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P25-54 38.90 33.40 27.80
P16-39 38.60 33.60 27.80
GS+CH 40.70 33.50 25.90
Under 50 38.70 34.00 27.30
Over 50 41.10 39.10 19.90
Source: OzTAM Metro (5CM) 01/01/21-22/06/21, 1800-MN, CFTA Networks, 25-54/16-39/GS+CH/Under 50/50+, Commercial Share %, C7 data (at 23/06).



TTL Mins 48% 36% 16%
Source: OzTAM Live + VOD VPM, Commercial FTA Share, 01/01/2021 – 22/06/2021, metric; minutes, duration 0+, includes co-viewing on connected TV devices.


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Programming that connects

In a shifting, consolidating landscape, programming that connects with Australians wherever they are represents the closest thing to a sure bet for brands. The same is true for publishers.

“Investing in Australian content that reflects the stories of Australians back to our audience, that’s our point of difference,” says Hamish Turner, Nine's Director of Programming. “Live audience, audience at scale that consumes content in a temporal manner, and Australian stories, they are the four big things for us – and that won’t change.”

Nine’s slate for the rest of the year reflects that commitment – returning favourites such as The Block and Australian Ninja Warrior, and five newly commissioned shows that will bridge this year into next. All different, but “all very ‘integratable’,” says Turner, giving brands further avenues to explore, and “diversity utility”. Which may prove useful in a world likely to be disrupted by Covid for some time yet.

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