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The national mood has seen a lift for the start of 2023; consumer confidence remains strong with purchase consideration up; and domestic holidays, new cars and fake news are fuelling opinions and conversations this month. Find out what’s hot and what’s not in this issue of Nine’s Consumer Pulse.

Consumer Pulse surveys over 2,000 national respondents spanning Nine’s TV, digital, print and talk radio audiences. The monthly survey canvasses the thoughts, purchasing intentions and mood of the nation, to better inform and educate marketers on how they can reach and engage Australian audiences.

Inside this month's Consumer Pulse dip: 3-6 February, 2023

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Mood of the Nation


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Purchase Considerations

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Conversation Starters


Mood of the Nation

The national mood has seen a lift this month with feelings of calm, relaxed, optimism and hope dominating the top moods in February. Overall, net positive continues to pull ahead of net negative for the start of 2023.

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Dominant mood indicators

The top ten dominant moods remain an even mix of positive and negative emotions, although positive emotions have seen a shift with calm now dominating the top ten list, ahead of hope and relaxed.

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Purchase consideration up despite rising inflation

Consumer confidence remains strong and has lifted when compared to the previous two quarters (August and November 2022 survey).  

One in four (25%) of Nine’s audiences have considered purchasing an international holiday this month, followed by a domestic holiday (24%) or clothing (24%). Overall, total purchase consideration for any major category increased by 3 percentage points thanks to international travel (up 3 percentage points compared to November 2022 and up 11 percentage points year-on-year). Conversely, gardening, plants and landscaping declined by 3 percentage points quarter-on-quarter. 

Top 5 Major Purchase Consideration Categories



International holiday




Domestic holiday


Gardening, landscaping, plants


Health-related products

Conversation Starters

There is a real opportunity for brands to tap into some of the themes fuelling opinions and conversations this month.

On the road again

Of those considering a domestic holiday, most are planning either a road trip (36%), beach/island (31%) or country escape (20%). People under the age of 45 are more likely to be considering a budget holiday (33%) or a staycation (16%). 

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Brand consideration

A great opportunity for brands to think about ways they can help travellers on a budget or on a road trip.

New year, new car

One in five (20%) of Nine’s audience are planning to purchase a car this year, higher among AFR readers (31%). An SUV is the most popular choice in vehicles (34%) overall, followed by an electric vehicle (24%) or a compact SUV (24%). Among AFR readers an electric vehicle is the top choice (43%), well ahead of an SUV (33%). 

Brand consideration

 If your brand lives in the automotive industry space, utilise unique selling points to grab buyers attention.

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Credible news sources debunk fake news

The rise in popularity of social media has led to a growing concern around fake news. However, 79% of Nine’s audiences feel they are able to spot fake news when they read, watch or hear it. Reasons for feeling confident include ‘knowing and preferring traditional and credible news sources’, ‘checking news across a few different sources’, or simply just having ‘common sense’. 

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Brand consideration

Having full transparency and credibility around news sources is vital in maintaining brand trust.

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