How a cover from the past helped

First Saturday is an initiative by NRMA Insurance that calls on Australians to dedicate the first Saturday of every month to make their homes safer.

The challenge was to launch this initiative in a way that didn’t just make people pay attention, but to get actively involved.



The Australian media has a history of labelling days of disaster. Names like Red Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Black Saturday are etched into our national psyche.

By reminding people of the feeling of helplessness they had during these days, NRMA Insurance was able to announce that now there was a day where people could help: First Saturday.


NRMA Insurance worked with Nine to re-run an archival cover from January 7, 1994, when one of Australia's worst bushfires raged. The headline read “It’s Black Friday” and the page featured articles from that tragic day. A branded graphic at the bottom of the page displayed a powerful line:

“For all the days dedicated to disaster, now there’s a day for prevention. First Saturday.”

Inside, long copy explained the initiative while a calendar outlined the monthly tasks for each First Saturday.


While the First Saturday campaign continues to run in market as an ongoing platform, behavioural change has been seen with each monthly First Saturday execution:

of people reported checking the condition of fire blankets and fire extinguishers at home

of people surveyed after seeing First Saturday comms proceeded to clear branches and flammable debris

of people surveyed after seeing First Saturday comms made their home storm-safe by cleaning gutters and downpipes

of people surveyed after seeing First Saturday comms said they would clean their BBQs, range hoods and exhaust fans

Additionally, the First Saturday platform continues to positively impact on business results with:

  • 3% uplift in market share within NSW across home insurance products
  • 3% uplift in insurance renewals

Source: Gemba brand health study 2020.

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