those who think the Federal Government is handling current developments well across the board.  As ever, the stories are different at a state level: opinion remains high in WA, has increased in Victoria, held steady in Queensland, and probably to no surprise has dropped sharply in NSW.

State Govt handling developments well

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Disinformation and mixed messages are finding their way in 

While audiences navigate through conflicting messages from governments, they are also noticing other information coming through, with 61% of 9Nation viewers feeling they are more exposed to anti-vaxxer content now than prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Some 65% of 9Nation viewers agree that changing advice around Australia's rollout of COVID-19 vaccines is contributing to the rise of anti-vaxxer communities and content. 

It is a race, and the vaccine is our only hope. If Australians don’t get vaccinated soon, we may succumb to a massive wave of COVID-19 we won’t be able to stop. We need clear and compelling advice to out-shout the disinformation.

Trusted News Rules

Trusted sources of news are more important than ever, with 85% of our audiences saying they are turning to news sources they trust to keep them up to date with developments. 

When it comes to the media platforms they are most likely to turn to, these include TV (72%), News websites (67%) and Radio (57%). Not only is Nine home to Australia’s most visited commercial news site,, our cross-platform news ecosystem spanning TV, digital, print and radio is second to none. 

Used in recent weeks for timely & accurate news updates on COVID

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Conversely, the media platforms respondents trust the least include Facebook (trusted by 6%), YouTube (4%), Twitter (4%) and Reddit (2%). 

News is an effective platform to grow your brand.  Peter Field, said analysis of the IPA Databank presents, “An absolutely unarguable story for the inclusion of news brands in media schedules… with advertising that includes news in the media mix more likely to lead to major long-term business effects”.

Conversation starters

There is a real opportunity for brands to tap into some of the other themes fuelling opinions and conversations this month:

A good time to invest

Some 46% of AFR readers are taking advantage of market conditions and considering investments. 


Brand consideration

Help them to feel more confident, to make good decisions for themselves as individuals and collectively as a society, and for their businesses. 

Crimes of fashion

Many Australians are prepared to admit to previous fashion crimes - 34% admit to having worn Ugg boots outside31% have worn clashing colours, and 26% have worn double denim – Canadian tuxedo anyone? 

Brand consideration

There is ample opportunity for fashion retailers to help redeem these egregious wrongs, and have a bit of fun with it along the way!


Happy lockdown birthday!

When asked about favourite nostalgic kids party foods, the 9Nation panel leaned towards classic fairy bread (64%), chocolate crackles (61%), followed by party pies and mini sausage rolls (50%). 


Brand consideration

With us spending more time in lockdowns, think about ways to reinvent old birthday classics, and even get inspiration and ideas from Aussies cooped up in their homes.

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