Elevit’s key objective was to increase brand awareness and consideration amongst the target audience women aged 25-49

Elevit aimed to solidify its position as the leading choice for prenatal multivitamins. The brand sought to connect with an audience seeking information on preconception, prenatal, and postnatal care.


Elevit proudly partners with Big Miracles as the major sponsor

Big Miracles explores the challenges and triumphs of conception and pregnancy, resonating deeply with viewers who may be on their own journey to parenthood. Elevit recognised that forming a strategic partnership with the show would effectively address its challenge of connecting with a dedicated and engaged audience, reinforcing its commitment to maternal and prenatal health.

In collaboration with Powered by Nine, this sponsorship provided a unique opportunity to seamlessly integrate Elevit's message of the importance of prenatal vitamins into real-life contexts in a new and innovative way.


The TVC was aired throughout the Big Miracles TV and 9Now broadcast. Elevit’s messaging and branding was further amplified with premium integrated assets within the broadcast through the use of billboards to maximise exposure.  

The content of these assets combined factual, science-backed data with compelling storytelling, resonating deeply with an audience already invested in the heartfelt narratives of Big Miracles. This approach not only reinforced Elevit's position as a trusted provider of prenatal care but also fostered a genuine connection with viewers, positioning the brand as a supportive companion on their journey to parenthood.


Driving brand preference with ‘Big Miracles’ 

Elevit’s strong contextual relevance with the show delivered high level results: 

75% Campaign Recall 

Across aired assets there was a 75% recall on billboards and 69% on the TV 

Big Impact

In the 1st year of sponsorship, performance matched benchmark of a
5 year+ sponsor

+17PTS Increase in Trust 

Compared to the pre-wave Elevit achieved a +17 uplift for trust, +19 for premium and +17 uplift for messaging outtake ‘backed by science’ 

Source: Gemba Elevit Big Miracles 2023 

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