• Each entry has a short description of the idea behind the creative.

• Each entry is marked on four attributes, each attribute has a score range from Poor (1) to Outstanding (9).

• The most an entry can score is 36/36.

• Any judge directly involved with the development of an entry is asked to step down from judging that particular ad.

• The final 20% of marking will be delivered by a viewer vote with the single most votes attributed to one ad, winning.


Campaign Name: Australia is Why
Agency: OMD
Creative: The Monkeys

We all have a ‘why’. It’s what gets us up in the morning and compels us to do the things we do, whether it’s for family, for change, for the future, or to right a wrong. So what is Telstra’s ‘why’? Why do we do all of the many things we do - even things we don’t need to do? Why 5G? Why carbon neutral? Why sponsor the ballet for 37 years? NRL? AFL? Why all the help for small business? And why send a technician across the desert with a swag? Australia is why. Our ‘why’ is to create opportunities and support every Australian. Because together, all of our individual ‘whys’ are what move the country forward. Telstra. Australia is why.


Campaign Name: Bet with Mates
Creative: In-house

Sportsbet is promoting their new social betting product, Bet with Mates. The product is designed to make it easier for punters to bet together.

This ad campaign centres around the idea of mateship, and the shared thrill of not necessarily winning together, but the chance at winning together, and the stories that come from that.

Stan Entertainment

Campaign Name: Power Book III: Raising Kanan
Creative: In-house

A brief showcase of Power Book III: Raising Kanan, which gives us a glimpse into the early years of Kanan Stark, a character first played by Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, from its predecessor "Power". We dive into the streets of Queens, New York and his introduction to organised crime in the early 90s.


Campaign Name: B.C Before Convenience
Creative: M&C Saatchi

When you go on a drinks run, you miss out on stuff. Sometimes it’s a try, sometimes it’s your mate singing karaoke, sometimes it’s pulling a sword out of a stone and becoming king. With BWS’ 1 hour delivery guarantee, that inconvenience is history.

Our spot is a reimagining of King Arthur - a story set in the time BC (Before Convenience). Before BWS’ 1 hour delivery.

In a dramatic alteration to the story, Arty is sent on a drinks run while he’s trying to get the sword out of the stone. He only returns much later, after quite an ordeal getting lost and facing dragons, to discover that someone else has pulled the sword and claimed the throne.

Our spot is a humorous reminder to utilize the modern-day convenience BWS has to offer, otherwise you’re living in the dark ages.

The Arnott's Group 

Campaign Name: Tee Vee Snacks and Krispy Kreme Collaboration
Agency: Spark Foundry Australia
Creative: Saatchi & Saatchi

Four friends at Nan’s house. Bored out of their brains. Their saviour? A box of teeVee snacks inspired by Krispy Kreme. But how do they decide who gets to try the first one? Spin the box: a biscuity take on an old classic. Things are about to get glazy.

‘Turn up the teeVee’ is about that extra excitement that a box teeVee Snacks brings, no matter what you and your friends are up to.


Campaign Name: Isuzu MU-X Teaser Campaign
AKQA Media
Creative: Publicis World Wide

This TV commercial changes everything! Not only is The All-New Isuzu MU-X about to arrive on Australian shores, this TVC teases its arrival by showcasing it’s new and exquisite styling on the iconic salt flats of Lake Gairdner, South Australia.

Warner Bros

Campaign Name: Spacejam
Creative: Warner Bros

We treated this film as a pop culture all-ages event. Looking for sport fanatics and a broader family audience, speaking to them in engaging ways. State of Origin was a clear alignment and we took the opportunity to engage audiences with an integrated AR asset to cut-through in a high-attention program. Featuring LeBron James.


Campaign Name: Sport is Calling
Agency: OMD
Creative: The Monkeys / Good Oil

Sport. It means something more to the people of Australia. It’s a stress reliever, a problem solver, a game changer. It makes us feel new again. It makes us feel like we belong. At rebel, we wanted to share the in the transformative power of Sport with the “Sport Is Calling” campaign.


Campaign Name: This tax time, it's payback time
Agency: Initiative Melbourne
Creative: AJF Partnership

‘This tax time, it’s payback time.’ Officeworks’ EOFY campaign acknowledges the resilience of Aussies over the past year, many who found themselves working from home, alongside noisy housemates, home schooling children and navigating misbehaving pets on video calls! The silver lining after a year that wasn’t easy is that you can claim more this tax time. Because everything you buy at Officeworks before June 30 could be tax deductible. This tax time, it’s payback time!

Campaign Name: #OriginSnackdowns
Agency: UM
Creative: McCann

Menulog's sought to bring the country’s fiercest rivalries off the field by recruiting footy legends Andrew “Joey” Johns, Wendell Sailor, Paul “Chief” Harragon, Matt Bowen, Brett Kimmorley, and Billy Moore to deliver contextual sledges over a text message-style creative during Origin 2021 ad breaks.

A dynamic integrated campaign with over 20+ asset variations responsive to the game. Drawing on the practice of ‘sledging’ the tactic of talking to players on the opposition side with the objective of destroying either their concentration, confidence or self-esteem.

Campaign Name: Fish of Origin
Creative: The Post Works / Radium Design

As a leading outdoor adventure and sporting retailer, Anaconda’s Fishing category has previously struggled due to a lack of range and expertise. However, with a competitive range and prices plus on ground expertise, Anaconda has the opportunity to build their credentials in the fishing category and establish themselves against core competitors.

In targeting a relevant growth audience of Males 25-54, NRL was identified as a key property to leverage attention and engagement.

Four N Twenty
Campaign Name: We Were There
Agency: iProspect
Creative: BWM Dentsu Melbourne

Here's a fresh take on “Originality”. In times where we all worship at the throne of innovation… our client instead chose to give one of Melbourne’s (ipso facto, Australia’s) most famous and iconic anthems a rebirth.

To create a heartwarming, pie-warming integrated comms campaign - a "movement" even - was their directive and desired outcome.

Through the Four'N Twenty brand’s inimitable allure, we found the ambassadorial star power, old and new, to deliver…. signifying a brand, well a pie actually, that was there way back when, is here today and here to stay.

If we had to sum it up in one word?

That’s easy: Oi!

(OK, sorry, three words)

Campaign Name:
State of Origin Campaign 2021
Agency: Taska Media
Creative: Magnum & Co

More sleep allows you to perform at your best. Featuring Brad Fittler.

Campaign name: End of Night NSW
Agency: DDB / OMD
Creative: DDB & Powered studios

Our campaign celebrates a part of the footy that’s seldom shown: several hours after the big game. We follow a street sweeper driving around the city late at night, as fans, revellers, commentators and former (and even current) Origin greats all make their way home. And they have one thing in common - a hunger for Macca’s.

We created and aired two different versions of the ad tailored to each state. A NSW version featuring Blues legends, fans and bobblehead, and a QLD Maroons version.

The branding reveals itself late in the spots, viewers won’t immediately notice that everyone is eating Macca’s on the first viewing – it’s more of a subtle touch and a detail of everyone’s post-game experience.

Campaign Name: Australia’s most famous cocktail: Bundy and Cola
Agency: Foundation
Creative: Leo Burnett

Bundaberg Rum and the NRL have been bringing mates together and uniting them around the best of the Aussie spirit for over a decade. Our 'Famous Cocktails' series is about putting Bundy & Cola front and centre as the best drink to have in hand while watching the footy, with a cheeky Bundy tone.

Campaign name: Helpfulness
Agency: PHD
Creative: Colenso BBDO NZ

Despite a year of lockdowns and restricted travel, Australians have become closer to their local communities, businesses and neighbours than ever before. This campaign celebrates the way that Aussies are going above and beyond to forge deeper connections with those around them, with a little help from Google Search and Maps.

SA Tourism
Campaign Name: For those who want a little more
Agency: Wavemaker
Creative: TBWA Adelaide

In South Australia, the more questions you ask, the more you'll experience.

SA Tourism wanted to show that South Australia is the perfect place for those who are willing to go beyond the expected and scratch beneath the surface.

A trip to South Australia will feed your curiosity, it is the destination for those who want a little more from their holidays. And finding the obscure is more rewarding anyway.

For Those Who Want A Little More.