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Helping an Australian Icon Drive Brand Consideration

When one of Australia’s most famous food brands, Campbell’s, came head to head with a global pandemic, sales of their soup and stock products soared due to panic buying. Campbell’s wanted to use this opportunity to increase market share and shift consumer perception away from their products being pantry essentials to recipe-driven must-haves.


Nine identified the need to surround Campbell’s soup with relatable in-market cooking content to inspire that next meal at home.

Tapping into Australia’s most engaged women’s network, 9Honey, and its recently launched video series, aptly name Quarantine Kitchen, 9Kitchen editor Jane DeGraaff was enlisted to seamlessly integrate the Campbell’s soup and stock products within her recipes.

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Nine produced and integrated the Campbell’s soup and stock products into three Quarantine Kitchen videos, which live on the 9Kitchen page of 9Honey.com.au.

Jane created butter chicken, pumpkin soup and a risotto that all clearly used and visually featured Campbell’s stock products.


Nine exceeded their page view target on all three videos by 5% at the end of the campaign period.

Four minutes
The videos generated high engagement, with time spent on each one exceeding four minutes.

9Honey helping Campbells drive brand consideration

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