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Australia in 'The New Roaring 20s'

In new findings from our landmark study ‘The New Roaring 20s’ delivered in partnership with research and strategy agency FiftyFive5, we aimed to uncover exactly how the future of Australia will look through a collision of methodologies; including cultural forecasting to gain insight from global trend experts, human perspectives from everyday Australians, businesses and Nine’s own experts, and finally a statistical backing through a nationwide survey of Australians and their businesses.

What we


Cultural forecasting

Cultural forecasting interviews with 3x global trend experts​


A human perspective

7-day online community of 40 everyday

Australians​ ​4-day online community with 16 businesses​

9x interviews with experts from Nine​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​


Backed by numbers

Nationwide survey with 1,035 everyday Australians

Nationwide survey with 651 Australian businesses​

Recap on The New Roaring 20s session:
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In order to look forward, we need to look at where we are right now.

Typically, when we refer to the Roaring Twenties, we're talking about the 1920s, and their role in Western culture and society. Off the back of World War One and the Spanish Influenza, the West met with a period of economic prosperity that had a distinctive cultural edge - particularly in major cities such as Berlin, Chicago, London, New York, Paris, here in Sydney and in Melbourne, the Paris of the South. ​

Eighteen months into the twenty twenties, we are in the wake of our own pandemic. We’ve seen civil unrest, and political change. However, we are also starting to see a shift in the way that culture manifests.

What you need to know

Theme One


We’re living in a time of flux


It’s undeniable that we’re living in a time of flux. Every facet of life has been shaken in the past eighteen months, as we’ve been forced to face complex new problems and evolve accordingly.


The fourth industrial revolution


Generational power shift


The Asian century 


The end of capitalism (as we know it)


Climate change


Australia is in conflict with itself


Australians are coming to terms with radical and rapid changes. As Australians, there are 5 narratives and counter narratives that define the tensions and inflection points of life today.

For everything that defines Australia, there also exists a conflicting reality…​


Despite all these tensions, Australians are optimistic about the future.

Theme Two Quote_wh
Theme Three


A defining moment for brands


With all this optimism, our goal is to help drive Australia into a better a future. Our expectations of brands have become clearer and are becoming more defined.

The events of the past 18 months have accelerated Australians understanding and engagement with brands. Australian consumers are now more savvy, clued in and willing to critique. They have low tolerance for behaviors considered to be ‘sub standard’. Over the past 18 months, some brands really shined. In a time when they were really needed, the financial category stepped up to the plate. During pivotal moments in history the brands that stood out offered stability and consistency.

The brands that succeed will be those that...


Don't go dark


Stay in touch


Provide direction


Looking to the future


Without a crystal ball, knowing exactly what the future holds is impossible. We have created four ulterior worlds that are grounded in different societal tensions. These worlds are met at the extreme points of our tensions.

What does the future hold? 

Theme Four

What does this mean for brands?

Theme Five


Preparing for opportunity


Brands need to ensure they have a focus on sustainability, supporting local communities with a focus on wellbeing and offering stability... all while maintaining our functional needs.

Australians will have even higher expectations of brands in the future...


Brands will be required to evolve themselves, constantly.


Brands will need to facilitate creativity and exploration.


As traditional working weeks and hours disappear, businesses will need to respond by reflecting a new ‘always on’ culture.


There will be greater demand for new payment solutions.


Seamless online shopping experiences will be prerequisite.


Increasing comfortability with being closely monitored.


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