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Inspiring Australians to take grand journeys

Maserati wanted to deliver a campaign that would generate awareness, desire and consideration for the luxury automotive brand: inspiring Australians to dream about the possibility of owning their own masterpiece of Italian design.

In particular, Maserati’s brief was to build brand awareness for their feature model, the Levante Trofeo, by leveraging storytelling aligned to “grand journeys” while driving a halo of aspiration across the whole Maserati portfolio range.

When it comes to grand journeys and long-form storytelling, Nine’s Good Weekend magazine and its annual 52 Weekends Away edition was the perfect platform to tell the Maserati story.


Maserati wanted the Levante Trofeo to be viewed as an accessible luxury vehicle. The aim was to connect with the high-value readers of Nine’s mastheads, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, while leveraging the power of long-form storytelling to drive deeper consideration.

Nine created a premium, cross-platform content partnership across news-inserted magazines, digital, and print which saw Maserati “owning” Good Weekend’s flagship 52 Weekends Away edition.



The partnership consisted of a bespoke Maserati false front cover of 52 Weekends Away, with an inside front cover advertorial that extended from an online digital advertorial experience with The Australian Financial Review. Good Weekend also included a double-page sponsored content article rich with ideas and inspiration for the best weekend trips to take in Sydney and Melbourne. In addition, the sponsored content was housed online on Traveller and supported with contextually relevant display placements.


“When Good Weekend launched its 52 Weekends Away special 30 years ago, most travel sections were only a few pages long. It's growth over those decades is a reminder the magazine has long been at the forefront of Australian societal trends.

Katrina Strickland – Editor Good Weekend


In-view time of branded content performed 10% above the industry benchmark

60% CTR
for all supporting ad units

Native articles   exceeded page view forecasts

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