Strutting with confidence: Elevating Snaffle's brand presence

Snaffle set out on a journey to amplify their brand's visibility through the dynamic concept of the 'Snaffle Strut'. This innovative campaign was designed to not only increase awareness, but drive consideration and conversion by engaging audiences in a way that resonated deeply with their desires and lifestyle.

The Snaffle Strut embodies the confident, empowered feeling customers experience when they use Snaffle to get exactly what they want, whenever they want it, through convenient, bite-sized payments.

Designed to showcase the strut of satisfaction, Snaffle needed a premium content partnership that transformed everyday moments into celebrations of self.


Snaffle At First Sight

Snaffle teamed up with former bride besties and fan-favourites from Married At First Sight Season 9, Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding, to deliver a brand-new digital content series, Dom and Ella’s Dinner Party Debriefs.

By partnering with Married At First Sight, Australia’s biggest social experiment, Snaffle harnessed the power of an engaged audience to drive talkability and spotlight the Snaffle Strut through multiple touchpoints across Nine’s ecosystem.

The campaign combined the scale of Married At First Sight, talent-led content and IP to drive engagement with the Snaffle Strut.


Housed on the official Married At First Sight website and 9Now, Dom and Ella's Dinner Party Debriefs featured the duo’s recap and reaction of the Dinner Parties each week, crowning their Snaffle Strut of the Week for the boldest and most confident participant. These highlights were then amplified through social cutdowns on the official Married At First Sight Instagram account.

Throughout the campaign, Nine created three bespoke Viewer Polls, which drove viewers to the official Married At First Sight website with logo integration.

To further enhance the partnership, Snaffle leveraged the power of Married At First Sight IP across their digital and social channels. This was included across Snaffle’s website, owned and operated social media platforms, and EDMs sent out by Snaffle to their database as well as digital magazines. As part of the Married At First Sight IP, Snaffle had access to the current logo as well as clips from the series which were used across their social channels.


The campaign delivered significant results and uplift

+49% Increase In Positive Sentiment

Snaffle’s sponsorship of Married At First Sight has driven a significant uplift in positive sentiment among viewers aged 18-39.

+20% Uplift In Consideration

Snaffle’s sponsorship of Married At First Sight drove the strongest consideration uplift of + 20% by 18-39 viewers.

+80% Recall

Across Snaffle’s Viewer Polls, exceeding the industry standard by 25%.

Source: Gemba Brand Study 2024 


We’d identified Married At First Sight as an ideal format to reach our target demographic, but the key was in the execution and how to integrate the Snaffle Strut into the show. Nine came to the party with an approach that allowed us to layer our messaging structures through the show in a variety of ways across the TVC, Billboards, in-show integration and digital content. Dom and Ella were the icing on the cake offering a genuine delivery of the joys of Snaffle through their content series.

Paul Winslow, Chief Marketing Officer Aspire42

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